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  1. I am sorry this had to happen to you. I believe the biggest culprit is the media and pornography and how they glorify sex and emphasize on the men's satisfaction and not the women's. It sucks I know, but I truly believe you will find that guy trust me he will notice your self respect and find that attractive! I real man recognizes the essence of a lady/wife material.
  2. or anyway I can download to read on my laptop is fine
  3. is it available to read on adobe? I really need this...
  4. I waited!

    Congratulations on your marriage and God bless you. I am glad you successfully waited! Hearing a success story definitley brings about reassurance.
  5. Everyone is diffrent. I've heard of some people who were wtm who married after 1 year. It all depends on the maturity level of both parties. I agree with Kailey when she says that going through a rough ride in the relationship can help to see if this person is the one. I would say they should talk to a pastor or anyone who can test to see if the two of them are on the same page on a lot of topics (finances, beliefs, children and their future, etc).
  6. A Message To Christian's From a Girl

    Ok where did he say that it's a sin for trying to get better from being sick? Unless he said that before the edit. BTW this video speaks great volumes. I admit that at first, I was judgemental. Then looking at myself, I saw that I was also in sin. One thing I've learned is that the law was written not because God expects us to follow it perfectly 100%, but the purpose of the law was to make sin in us known. I agree with a lot of what countryboy said, I beleive that we are to be witnesses of God and nothing else. Many believers make the mistake of trying to persuade non-believers and jump into a friutless debate about creationism vs evolution and it really gets you no where. Our main focus of ministry is to share our testimony and the good news of the gospel, and it should stay only at that.
  7. He just wanted to satisfy himself. Stay true to yourself and you will find the guy who would look to satisfy you before himself. I know you're hurt but stay strong friend! we got your back.
  8. Good article! I never been to a Christian school before. A lot of my friends challenge me for what I believe in and even some family members. It's stressful to have people constantly trying to debate with you, but at the end of the day I say bring it on. At the end of the day, my understanding of God grows with every advisary.
  9. same...most likely after 10 pm. I see 3 people here on chat as I type but I have to sleep =/. Haha I look forward to talking with a lot of you on chat.
  10. Is Church a Place to Meet Virgins?

    To each his own I guess. My point was not that its unrealistic, but to be prepared if things turn out otherwise. I also hope to find a wife who is a virgin as well, but on the other hand, I wont let that ruin the chances of me being with a wonderful person who in the end will make me happy. Then again I stress a girl's relationship to God more than any other factor. So virginty is not as high on that requirement list for me as it is to you.
  11. just realized I put this under the wrong topic *fail
  12. How was your Christmas??

    I got fragrances, some fancy boxer breifs, and ate like 10 cupcakes. What did you do Kendra? =)
  13. Well I live in New York, so I understand the people's time of day may be diffrent from mines. It seems like whenever I get on here, no one is on chat. Either that, or peolple are in chat and I can only stay for a couple of minutes because I have to work or something. So my question here is, what time of day are most of you on chat?
  14. Annabell, the beauty of this all is that you have a boyfriend who shares the same values as you. I believe the best thing for you two to do right now is pray to God for forgivness together. If you've dones this already, then do it again. One of my dreams is to have a spouse that I can pray with. I believe a prayer between the two of you and God will be very powerful. I see it as putting your relationship before God and inviting Him to guide the two of you. Pray together makes the bond between you two and God that much more powerful. Going with what feels good most likely, if not always, brings you to a destructive way of life. Now I would say you dont sound like a bad person because of what you posted. You sound like a person looking for advice when you know that what you two are doing is wrong. I commend you for that. My advice is, after you two pray, set strong boundaries. Do not spend a long time alone in a room together. Make sure there are some people around. If someone says ''get a room'', make sure there is people in that room too. I'm guessing you have some shame so you will only go so far physically because poeple are around Lol. Whenever you two need to be alone to talk or whatever the case may be, I say go on a date to a park or something. By all means avoid being alone together. If your relationship is like how I imagine it, I would say you two can marry when you hit your 20's . Seems not to far away for you. I'll be praying, I hope the best for you two =).
  15. Is Church a Place to Meet Virgins?

    Jenny I agree with you 100%. That's just the way society is now a days. Everyone wants the get rich quick schemes. ''Have your food ready in seconds'' ''Get ripped in 90 days using the ab-blaster'' ''get a degree in only a couple of months''. Everyone can't accept the fact that things take TIME! And that many things take a whole lot of effort, trial & error, etc. When it comes to relationships, people only look to what the other person has to do for them and possibly do not even think what they can bring for the other person. I would say most relationships fail because of this reason: people expect too much from others! The media has installed an ''all about me'' way of thinking to our people. The problem is the world makes big and exaggerated promises that definitley cannot be kept. Thus, giving people an unrealistic expectation. Sad thing is people accept this expectation and will not settle for less. I also believe that people are not content with what they have. They may say ''oh my relationship is not like so-and-so'', and then destroy what they have for coveting over what someone else has. Point here is we have to learn to prepare for the worst. When it comes to us ''waiters'', we have to consider this too. Yes it will be nice to meet someone else who is a virgin too, but you also have to be realistic. We are outnumbered big time! Not saying you have to settle for a virgin and nothing else, but that you also have to be prepared to never run into this virgin spouse. It's important to always leave room for other possiblities. Life doesn't always turn out the way you think it will, but guess what, maybe the way it will turn out is better than what you can ever think of (or worse, lets be honest). It's all about how YOU react to your circumstances. When things get hard, push through! It is good for developing tough skin. As far as you running into a virgin at church. I would say the possiblities are higher. But I hear stories from girls who go to church, and man is it crazy. I have also heard of people having sex IN church. Crazy isn't it?