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  1. Out and proud

    My GCN username is Mark05.
  2. As a gay man, I think that same-sex marriage should be legal. Not sure if there are any legal scholars here, but from what I've read up on this, making gay marriage legal would not effect churches that refuse to marry gay people. My church refuses to marry divorced people, and freedom of religion does ensure that. Pastors can preach politics from the pulpit, but can lose the church's tax-free status if they endorse a particular candidate (or probably a specific piece of legislation). Also, as far as polygamy and/or bestiality go, allowing gay marriage would not make those legal. They would have to be included in a bill, passed through the legislative session (which would never happen), or a case would have to go to the Supreme Court in which both gay marriage AND polygamy AND bestiality were concerned, and there would have to be at least 5 of the 9 justices agreeing on each issue, separately (ie: if 5 judges say gay marriage is ok, but only 4 say polygamy is ok, then gay marriage is legal, but not polygamy).
  3. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    I was raised as a conservative Mennonite. I'm now a bit liberal- but still Mennonite. I am Mennonite because of a long family history, because I believe very strongly in some of the core beliefs (pacifism, anabaptistm, saved by faith not works, etc).
  4. Out and proud

    I'm a gay Christian. I became a Christian when I was 6 years old, and found out I was gay about 3 or 4 years later. I was raised in a conservative home, so I believed that there was something wrong with me, and so I prayed and tried to change, and stayed in the closet til I was 19. About a year ago I did some studying that convinced me that I, and my family, had been wrong. That was when I was 25. I just told my extended family about my orientation a few months ago, and have gotten mostly negative responses. I am a 26 year-old, gay, virgin and I'm waiting til marriage (or civil union).