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  1. Do you believe in aliens/UFOS?

    There is an awful lot of empty space out there for it only to be us.
  2. It could be used for fun of course but also for an edge in gambling. Also would be a lot of fun at parties to have someone hold coins or something and I could tell them exactly what they had in their hands.
  3. Mr. Polka-Dot has a birth control pill belt buckle.
  4. Which parent do you take after the most?

    I would say I have lots of both mixed in me. On the surface I have a lot of my mothers features, pretty much a male version of her which makes it hard to not always be thinking of her. She passed away in 2005 from ovarian cancer. I have my dads nose though somehow and they both had green eyes so i'm not sure which one gave them to me. On the inside though I am a pretty good mix. I have some of my mom's wisdom and a lot of my dad's neurotic tendencies. I really can't complain though I was dealt a very good genetic hand of cards. *knocks on wood* My parents were 38 and 32 years of age when they had me. Mom was 38, father 32. Very good traditional parents and I thank them for being good to me.
  5. Hey! 22 and married to my dream prince

    Congratulations! You guys will last forever most likely!
  6. Why wait?

    You have come so far and it just seems like a waste of effort if you stop now.
  7. What is your favourite colour?

    Mine is clear.
  8. What if the person who was the first to test drive the car was a little rough with it? Or ran it into a telephone pole? Of course the car would have no memory of any of this but you see what i'm getting at.
  9. hallo from Africa!

    Don't let the decision of your friends bring you down. Chances are they will later regret it and you luckily won't have to worry about that.
  10. Getting tougher to Wait -- Help?

    Ravenclaw, John Morgan may have been blunt with you but he is right. You waiter girls are uncommon but us waiter guys are pretty rare. You may want to listen because from my male friends on this site most of us agree that we are firmly holding out for another waiter girl. I'm not going to tell you to sleep with him, or not sleep with him. It is your decision. The consequences of doing it though will cut deep into your chances with the pool of waiter guys out there though should you ever find yourself single again. You can never say never with relationships but you would be giving away something most of us would kill for and quite frankly don't really think a non-waiter guy even deserves. Best of luck and do some soul searching.
  11. Dealing With Non-WTM Friends

    I have known so many like this and it will take its toll on you if you let it. In a way I see when it happens to someone as if a little bit of them died and me and whoever have a little less in common. If it is a friend of the opposite sex it will hit you even harder because a lot of us will forever cross them off our lists as possibilities for ourselves. That is just the way it is and every choice has far reaching consequences.
  12. What are your bad habits?

    I am a bit lazy and I get jealous very easily.
  13. Hi!

    Hi! Welcome and make yourself at home.
  14. You guys need to stop with the older guy crushes. You are making some of us very uncomfortable!