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  1. Okay, I'm presbyterian to... And I don't agree, necessarily, w. some of their rituals either. But, I love Jesus and just keep the peace. Anyways, it's easier to find christian waiters.. But, really finding one anywhere that you want to spend the rest of your life w. is..well, hard. So, while from a purely opinion place i'd Reccomend you go hang out in a covenant church y.a group or something. Covenant church's are generally mega churches (more guys- higher population of waiters simply by the law of #s) who are very consumer friendly (I.e- very limited rituals.) anyways, don't just settle on being w. some guy b.c he happens to be a waiter- agree on the fundamentals, and be sure he's somebody you care enough about to compromise on togethor on the other stuff... Also, any non denominational mega church would have the same law of numbers.
  2. Predestination

    I've never met anybody who agreed w. me on this, other than the man who fostered the thought (my dad), but I like to believe God is set outside of time. So therefore knows the beginning and the end, but still gives us the free will to do what we will. He just see's the whole picture at once. The Hebrews gave a name to god that ment alpha and omega... The beginning and the end. And time is the movement of matter- well god create matter, so can matter create matter? If matter creates matter than where does the matter come from? Just food for thought.
  3. New gal

    I'm a Jesus freak. I'm a waiter. I'm a college kid. I'm infamous for my lengthy replies, outspoken opinions, and passionate responses. So, I'll save you the words now, and wait (no pun intended) for a good time too use to many words, another time.
  4. The Ultimate Exercise in Mental and Physical Discipline

    Jack- Its evolutionary for me to look at you and all your muscles, and your charismatic attitude and my body to respond and say "well, his kids would have an awesome gene-pool. reproduce!" It's a choice for me to not do anything about those instincts. Don't write instincts off that much. anyways, it's cool that you're a waiter to, I'll definitely pray for you!
  5. 23- SINGLE Christian Military man

    Hey, bro. (in Jesus) I promise you: you don't want to marry some girl who is going to hold against you your mistakes. Anyways, can I suggest you be a little more.. Suttle on your search for mrs. Right? It makes girls feel a little bit more secure in your emotional stability... Also, have faith. you're going to meet her... Don't be suprosed of she doesn't come how you expected her to.