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    I love anything to do with sports and many outdoor activities; basketball being my favorite sport; I love to socialize with others; journalism, I really love music, Contemporary Christian is what I mostly listen to.

    I am a pretty layed-back type of person, but I also like order and obeying rules. I am a born-again Christian who looks to serve and think of others, and also listen to them.

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  1. Step One: Introduction to NikiVCard

    Welcome! It's good to have you join us. If there's ever anything you want input on, or just curious about something, feel free to ask and we'll help the best we can Welcome again!
  2. Anyone else experiencing this weird site issue?

    I know the chat room isn't working right atm...
  3. I think; (and this is just my thought at this moment in time as I still have a lot of life to live), that during that journey of waiting you look more often to the end result of what that journey leads to. But if that means for you getting married and you reach that, I think it's then when you appreciate that journey you took to get there most. Of course, not everyone marries although majority of people do. But I think either way, through it you learn so much about sacrifice, and what love truly means at its core even when you aren't with anyone. And that in itself can draw you towards those in your life you love. Not saying the journey is always easy, sometimes it's frustrating, and challenging, and difficult, and even ugly at times, but what's life without at least one adventurous journey where you will be able to say you did something out of the ordinary?

    Happy belated birthday! Many wishes.
  5. Winter Olympics!!

    I know it started last weekend, but I'm curious of a couple things. 1. What is your favorite event of the Olypmics? 2. Do you prefer the Summer or Winter Olympics, if either more?
  6. New Members-Girls Only

    Nicole, you follow these?
  7. Welcome! It's really good to see that you feel welcomed Feel free to ask us anything or let us know if you got something pressing on you that you want to talk about! Welcome again
  8. How old are you?

    Looks like I turn 20 this Saturday! Crazy knowing I'll be entering a new decade of life!
  9. Post Pro-WTM Pictures

    When I saw this is definitely made me think of the WTM journey...
  10. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are great together!! This makes me happy Awww!
  11. Oh yes! I've recently read this and find it very excellent and true
  12. *Fixed that title spelling, haha
  13. What works for some won't work for others. Some couples can be perfectly fine with this, others can't. And understandably so since we as people are different from each other in some way or another no matter how big or small, so are couples.
  14. I know at one point I got to hang out one evening with a member from here! Was good fun!