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  1. What's more important to you...

    A guy who is a good person -- but doesn't give you that "spark" - OR - A guy who gives you the "spark" but ends up being a loser who cheats on you? The answer seems really simple, but I really want you to all think about it. After reading a lot of posts by a lot of girl members on here, it's easy to see that a lot of you don't have a lot of dating experience. In other words, you have never had your heart broken; which translates to you not knowing the true value of a great guy. For one, I treat my mother with the utmost respect, and over the last 26 years she has never opened her own door as long as I'm around her. I don't only treat her with the utmost respect, but I treat every woman (stranger or friend) I run into with the same amount of chivalry. I've dated a lot of non-waiters, girls who have slept around with 20+ guys and they think I'm the greatest guy they've ever met. The main reason for that being is that they've been screwed over, disrespected, cheated on, etc... so in comparison they think I'm amazing (and I am, because I've heald out and passed up over 100+ opportunities to sleep with someone). Anyways, they fall hard for me pretty quickly and try to convince me to change my stance on WTM because they've never been treated so kindly by any other guy (you can imagine why). I can honestly say that I'm ready to give up my stance on WTM and start pursuing something with these non-WTM girls, here's why... I've dated 2 girls this year who are WTM. These girls have little-to-no dating experience, so instead of admiring me for what I do for a living (paramedic school, firefighter, special olympics coach, volunteer in a homeless community), as well as their inability to carry on a good conversation due to lack of dating experience, they say I don't give them that "spark" or they say "right now is not the right time, but I want to be friends with you" because they're holding out for "the perfect guy" instead of "a really great guy." I have news for you girls: the guy who gives you a "spark" (whatever that means) is probably giving that "spark" to other girls because he's experienced in getting what he wants from a girls (which is short-term "fun" if you know what I mean. "Sex," for those of you who couldn't catch on). In conclusion, here's some advice: go date around, live a little, get cheated on, get treated like trash. You'll then realize that the "spark" you found in the smooth-talking guys was just a ploy to get you in the sack. You'll then learn to value a guy for the kind of person he is by his actions and not his words.
  2. What's more important to you...

    I've met many of the "right girl" types. There's not just one type of "right girl". However, these girls are the ones who are not WTM.
  3. What's more important to you...

    No, I'm not upset things didn't work out, I'm more upset at their reasoning for it not working out. WTM girls' reason = "I'm not in the right point of my life right now and I need to take care of things and do what's right for me. You always complement me and treat me well so I still want to be friends with you" (makes no sense, due to their lack of dating experience / reality experience) As far as being forbidden fruit goes, I don't share my stance on waiting until marriage with the girls until the time they're "feeling all hot and ready to jump my bones" so the whole viewing me as a 'challege' or 'forbidden fruit' doesn't apply to that logic. You see, I treat both WMT and non-WTM girls exactly the same. The reason why the non-WTM girls appreciate me more is because they've been screwed over, treated like garbage, and once they see that I treat them with respect they have a liking towards me. Once again, I show the same respect to WTM girls, they just don't appreciate it because they think there's a missing 'spark' that I'm not offering. A 'spark' that doesn't exist.
  4. What's more important to you...

    Think about this... I can continue to hold out for a girl who is WTM, but no WTM girl likes me; I'll just be stuck in limbo. Or, I can give that one value up about myself and open myself to more potential relationships to women who appreciate me for my quialities and how well I treat them; women who are over the 'spark' factor and realize that having a guy who treats them well is more important than anything. It's just that with my personality type, I'm not the kind of guy that most WTM girls end up liking, no matter how much chivalry I show to them. I'm debating to change my stance from "waiting-till-marriage" to "waiting-until-i-fall-in-love" I hate to say it but there really doesn't seem to be much of a choice. If you don't agree with me on this then here's some advice for you: quit holding out for a 'spark', Start appreciating a guy for his qualities, and build off of that.
  5. What's more important to you...

    Wow Char, great post. Any guy who wouldn't appreciate that about you is a loser. I'm sure once you meet a great guy you'll appreciate him because of how all of the losers didn't respect you. It takes a great man to appreciate what you're about and you deserve nothing less. It's good to see that there are sone girls who understand what I'm talking about, it just sucks that there aren't more girls like you. Way to be.
  6. What's more important to you...

    Yeah, I'm totally full of myself, even though you think I may be a good guy. I was saying that girls should date around so that they get the full "realistic" scope of what a good guy is all about instead of looking for the kind of guy who gives them a "spark". I take it you won't take my advice: you'll just hold out until you're 50 and end up settling for less than what you could have instead of settling down with a great guy when you're younger (when your expectations were unrealistic).
  7. What's more important to you...

    Honestly, it sucks to say but, yeah they do. There are a few rare ones who appreciate a good guy without having to get screwed over first.
  8. What's more important to you...

    Kendra, you just proved my point. You say that you appreciate a good guy because you've been treated like trash in the past; Most of these girls on here don't know what it's like to be treated like garbage because they never date, just like most WTM-girls who aren't on this site. Since you've been treated so poorly in the past it gives you a bigger appreciation for a guy who is a good person.
  9. WTM to Kiss?

    Not waiting. I've kissed a lot of girls. I think it's important to kiss before marriage because you need to see if the person you kiss is just as affectionate as you are; in other words -- I can tell how good we're going to be together (compatable) in the sack by how she kisses.
  10. Guys, how do you break the stereotypes?

    Chris nailed it. The best way to ahiw that you're a real man is to NEVER result o violence or means of aggression to get what you want. That shows the difference in a loser guy and a real man.
  11. Aging and waiting

    Hey RJ, Dont apologize for hijacking this thread. You actually have me some really good insight from a girl's perspective. I also liked reading your story. Stay strong!
  12. Aging and waiting

    Ian, You're the man. Thanks!
  13. Aging and waiting

    Hey dodgedude, Her response to my stance on waiting is, quote "you're waiting? Wow, I actualy think that's sexy" I'm not kidding. I think she sees me as a challenge and she wants to break me in or something. Lol
  14. Aging and waiting

    Its harder to wait the older i get. I am 26 and i am dating a very tempting girl; she is insanely attractive and shes very open about how much she loves sex. To add to the mix, she keeps talking about how attractive i am. Ive never felt this heated before. Help?! Lol
  15. Some girls wonder why they don't get ask out anymore. It's because you earn a reputation.
  16. Friend-Zone

    i just tell them I'm not interested, straight up. i don't give a huge speal on how great of a person i think she is; that's more soul-suffocating. im pretty sure girls are just more worried about hurting someones feelings, when in fact putting a guy in the friend-zone is the worst thing you can do to a guy and to your own reputation.
  17. Friend-Zone

    sally doesnt seem to get it, neither do any of the girls who i date that i view as wife-material. its like they know youre a great guy, but theyre holding out for Jesus, or air. i think im gonna give up my WTM stance for a month and date girls who get it. i'll let you all know how it goes.
  18. Getting tougher to Wait -- Help?

    If he can't wait and you want to wait then something has to give. Either one of you changes your mind or you break up. Simple as that.
  19. Why Men Love B******

    I'm the same. That's what waiting does to us
  20. Have you ever met a celebrity?

    I met Carrot Top 10 years ago. I was working at a fair ground helping out setting up his stage and equipment. We were all done setting up and were throwing a nerf football around behind the stage and this van pulls up. Then this really buff curly redhead dude comes out of the van and says "hey is this a nerf football? I used to have one of these back home". He started playing catch with us a few hours before his stand up show. He was a really nice guy.
  21. Still married, 31 years
  22. How long before you get engaged?

    Dating: I'd say minimum of a year. Engagement: as short as possible.
  23. Is it hard finding girls who are willing to wait?

    Might as well just hold out for another waiter. You'll end up with more security when it comes down to it in the end.
  24. Have you had the chance?

    Just speaking from my experience John Morgan
  25. Is it hard finding girls who are willing to wait?

    Yes it is, I wouldn't be here if it were easy to find girls who are waiting. The ones who say they will change and wait with you usually don't last long because it's not what THEY truly want to do.