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  1. letters to your future husband.

    Admittedly, I used to but have not kept up with the practice as the years have gone on. I try to find hope after having found the site, but my persistance had faultered. I still have a box with the letters and even little trinkets and momentos I had purchased over the years.
  2. MUSIC!

    Wow, I am gonna feel like the odd person out but when is that new. I love pretty much anything except hard rock and hard rap. A friend in high school made sure I appreciate alternative and still hold a soft spot for Better Man in my heart cause she was a die hard Pearl Jam fan. My play list for work right now consists of more pop right now. 5 Songs as done on Glee - Rumor Has It/ Some Like You mashup, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, How Will I Know, Halo/Walking on Sunshine Mashup, Hate on Me Sexy and I Know It Cover - YouTube SN: Only1Noah This Ole Boy - Craig Morgan Funky Jesus Music - tobyMac Caryl Rae Jenson - Call Me Maybe Michael Buble - Hollywood Fine By Me - Andy Grammer
  3. Agreed, since I would want the same done for me. Right now I am hopelessly outnumbered with married friends and all my single friends are girls, I can't help them out. But I wouldn't hesitate if I thought they may hit it off.
  4. Splitting the bill vs. guy pays

    O.k. I've been stewing over his topic for about a week. Last night I vented to a friend my age about it because what I mainly remembered was that the women were like yea sure 50/50. Had I crossed that line into antiquated? In fact even when I perused before posting it was more of the men saying, no I'll pay but it's cool if she does sometimes. Keep in mind, I admittedly haven't been on a date in awhile and I am very aware that the difference between what men and women make have shrunk significantly. That being said, I am a prize. You want one, you better work for it. I'm not a gold digger, I can pay for my own way. I could go on and on about this topic but I guess the main thing is that right now I have a pretty darn good life. I can come and go as I please. Pay my own way, have my own house and car. Relationships do take an investment ad although the guy will be showing he's interested via his wallet, the woman is more than likely investing herself emotionally. Let's face it, which one is easier to recover?
  5. Resisting temptation

    O.k. first off, your post is encouraging. I just told someone on chat the other day how if a guy pushes your boundaries it means he doesn't respect them. I've always wanted to meet a guy who had his own set of do's and don't's. As a girl it can be tiring playing the referee and blowing the whistle "Out of bounds, step back please." In fact, I've always said for girl's you have to get past the head, to get to the heart, to get anywhere else. When I have to constantly be watching your moves, worrying if you are going past a line, I never make it out of my head. Which is truth for me as of this point. If I was kissing with a guy and he told me he needed to stop, I wouldn't feel rejected, I'd feel cherished. To me it does let the other person know that you are attracted to them and in needing to halt any progression is a sign that the boundaries both of you set forth, mean something to you.
  6. Major Dilemma

    I think Gil did a fantastic job with answering originally. As far as the "if you were here" comment, it seems as if he's still testing the waters but not really being brave enough to ask you out. But I think the thank you comment could be more encouraging than discouraging. I agree that honesty is the best policy and perhaps saying something like it's flattering but I'm not interested in dating. It's not a personal affront to him as a guy but also let's him know where you stand in general.
  7. What do you look like?

    Oh and I heard a comedienne say, every woman has her fat jeans that she keeps under the bed. Even a size zero has a size 2 pants laying around somewhere.
  8. What do you look like?

    Honey, each woman has their "thing". Unfortunately in this society it ends up being something to do with their looks. My ideal size would be to be that size 10. No thinner. Unfortunately, I think my metabolism died when I was in third grade and no matter what I did, played every sport, ate the most awful things and tried every diet, it just wouldn't help. I even went to a dietician who told me I wasn't eating enough. Talk about a mind blow. Still can't get that one in my head today. So a few years ago I stopped caring. Didn't want to watch or care about every little single thing that went into my body. Now I'm working on getting healthy for me. It's not an easy road, but one worth traveling and something I'll have to deal with all my life. I'm almost 5'7', long torso, auburn hair, green eyes and 360 pounds, last checked. Some still muscle from the years in sports. But here's what I learned for me a LONG time ago, being different or not what society deems as perfect may have very well saved me. I know family and friends who still look for and find acceptance in what me think of them because that's where they've looked to and found it their whole lives. Because I couldn't, I didn't. I became the amazing woman with the personality, the home, the car, the job, the hobbies and the friends that I have today. I'm not looking for someone to complete me, I'm looking for another whole individual to come alongside me whose definition of attractive is different than some because mine surely is.
  9. Do you consider yourself high maintenance?

    If that's what you consider high maintenance, then no I don't call myself such. Do I wear make-up? Yes, can I make a run to Wal-Mart or leae the house without it? Yes. I'm the kinda girl that can be ready infive minutes but its fun when I get to sen the time. A guy friend call me high maintenance once but his definition was different and since I don't view myself in that light I was a little taken back. He walked about various thins. In the end I told him, what does it matter if I'm the one doing the maintaining? I'm not asking someone else to fund it and I don't hold up social events for it. I know the difference between paying my electricty bill and splurging on a manicure.
  10. Glancing over the most recent introductions, admittedly feeling a little older than the average member but hopefully I'm not alone. I turned 30 recently which brought with it a new set of challenges. I'm the oldest of four, the only one who hasn't been married and doesn't have children. A dear married friend of mine has been there with me through the most recent year and as I read her the ridiculousness of a reply on a dating website, she said you should see if there is a social media site for people waiting for marriage. Interesting suggestion . . . but was doubtful. Was pleasantly surprised to come upon this site and I hope that not only can I glean from the people here (who again seem younger than myself) but also pass along some of what I've learned in the trenches. I'm what they call a BBW so generally the thing I come up against is that Christian men, don't really want one and men who prefer woman of . . . size, are generally physically attracted and therefore aren't looking or want to wait, let alone Christian.