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  1. Umm, I don't mean to sound insensitive in anyway, but it sounds to me like, he doesn't love you like you love him, what he's essentially saying, by telling you he's breaking up with you, because he doesn't want to neglect you (a line by the way), is that his other priorities are more important then you, and given the choice between you and them, he is choosing them. All though at first glance it may seem that he is trying to "do you a favor" out of affection, no guy on earth would be so kind as to break up with a girl he wanted to marry to spare her some pain; guys "will" make time for the things they have to have. Especially when it comes to a woman. As far as the living situation, that is your choice, I just wanted to give you my insights on what the situation apeared to be from the perspective of one familiar with the minds of men. I wish you the best of luck.
  2. Not all bad boys end up as drug addicts or convicts, but yes the majority do. Its not because of the "badness" but the "stupidtiy" that bad boys do the things they do. You'd be surprised how many "bad" guys regret who they were, or what they have created for themselves, and how they treated people. why do you think the drugs come with the territory? Its a copeing mechanism, to deal with the regrets and the reprocussions of what was done to the and by them. I'll be the first to tell you, many bad boys dont care about the pain they cause, or would never admit it anyway. But we're all human underneath our egos. Basically what im trying to say is, not all bad boys are victimizers, some are just victims, but most are really unintelligent. If a bad boy is smart he will understand and value what he has, and run into the sunset. How do you know if hes smart? I am warning you Ladies! Dont fall for the sweet talk, Ask hard questions, make him think, find out if the mystery is just un excuse for a lack of understanding. Don't let him disrespect you in anyway, don't be the girl he knows he has on the back burner, if he likes you enough to marry you, and he thinks your special, he'll talk to you for 2 years before he is even allowed to touch your hand, granted he knows your not with anybody else and not looking to be, he'll wait for you. Its a dangerous game, and I don't recommend it for the weak of heart or non disiplined. Some guys make a sport of it, beware! But I know of some guys that found a great girl early and stuck with her because they knew what they had. Good luck and don't just hope that he's gonna appreciate you, like I said, its a huge longshot, but there are a some bad boys that will be good to you. P.S. save yourself the trouble and marry a nerd, haha sorry had to. Oh yeah, pardon me for hijacking your thred, but it didn't look like anybody was reaching concenses anyway, so I thought I'd write something difinitive on the topic rather then your spectulation.
  3. What if you found....

    Its about love and respect, I would never keep anything like that, out of respect for the person I'm with. When you fall in love, those feelings should superseed those that came before. You can make up alot of excuses for keeping your trinkets, but the bottom line is that any man that truly adores you, and loves you with everything he has, will not like having to see you or think about you with somebody else. I understand what the world has turned into...but the soul and heart are still primitive things. Alot of girls want the mythical guy that is very passionate, but passion manifests into many things, not just love, if you are looking for somebody that is ready to die for you, dont get mad when he gets jealous over you. Usually passionate people are the most jealous. But ill be honest, most people these days dont care...But there are some that still do. You can't erase the past, but you can create a future so good, that you no longer need to reflect on it. Deep love makes people crazy, I can understand why most people wouldn't put up with feelings that strong, but for those that know....its the best kind of love...The magical kind. For those of you who love deeply, understand that your the last of an age that will never come back. Don't let the modern age tell you your crazy.
  4. Would you want to know?

    Gil, on 06 July 2012 - 04:45 PM, said: 2. In this situation? Extremely annoyed at a minimum. The boyfriend called it and she dismissed him. This is not a "See I told you so" moment. This is a "I told you, you were naïve about it, and now I have to question your judgement going forward" type moment. This is what i take issue with. Even though most guys would probably agree with you. Here's a woman's view. You have every right to be annoyed, even angry. You perceived this guy was trouble and advised her against getting help from him but she did it anyway and what you said would happen, happened. But her judgement is not impaired. This guy was nothing but nice to her and gave out no signals of having any bad intentions towards her. Her judgement was based on the facts SHE had in front of her. Is she naive in perceiving the intentions of someone of the opposite sex? perhaps. But even though she would have benefited from considering Nathan's opinion a little more she doesn't have to do what he says. She has free will, and i don't believe she's done anything wrong, she just made a choice based on her experience with the guy. Your forgetting one thing, dating is the prelims to marriage, and in marriage you belong to eachother. I know she has free will, but to say she hasn't done anything wrong, is to say that her relashionship and commintment to her boyfriend means nothing, and if thats the case; why is she leading him on? He obviouly cares about her and seeks to protect her, but if she desires to be "her own" person, and not respect her boyfriends wishes, then she is basically nulifying the strenths of a relasionship. On a personal note...You can call it primitive, but I would totally catch that guy walking to his car, and beat the living sh** out of him... Any real man is not going to let that slide. I think over-intellectualism has lead to the degradation of man; I mean even on an intellectual level, that guy could have an STD on his face and he just kissed your girl? I'm getting crazy just thinking about it.... In closing, if your man wants you to stay away from a guy, do it. If your woman wants you to stay away from a girl, do it. Simple and fair.
  5. I do agree that the populace at large is being conditioned to be desensitized to sex, yet, I feel at the same time, that many virgins feel that they own the exclusive rights to other virgins, nobody said this explicitly obviously, but it is being implied behind statements which are designed to demoralize and devalue those who are non virgins. However, there is more to morals then virginity. Virginity is to act as a symbol, not just a physiological fact. It "symbolizes" purity, it does not "embody" purity. There are many virgins who are neither pure in thought, nor in deed, and many non-virgins that are honorable in both. John, you say you have lived long enough to see virginity devalued and scorned, however you need to understand the times your living in, most children these days, that are over 15, have seen virginity devalued and scorned, you are not privy to some ancient insight I'm afraid, so why so condescending? As for the statistics? As any statician will tell you, statistics are guides not rules, but "that" is commonsense. I think many people on here are giving straight answers, they are just not simple answers. I think that a greater problem in this country is people assuming individual social behavior is simple. I didn't come here to sight my preference, just to translate other peoples. I'll save my opinions for myself.