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  1. Asked by WanderingWashingtonian... What is the most challenging aspect of learning how to have sex?
  2. Asked by Jordan... What ages were you both when you started dating and how old were you when you got engaged?
  3. Asked by WanderingWashingtonian... What has surprised you the most about sex?
  4. Asked by Jordan... What was the hardest thing about waiting for you?
  5. Hi Everyone! Please excuse some weirdness over the next 24-48 hours. I'm working on moving the site to a different server.
  6. Hey Guys (and Gals), Can you each reply to this thread with a short blurb about who you are and your relationship background? Like, 2-4 sentences is totally cool. Do you think that including details like "married a non-waiter" could help people know who direct certain questions to?
  7. How're these? 1. Official group chat is Sundays at 6pm EST, but the chat room is always open. It's never a bad time to chat! You can also access the WTM.org chat room from your smartphone. We have lots of members who like to hang out in chat throughout the week. 2. You can start private chats by clicking a person's name. To the right of the chat window, there is a list of people chatting. You can click a person's name to start a private conversation with them. 3. In the main chatroom, use @name to address a specific person. This is just for the sake of clarity. It can get confusing when ten people are all talking at once, so use @ liberally when you want to address a specific person. Example: "@Mike - I'm having trouble with something. Can I PM you a link?" 4. Follow WTM.org ettiquitte. Pretend you're sitting at a restaurant with a group of friends, and remember that this group has guys and girls, thirtysomethings, teenagers, and everything in between. Try to read the room. A comment that would be appropriate among your 25-year-old guy buddies might not be appropriate in a room with teenage girls in it. 5. The Kendra Law: Remember to say goodbye before you exit chat! This rule was suggested by WTM.org Member (and frequent chatter) Kendra. For one thing, saying goodbye before you leave is just good manners. But also, it lets us know that you're leaving because you intend to, and not because the chat system booted you or your internet died.
  8. Asked by Jordan... If you and your spouses had differences in religion (I'm shooting in the dark because I obviously don't know this), how did you resolve them?
  9. Hi Guys and Gals! Here's the first question I need your help with for the book. Part of the book is divided into sections based on the stages of your life journey as a waiter-till-marriage. One of those sections is "Making the decision to wait." Rather than try to discuss abstractly why people decide to wait (though I'll do that too), I thought it would be best to let us waiters speak for ourselves. So I'm going to have a few pages containing short quotes from people about why they decided to wait. So tell me: Why did you decide to wait? Try to keep it short and sweet, max 5-6 lines of text. If you have to make it longer, post what comes to you and I'll try to help you cut it down. Incomplete sentences are totally cool. Think of it as "I decided to wait until marriage because ____" I'll start... P.S. - Ok that was way harder than I thought it was going to be. Couple more notes: You'll have a few weeks to edit/delete/add to you answer before it's final, so it doesn't have to be perfect on this first try. Don't be afraid to repeat something somebody else said. We're bound to have lots of overlapping reasons. Discovering those is going to be part of the fun of doing this! Focus on how you felt back then (when you first decided). You'll get the chance to talk about your current, more mature and thought out reasons for waiting later.
  10. In my ongoing search for visual cues to those who wait, I'm curious: Do you have any tattoos, or do you feel the urge to get a tattoo in the future? If so, what would you get and where? If not, why not? I'll start: I have no tattoos and no intention of getting one, mainly because I don't trust myself to choose something now that I wouldn't feel embarrassed about ten years from now.
  11. Warning: Phishing site

    Hey Guys, Sorry for all the headaches. We are now, finally, on the latest version of the forum software we use (it was a major PITA getting to it...had to upgrade the server, pull the site down several times, restore from backup several times). However, now that we're all upgraded, I can request another review from Google and get them to (hopefully) resolve the fishing warning for good. Also note: I know the forum looks totally different and the nav is missing and The WTM Matchmaker feature is missing. My first priority is resolving the fishing error, then I'll add back the template and the crush feature (and eventually, the user-to-user chat bar). Thanks everybody for your patience.
  12. Suggest Abstinence Websites

    Do you have any other favorite waiting-related websites (besides our glorious WTM.org, of course) that you'd like to see listed on our Abstinence Websites page? Post a link to the website here! P.S. If you're the owner/webmaster of an abstinence website, you are welcome do more than just post a link. Please post a link to your site here, and consider contacting Olivier or Mike too. We'd love to collaborate with you!
  13. Warning: Phishing site

    Hey Everybody, An update: Still working on this. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Two things happened: 1. Spammers posted spammy threads (as they do). They admin team caught them (yay admins!), but not before Google's scanner robots saw them. That was the first flag. 2. The chat software (the chat bar at the bottom of the site) needs an update. Do people still use that, btw? #1 has been solved. It's just convincing google. I'm working on #2 this week. Thanks for your patience, and hope you're all well!
  14. Suggest Movies & TV Shows

    This is the place to suggest new Movies and TV Shows! Just reply to this topic to suggest a movie/show.
  15. Suggest Celebrities

    Do you know of a celebrity that supports waiting on sex and isn't already listed on our Celebrities page? Suggest them here! If possible, please include a link to an article that discusses the celebrity's waiting status.
  16. Suggest Books

    Do you know of a book that should be on the Books page? Suggest it here and we'll get it added!
  17. Quick poll everybody: How do you get to WTM.org when you want to see it? Did you book mark the forums? Did you bookmark the home page? Do you start typing Waitingtil...? Or forums.waiting...? I'm about to start working on a big redesign (well, about to pickup where I left off). If there's anything else you guys would like to see (besides more dating features; that's coming after the redesign), now's the time to tell me! Do you ever have trouble finding things? Or hearing about new articles? That kind of stuff.
  18. Asked by Jordan... What would you suggest to those who are looking for "waiters" to marry? Where should they look?
  19. Hi Guys, I've been having this strange feeling lately, and was wondering if anybody else could relate. Since starting this website and making friends with all you awesome people, I've grown a bit more calm and solidified about my status as a waiter. Knowing all of you has helped my decision feel more validated and reasonable, and so I find myself questioning it even less than I normally would (which wasn't much to begin with). Before this website, I thought of waiting as my individual choice. But now that I know all of you, waiting feels more like an available alternative that lots of people choose. Almost like a kind of sexual orientation. It used to be who I am, but now it feels like who a lot of people are. And this has led to a kind of constant, underlying sense of solidarity and group reinforcement. In short: Waiting no longer feels like a set of choices and actions to me. It feels like an orientation that I was always kind of built for. Does anybody else relate to this, or am I just spouting drivel?
  20. Alright, I am sick to death of having to type out "people who are waiting till marriage" whenever I want to reference, well, people who are waiting till marriage (see?!). It's cumbersome, it forces me to have way-too-long article headlines, and it's not at all catchy. Once upon a time, people were tired of saying "people who habitually abuse alcohol" over and over again so some brilliant person came up with the term "Alcoholic" and article writers were forever saved keystrokes and headline space. I'm asking you to be that brilliant person. Let's brainstorm here. What's are some shorter nicknames we could use for "people who are waiting till marriage to have sex"? Possibilities I've ruled out... Waiters - Works perfectly, grammatically, but too easy to confuse with people who wait tables Virgins - Not everybody who is waiting till marriage is a virgin People in wait - Still too long, and sounds too hopeless for my tastes People who wait - Breaks down, grammatically and too long. WTM People - WTM might be too obscure and hard to figure out at first glance. And not quite right, grammatically. I'll start the brainstorming... WTMers That's all I've got See? I need your help! There has got to be a way to say this that's easy to understand at first glance, yet much shorter and more fun. Seriously, suggest anything that pops into your mind!
  21. Hi Everyone! Just a quick announcement: The group chat room and the Members' Blogs feature are back on line now, so get to chatting and blogging! P.S. Sorry for the outage!
  22. Asked by WanderingWashingtonian... How frequently are you having sex? Is is as much as you expected before marriage?
  23. Hey Everybody, Added a cool article to the Statistics section today: Who We Look For: Findings From a Study on Ideal Romantic Partners It covers the differences between the qualities people look for when seeking a romantic partner, and the qualities they look for when they're seeking a purely sexual partner. Let me know what you think!
  24. Hi Everybody, The WTM Podcast, Episode 2 featuring Vince and Julie is ready for your listening pleasure. Check it out!
  25. Hi Everybody, Special announcement: Check out the first episode of The WTM Podcast! Give it a listen. Vince and Julie did a great job; I really enjoyed it.