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  1. Hi Everyone, Sad news. As most of you have probably noticed, since experiencing a bunch of health issues 6 years ago (and then starting graduate school), I can't maintain this site anymore. I've been paying thousands of dollars over these years to at least keep the server up, because I know how many friendships (and relationships and marriages!) have formed here, but technically and time-wise I can't do anything. To those of you reading this who knew me back in the site's hayday, thank you for your amazing friendship. I'm going to leave the site on until March 1, 2020, to give everybody time to exchange contact details, then I've got to shut it off. -Mike
  2. Hi Everyone! Please excuse some weirdness over the next 24-48 hours. I'm working on moving the site to a different server.
  3. You are really missed around here! 

  4. Warning: Phishing site

    Hey Guys, Sorry for all the headaches. We are now, finally, on the latest version of the forum software we use (it was a major PITA getting to it...had to upgrade the server, pull the site down several times, restore from backup several times). However, now that we're all upgraded, I can request another review from Google and get them to (hopefully) resolve the fishing warning for good. Also note: I know the forum looks totally different and the nav is missing and The WTM Matchmaker feature is missing. My first priority is resolving the fishing error, then I'll add back the template and the crush feature (and eventually, the user-to-user chat bar). Thanks everybody for your patience.
  5. Warning: Phishing site

    Hey Everybody, An update: Still working on this. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Two things happened: 1. Spammers posted spammy threads (as they do). They admin team caught them (yay admins!), but not before Google's scanner robots saw them. That was the first flag. 2. The chat software (the chat bar at the bottom of the site) needs an update. Do people still use that, btw? #1 has been solved. It's just convincing google. I'm working on #2 this week. Thanks for your patience, and hope you're all well!
  6. Hi Everyone! Just a quick announcement: The group chat room and the Members' Blogs feature are back on line now, so get to chatting and blogging! P.S. Sorry for the outage!
  7. Hi Everybody, The WTM Podcast, Episode 2 featuring Vince and Julie is ready for your listening pleasure. Check it out!
  8. DragonCon In GA

    I wish I could go! But $150/ticket is just way too steep for me, especially since I only want go one day.
  9. Hi Everybody, Special announcement: Check out the first episode of The WTM Podcast! Give it a listen. Vince and Julie did a great job; I really enjoyed it.
  10. Hey Everybody, Check out this excellent article by our own successful waiter Shane B on his journey as a gay Christian and waiter-till-marriage. Shane's story: My journey as a gay waiter-till-marriage. Also, stay tuned next week for the first episode of The WTM Podcast by Vince and Jegs. I've heard it; it's awesome.
  11. Hi Everyone! Check out the great new article by Jegsy: 7 Reasons Why Catholics Wait Until Marriage Jegsy is a great writer. I learned a lot from the article, and I think you will too.
  12. Hey All, I fixed to quirks in the Matchmaker this morning... 1. Your "Matches" log should be more accurate, and less quirky (i.e., more accurate dates) starting with crushes/guesses/matches that happen after today. 2. I fixed that issue where it would still show that you had one outstanding crush to guess after you'd already matched. Enjoy the more reliable (hopefully) matchmaker!
  13. Hi Everybody, Check out Sexless and the City: The WTM Couple. It just went up Sunday night!
  14. If you guys are interested in stats so far: These numbers EXCLUDE crushes/matches people send to themselves... 56 crushes sent (non-self) 119 guesses (non-self) 20 successful matches (between the different members) Many new crushes are sent out every day. The big unused potential right now lies in all of those guesses. A lot of people are guessing the same few people (so they're probably guessing people they actually like), but they won't send crushes when those guesses fail. Don't wait on them to like you! If you keep guessing the same people, or waiting on somebody to send you a crush, be proactive --- send them a crush! You've got nothing to lose (and potentially everything to gain). Also note: I can't see names. I didn't want to give myself that much power. I just see anonymous ids, but I can see like "This id keeps guessing these 3 ids." P.S. - I fixed that thing where it was showing your old name in the MM search results (e.g., Mstr Waffles instead of Mstr Josh).
  15. How do you get here?

    Ok that was insanely helpful. Thanks, everybody! Feel free to keep adding suggestions if you think of other stuff. @Nicole - You mean status updates, right? I can make those more prominent. @Olivier, Chris, and Buster - I'm so glad you like the articles! I have a few big new articles I want to write/launch to coronate the redesign. Also, member blogs will have a bigger place after the redesign, so it'll be easier for everybody to write (without waiting on me to publish them). @Weapon X - Better mobile compatibility is my #1 priority in the redesign, so that should help with your situation. But it won't help the "don't know which post out of 2 is liked on mobile" issue. That's in the forum software, sorry! I'm sure they'll eventually fix that in an update.