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  1. I am 28 and until recently I was questioning my decision to wait. But that only happens temporarily. I am gladly waiting and eagerly looking forward to marriage. I dont worry about kids, I think when we show them love (even if we dnt watch catoons with them) they will still grow up well in a safe and comfortable environment.
  2. What if you found....

    There are things that I would like to keep, ot because of the meotional attachment but because I like them (items) very much. For example, a beautiful painting that I received and I think I will always keep it even though I have no idea where the giver went to! lol. \ PS: Ian, you have a great and interesting way to explain your POV. i enjoy reading your posts.
  3. Hey Y'all :)

    Hey RJ! I like your energy... can feel it thru' your posts. well done for keeping your legs crossed this far ;-) its great to have you here. Quick and complete recovery wishes to you, blessings!
  4. Christianity and Erotica

    I only know one thing, every time I have read/seen anything close to erotica i feel filthy!!!! This tells me something about it is wrong. However I am open to experimenting things with my hubby and would love to learn from christian sites dedicated to married couples such as as long as what we do brings us closer and none of us feels violated.
  5. hello to all :)

    Hey Catherine! there's room for more in here and we are happy to have you. Read the articles and join the forums for more inspiration. cheers!
  6. I'm 16 and I'm waiting till marriage <3

    welcome newbie!
  7. Ello Govna

    welcome MAR!
  8. Hello pun intended :)

    was great to meet you on chat! Welcome newbie
  9. Hi my name is Darricka

    welcome Darricka! read articles and discussions on this site and you will be inspired to WTM
  10. 1. How do you determine who is actually willing to wait til marriage? by talking this out and by the grand test of time and opportunities. If you date for a short time before marriage..... one might not tell. But over 6months and presented with various opportunities to test the willingness. 2. Would you date someone who wasn't a waiter, but is willing to wait for you? Yes. For me the issue is not that he must be a virgin, but I would prefer if we both came to a 'sacred' view of sex and desired it in a monogamous marriage setting.Some virgins hit 20 because they lacked opportunities, not because they wanted to WTM. 3. Are you secure enough in your WTM beliefs in order to support both of you in remaining celibate in your relationship? No, many times I am weak and would be great to have someone trying to remain sober. Its better when the two of us work hard to keep WTM. I think the catch is that, many dnt necessarily stick to WTM, but have the option of '' if he's a great guy and we are committed we dnt hv to wtm....this weakens the resolve greatly.
  11. great input there! some one asked when is best time to bring up the wtm topic........I think the earlier the better. Girls always have a crazy idea that ''if a man loves me he will change'' and hope that along the way he will love your WTM idea.This is rare! I definately think its wiser also to date a waiter or one who perhaps after meeting you decides to wait based on their own convictions and not just waiting for you (which can be sweet initially but not always sustainable) any successful waiters out there to shed more light on this thanks wonderful people
  12. Hey everyone, I have been wondering: How can a girlfriend help her boyfriend to wait? What should one do/not do to strengthen his resolve to wait. I am very affectionate and I recognize that many times it weakens our resolve......... tells us guys so that we make it to our wedding night without dying of frustration first. Ladies we might also help some guys by telling them do's/donts to help us wait....... so bring it on
  13. welcome Kena and stay true! I am 28 and fighting to stay true to my values.......many of my friends have fallen by the wayside.its good to hang out with like minded people. You are a stong girl and deserve a great guy and nothing less!
  14. Nearly 27 & wtm :)

    Welcome newbie! great to have you in the waiting lounge ;-) I am 28, christian and WTM.come join the forums,its a great place of encouragement.would be great to know more about you and why you chose to wait if you'd like to share.
  15. Call me Lovely :)

    welcome lovely! I know this crowd will cheer you up and inspire you to wait on... It did for me. Am 28,,,,,,,,,,, senior WTM'er. read the articles and discussions. bless you