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  1. web sites

    tumblr. i waste all of my time on that site.
  2. 24 and still waiting

    Stephie, I can't imagine that! I find it incredibly fascinating. Perhaps you have a low testosterone level? Do you know of scientific reasoning for severe cases of asexuality?
  3. I'm glad to hear that Michael(:
  4. Harry. Potter.

    You guys. Almost all of my spare time involves reading so I've read the series several times. Hopelessly obsessed.
  5. Harry. Potter.

    Oh dude. About the Harry Potter products... From time to time I wear my golden snitch bracelet and my time turner. It's all good haha!
  6. I don't want someone who has given their body to someone else under any circumstances and people can tell me that's wrong or unfair but I don't agree. People are always going to disagree with something and I think it's all a part of being strong in your beliefs.
  7. Hey! I'm Nikki.

    Oh ok cool(:
  8. Your morals shouldn't have "conditions" Like, "oh and can get drunk and it's ok if..." No. It's never ok to do bad things.
  9. Well Sophie I can't say that I agree with all of that. I think there is shame in not waitin till marriage. But that's cool for you, I guess(: I'm glad you're waiting!
  10. Hey! I'm Nikki.

    Thank you all! I think the hardest thing about waiting is the fear that you'll never find someone else who is waiting for you(at least for me) so a website like this makes me want to wait even more. It reminds me that it isn't a waste of time. I mean, besides fact about how much better a marriage is for two virgins, and then that I will never get an std or unplanned pregnancy, I still had doubts that it wasn't worth it. But this past year, I've changed a lot and know exactly what I want and need and I know to get it I need to follow God and do what's right. Overall, this website is an awesome thing for me!
  11. Yeah! Haha but I agree it would be awesome to have a teen area. It's difficult to find teens that are strong in their convictions.
  12. Harry. Potter.

    Let's talk about it. I love how good all of the kids are... It's like for once a story about teenagers(for the most part) who are like me and my friends instead of crazy! I have faith that I will find the Ron to my Hermione. Who else loves Draco? Oh and what houses do you consider yourselves a part of? I'm Gryffindor.
  13. How many of you are teenagers, too?(:
  14. Success Stories?

    Thank you(: that's awesome! I'm so happy for you two!