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  1. 18 y/o and waiting....

    haha I lurked the misc for like a year before I signed up..still to post an avi because Im afraid of the "do you even lift" comment. And ive failed the no-fap so many times but for some reason just want to be able to say I did the 90 days and I promised myself that once I do the 90 days im gonna post a facebook status saying "I am master of my own domain"
  2. 18 y/o and waiting....

    Thats sweet to have someone on here with a similar interest. I have been weight lifting off and on since middle school but really got serious in January, which is when I began using a split routine and keeping track of my cals and protein intake. Yea apparently it has been making the rounds on all theses forums, it was originally desigined for people who were addicted to watching to porn and had a porn induced ED. I happened to try it and so far my results have been pretty similar to the people who have been doing it with me...for example Days 1-5 are usually the hardest because your going through withdrawls and then on day 7 you reach a peak, I forgot why off the top of my head but it has something to do with testoterone. Days 9-18 are usually the flatline stage where you get moody or depressed but once you get passed this your confidence just soars!!!
  3. 18 y/o and waiting....

    Hello everyone my name is J Montgomery and I have promised myself to wait till marriage. I first made this decision during my Junior year in high school (I just graduated a month ago to give you guys an idea of my stage in life) I was hearing people talk about losing their virginity and I felt as though that wasn't me. Now Im not saying I'm above them in any way, Im just saying knowing all the risks that occur with intercourse and how I view my body and how I view marriage I decided I wanted to wait and lose it to my wife. To give you guys a little insight, Im a weightlifter. I say weightlifter and not bodybuilder because my goal is not get massivly huge and be this freak but to have a ripped lean physique. As some of you might have guessed I am also a member on the bodybuilder forums and a couple months ago became part of this movement called No PMO (No Porn, Masterbation, Orgasm) and the goal is 90 days, but my goal is 90 days plus. I first started in March and failed a few times and this current cycle I am on started on June 1. My milestone so far was last cycle before I relapsed I went 35 days, so this time around I am more focused than ever to complete my goal. I was wondering if any of you on here were also doing this because I have had some pretty sweet effects from this. For example my voice appears to be getting deeper and I have more confidence. So far I've told my closest friends my decision and they were real supportive. The mentioned that they had already lost theirs but would support me and be there if I need them for anything. It is nice to meet a communty that shares the same views as me and I can't wait to get to you know you all -JMont