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  1. A Good Youtuber For Sciencey Types

    Don't have time to write a long answer at the moment. But I believe Mirage meant the Catholic God. Not the Catholic church in his last paragraph.
  2. Asking YOU out.

    It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory. - W. Edwards Deming This site is so conservative it's practically liberal. And yet it's not. On topic, A essentially asked me out. While we both flirted with each other, she was the first to tell me she liked me. However she was strong in her opinion that when we officially started dating I had to be the one to ask her out. You can be conservative and still be with the times, just takes a little adapting to.
  3. Patient assisted suicide?

    What's the difference? Life is sacred.
  4. My worries

    Are you religious? If you're religious then Tev's answer is fine. If you're not? Well shit I just read your intro and you're an atheist. So Tev's answer isn't going to help much. Basically, it's up to you. Wait until you're in a relationship, then decide for yourself. Waiting is definitely not for everyone, sex is a natural thing. Just stay strong and hold your own beliefs. You can change your beliefs as you wish, just remember to always change them because YOU want to. Not because others do.
  5. Suggest Celebrities

    I believe Swoozie is a waiter. Or at least he has mentioned he is in some of his videos.
  6. Very interesting, it's true porn usually does not enhance a relationship. However I have heard of some couples who actually watch it together and use it to enhance their relationship. However yes, it's best if one can just avoid pornography, it makes everything much easier.
  7. Now I know I've been here a while, when no one else remembers this video *laughs*. This guy has some interesting stuff, particularly on tattoos.
  8. Have you met the Purity Bear?

    Most. Awkward. First Date. Parting Scene. Ever.
  9. wny, excuse me for being blunt. However for 5 pages now you have refuted what the good women of this site have been trying to tell you. If you came to ask for advice, and advice was given. Then why are you refuting it? If I'm asking for help with a physics question, and a reasonable answer is given to me. Then what position am I in to tell the answerer that they're wrong? My own opinion on the matter: Looks are important, however they serve primarily to do two things. 1.) Attract someone to you initially. 2.) Allow them to consider the possibility of walking down a crowded street with you on their arm. Or even chance their children getting your looks. 1 is quite easily satisfied by (as others have said) having a good personality, or being fun to be around. Maybe a guy with sub-par looks will have to initiate a conversation more often, but as long as he's a good guy that the woman generally enjoys being around then she can be attracted to him anyways. And correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're on this site I don't think you want someone who only likes you for your looks. 2 is a little harder, however as long as you're not some hideously deformed, was-dropped-on-his-face-a-few-times-as-a-child, hunchbacked monster it's fine. If you're not some woman's type then you're not her type and oh well. You've probably made a few women who's type you were sad because they weren't your type. Just remember though that anyone can grow to be attracted to someone they care for, if you have a glowing personality, if you can make some woman truly love you then she will grow to love every part of you. I know it's a little hard to believe as a guy, BUT WOMEN DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR PARTNER'S BASED SOLELY ON LOOKS. There, I can't say it any clearer than that. If this is false then I can see no reason whatsoever that many men (including myself) are with the women they are. It just would not make any sense.
  10. A Message To Christian's From a Girl

    A here, the female half of Whisper. Just as a note, offended not affended. First off, I'm from Canada. Aka, the multicultural society (not a melting pot), and gay marriage is legal. Continuing on... Perhaps, it would have been better to keep this view to yourself, as be warned a lot of people will be offended. However, I would like to respond to what you have to perhaps give you a different perspective. I myself am Catholic. A couple of years before and you would have found me acting as the girl in the video acted before she realized what she realized. I used to despise people who were gay or lesbian- as I was under the impression that was bad according to the bible. However, my views radically changed. I had a friend in highschool; he was gay. I disliked him. But then it hit me: why do I hate him? because a 2000 year old book told me to? Is that fair? Is that really what being a Catholic is? No! The fact of the matter is this is the 21st century. We can't go living by ways of old; what makes Christianity the top of all religions? what of all the thousands of years human kind existed before it? But not following the bible doesn't make you a bad person. One can be equally caring and kind and generous and loving without ever having followed God, just as much as anyone who does. For example, one may only look to the Dalai Lama- compassion and love are a fundamental part of his teachings. Love is universal, no matter what religion you come from. Why should only a man and woman experience this? Everyone, no matter their orientation or other things some consider "sinful" deserve love. God in this religion, after all, is love. Christian does not equal good; good does not equal Christian. Truth does not necessarily mean the bible, and the bible does not necessarily mean truth. Yes, it contains a lot of things that lead to a "good" life, ie the commandments and the beatitudes. If you wish, consider the golden rule (I'm sure you know it well); almost every religion has it in almost the same wording, "Respect others as you would respect yourself". I have merely gotten tired of feeling hate towards others for no particular reason. I took up philosophy instead. Ignorance is NOT bliss; therefore never be caught ignorant, even if the truth hurts.
  11. A Message To Christian's From a Girl

    Wow Country, just wow. I have absolutely no words. So you're saying that if I'm born poor, I shouldn't try and get out of there, make something of myself because God intended me to be poor and I am damned if I don't stay that way? What about if I was supposed to die of cancer but I was saved by modern medical technology? It was obviously God's will for me to get cancer and die, how dare I be healed? Right?
  12. Saw this and thought it was interesting. Nice choice of music, though her timing is a little weird. Discuss.
  13. A and I discussed this earlier, and it's all about a person's type. Between A and I we have Canadian, British, French-Canadian and Chinese in our blood. And that's only going back one generation. And before anyone says Canadian and French-Canadian are the same, try telling that to a Quebecois *laughs* Anyways back on topic, it's all about preference. If someone likes a certain skin tone, say a light brown colour, or a deep ebony black then that's simply preference. Much like someone can like people who stay in great shape, or people with a love of opera. As long as you are not excluding people simply BECAUSE of their skin colour then that's fine. It's when you start to do that that you need a good wake up slap. Or a strong uppercut, followed by someone grabbing you by the lapels and shaking vigorously. Whichever one works best. I personally am as white as white can be, seriously. A mock cringed when my bathing suit rode up just past where my shorts fall and revealed my blinding whiteness. And my ancestry reflects this, I have Italian, German, French, pretty much every part of the UK and 15 generations of immigrant-Canadian descent running through me. But does that mean that she judges or judged me because of it? Nope, she teases me about it to be sure (My own running joke is that if I wrap a sheet around myself I'll appear naked) but it doesn't interfere with our love for each other for even a moment.
  14. What is your view about gamer guys?

    A here, When I was looking for a boyfriend, one of my requirements was that he had to play video games (not like that was difficult to find in every guy). And M definitely meets my hopes. We both love video games and it's fun to play together, brings out a competitiveness and good-natured fight to win (whether we play on the same team or against each other). And board games are fun. Chess is as much a game of the mind games as it is a game of strategy (they go hand in hand really); and boy, when you know your SO's mind inside out, things get really interesting!
  15. Homeschooling

    Hmmm this is interesting. Everyone who wants to homeschool their children seems to either have been bullied in school, or is worried that the quality of education their children will receive (in particular religious beliefs) will be lacking. Meanwhile everyone who refuses to homeschool their children had a good time in school, made good friends and has great memories from it. One thing I found interesting: Will your children all be forced to share your beliefs? (Question to everyone here). This is something that concerns me, as I would like my progeny to all be given a choice when it comes to religious beliefs. It seems unfair to influence their religious (not their moral or ethical, merely religious) choice by forcing them to attend church, mass, etc... every week for many years.