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  1. Guys driving in a relationship.

    I think you're on to something, Vince. I let my husband drive, but not so much to let him lead, because honestly, I don't like how he drives, but because I either can't, or I'm too tired. However, I do think that men are meant to lead. Not that women aren't, because we all have influence and we're all leading someone, whether it be our children, our younger siblings, or our friends, we all have leadership roles, but I definitly think men have the role of protector and [main] provider. We ladies should encourage leadership in men because sadly, not many of them are leading anymore. They're becoming lazy, and discouraged. Whether it be a product of the home they were raised in, and/or because their woman decided he wasn't stepping up soon enough so they decided to take the reins, men are failing to lead and we ladies play a huge role in getting them back on track. When I mention reins I envisioned the princess riding on the back of the horse, her arms wrapped around her man as he gripped the reins and together they ride off into an adventure. What's happened to that desire in us ladies? I think it's died for many of us because again, many men aren't leading. But what woman in her heart of hearts, when she actually ponders it, doesn't want a man who can lead her? I sure as heck do, because I find when I'm leading, I'm stressed, anxious, annoyed, and frustrated. I am not meant to lead in the areas that men were designed to lead in. I'm designed to lead in the areas a woman are designed to lead in. My advice is this: ladies, let go of the reins on your man's horse, and let him ride his own. Encourage him to! Your support will ingnite the prince flame in him, and life will be much smoother, exciting, and romantic.
  2. I think you had many valid points, girl. All I dated before my husband were "bad boys." I was so drawn to them because they had such obvious problems, I wanted to "help" them. I remember literally saying, "If a guy doesn't have [big] problems, he's boring, and why do I need to be in a relationship with a guy if I can't help him?" What I realized is that I couldn't change them. Sure I "helped" them, temporarily. Then they just went back to their old ways after we broke up, or after two weeks of being together. Now I know, only God can change a person, and I'm totally fine with that. My husband was definitly not a bad boy, lol, and he's the one I ended up marrying!
  3. Hey everyone! My name's Natasha. Just wanted to extend some blessings and encouragment. Keep holding out because in so doing, you are honoring and pleasing God and protecting yourself so it's a win-win-win! I'm super passionate about purity before marriage and got lots of advice on relationships (since I've gone through 53 toads since Kindergarten), on my blog .I hope you can get something out of it. Know your worth! -Natasha
  4. Getting tougher to Wait -- Help?

    Hey girl! I'm 22, and married to my dream prince who did wait till our wedding night. Now, he is a Christian, and so am I. I'm gonna tell you right off the bat, waiting till marriage is more than being "religious." It's about being right in God's sight. He made the concept because He's a loving Father that knows outside of marriage it just brings pain and destruction, literally (click here for stats You have to understand it's not about being a no-fun God that's just some mean dictator. He cares and loves us so much, the Bible says He collects every tear we drop, He weeps with us. His heart breaks when ours do. He loves His children dearly and that's why He has these commands that are intended to protect us. Not only that, but the Bible says, "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.â€-Revelation 21:8. Don't have sex before marriage, because it's immoral in God's sight and rebellion toward Him that will literally land you a spot in hell unless you turn away from it and put your trust in Jesus, choosing to love Him more than yourself because He loved you more than Himself when He died for you on that cross. I wanted to have sex before marriage, until I got so heart-broken for the fourth time that I cried out to God on my bed one night, and after He answered, decided to begin reading the New Testament and to seek Him with the same diligence and effort I'd put into my relationship with my ex. What happened? In six days I stopped crying and was smiling, filled with joy, not caring that I was single. My mom thought I was nuts, but God mended my heart, and Jesus became the lover of my heart, and my true heart's desire. He ended up bringing the man who is now my husband into my life less than two weeks after I finally gave my whole heart over to Him. So not having sex before marriage is a command from the God of the Universe, the one who knit you together in love, because of His love for you. Trust Him, and you'll be strong enough to keep holdin' on until that real prince comes that honors your Heavenly father and you, his precious daughter, by waiting till your wedding day.