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  1. My parents are catholic so of course. my parents tried to get me on the same religion as them. They sent me to catholic school (firstthrough 8th), got me baptized, confirmed, first comminion, pretty much everything but marriage. I never believed in god so faith has no influence on me. I'm 19 and they don't know im atheist
  2. Getting "picked up"

    Is it really as hard as its made out to be to get your number? Lets say at college some guy comes up to you starts talking to you and then asks you out for lunch sometime, would you accept? Him being someguy you have never seen before. At what point do you make your mind up, the moment you see him, moment he says hi, or what? How big of a factor are looks to you?
  3. Are you...

  4. I was raised catholic, everyone in my family and im related to is a catholic but im agnostic. Never really believed in god since day 1 i just went with it, reading the bible and never seeing or hearing god caused me to give upmy belief
  5. How "Should" Christians Date??

    Heres a question related to the topic but not the article, what do you guys think about christians dating atheists, knowing what the bible says about this, what do you guys think about this?
  6. Am I the only atheist here?

    Im agnostic which is almost the same thing as being atheist
  7. O hey

    Hi, ive been on the forums since around july but never made a introduction thread. I'm really active around the forums as well, but i dont always make posts. Anyway, im currently 18 and have a girlfriend for about 4 months. She is waiting because of her religion (christian) and i am waiting because i believe in waiting for true love, which i'll know if theres a ring on her finger (kinda cheesey i know.) I'm not entirely sure if this is a chrisitan based forum, but it seems like it from reading threads around here but I myself am agnostic. Anyways, im really active around here but just dont always post and one of these days ill get around to uploading my picture for my avatar.
  8. The main reason why i'm waiting is because of my girlfriend, so i guess i would be that number 2, she herself is waiting i believe because of her religion
  9. Thanks to everyone who replyed All of you pretty much said the same thing about the seeing if you are sexually compataible with your partner. I guess now that i think about it, it is nonsense. I would never pressure someone who had different opinion on WTM than me because I wouldn't be thinking about her and just myself. When you said "Different views on this mean your beliefs are not compatible." are you saying i should just call it quits now? I have been with my girlfriend now for almost 2 years i am 19 and she is 18, meaning marriage won't be for like another 5 or 6 years. Thats if we make it past the college years, though everyone i knew who went into different colleges with girlfriends all made it so im not that worried about that. I can see myself 10 years from now with this girl but with this difference, im not sure whats going to happen. Right now, i believe she thinks im with her on waiting till marriage still so I will have to have a talk to her about this in the near future. And i guess why i did post here in the first place is because i'm looking for help to get on the same boat as her. Also, i consider myself to have a high sex drive (get in the mood for it alot/think about it alot) so how would you guys deal with this?
  10. My girlfriend believes in waiting till marriage but i do not anymore. My argument is that you need sex to have a good relationship and to improve your chances of staying together. I don't believe that you guys should just jump straight into bed when you get in a relationship but wait awhile, maybe about a year. I've only known 2 people that waited till marriage and they both ended up getting divorced. One was because the man cheated on her because she would only have sex about once or twice every couple months and the other one was because the wife wasn't happy with the performance in bed, which brings me to my next argument. If you don't have sex before marriage, how would you know if you two are sexually compatible? If you're staying virgin because the bible says so, under that same law or rule it also says getting a divorce is bad. All of my friends and family that i know that are married that tried to stay virgin till marriage all ended up breaking this "promise". Another thing is that not having sex until marriage means nothing beyond light kissing. no hand jobs. no getting naked together and grinding. No oral of any kind. Pretty much just hand holding and light kissing. You really shouldn’t even put yourself in a situation where sex could happen. Stuff like sleeping over together or getting drinking together alone probably shouldn’t happen. And one last thing is alot of people that waited WILL be thinking about the sex and primarily get married for the sex, making it a poor decision and most likely end up separating. This is why i don't believe in waiting til marriage, does this make me a jerk? Would you call me a player? I find this to be a very reasonable argument against people that want to wait til marriage and would like to hear your responses. Also does having these different views on premarital sex mean that you and your partner are not compatible and should break up or not even begin dating?