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  1. I used to be a minor celebrity in the San Diego steampunk scene. Since it went mainstream and a lot of the really original stuff got pushed to the side, I've moved on...though I do have fond memories of those times.
  2. With the points that have been brought up since my last post, I hope you do talk to her, especially since there are some serious issues that need addressing and you don't seem convinced that she isn't the one for you. Find the courage and put your feelings on these things out there and let her do the same, of only to clear the air, or else you're just torturing yourself and vice versa. However, I'd caution you to not judge her by her words, but by her actions. I'm not sure if I missed it, but what led to your getting your hands on her FB password? If she already breached your trust and you wanted to investigate to confirm or disprove any further suspicions, then I'm not really sure what else to tell you. Trust takes years to build and only a moment to destroy. If you were already suspicious and she gave you access to her account AND she had decided not to try to cover up her previous conversations, than either she didn't care/was looking for a way out or was just had a slip of judgement. Either way, if there was a breach of trust, it shouldn't be surprising that you would investigate her even more. Unless you can resolve these trust issues and possible loyalty issues, on both sides of the table, so to speak, this probably isn't going to end well, from what has been provided for information on the situation. If you can't trust her and put your heart in her hands without fear of being betrayed/hurt OR vice versa, then I would hope you would have the strength and insight to make the right decision and save the both of you from further suffering. Hope this somehow helped. Let us know how it goes. See ya on the flipside, Cyon P.S.: By most faiths, committing fornication, either before, during, or after marriage, is denying God one of his rights, to be obeyed. Whether one falls short or not, one accepts this, of you are a believer.
  3. In all honesty, I have to agree with the majority of responses here. There are a number of red flags evident in her behavior (I don't think I need to point them out again, as they've already been made clear). The fact that you had to view her FB messages in order to see that side of her, would be enough of a source of suspicion for me to call a whole ton of things into question. She presents one side of things where she's the victim and always meant good and then you find out the other side of her (probably closer to her true self). If this isn't evidence enough of her not being trustworthy, than what is? Walking in on her with another guy, after you've tied the not and, for all intents and purposes, given her everything? One of, if not the greatest indicators of future behavior is past behavior. If she could behave so callously in the past, don't put it past her to not do so again. Yes, people can change, but it's very rare and usually not significant or lasting. As much as it might hurt to end things, I'd say you should and begin the healing process. Talk to her, if you feel it's right, necessary, and helpful first and then make your decision. Remember, there are a lot of WTM girls out there who would love and appreciate your having waited AND actually respect you for it (it doesn't seem like this girl does and is merely feeding you the best lie she can think up, hoping she can have her cake and eat it too..just my two cents, even if it is a bit harsh). See ya on the flipside, Cyon
  4. Do Men Marry Anymore?

    If it really is the case that men don't marry as much anymore (it isn't from what I've seen) it might have something to do with the high likelihood of divorce and the cost that it often times has for the men scares some away, at least till lonliness and a feeling of being otherwise unfulfilled draws them to getting married (even if you're WTM, you do have to deal with/face these fears).
  5. Do you like anyone on this site?

    I did once (not gonna name names, but if you were around at the time and heard from me, you probably know who I'm referring to). Two of them turned out to be emotionally and verbally abusive psychos (they've since left the site) and the third turned out to be a two faced drunk blankety-blank. So, yeah, guess you have to be careful everywhere, haha.
  6. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    Strange thing is (more annoying, even to me as a non-Christian) I've seen people sharing 'quotes' of the Pope saying that there is no Heaven or Hell, that there was no Adam or Eve, etc. smh. Not sure where they get these (most of the sources I've tried to hunt down turned out to be faulty at best). Almost seems like there's some sort of agenda in the media or something *sarcasm + conspiracy theorist impression* And this doesn't even get restricted to Christianity, lol. It seems like so many people these days want a religious/spiritual path shaped to their desires and whims and will go to whatever ends to try and justify such a thing (or maybe I'm overreacting, haha). Will have to find a link to this one photo that kind of summed it up. Just my two cents...and good job Jegsy. See ya on the flipside, Cyon P.S.: Vince...were you referring to indulgences?
  7. Vasectomy as birth control

    I really could never see myself doing such a thing. Besides the fact that I'd be allowing myself to be mutilated (the human body is a trust from Allah/God in Islam and thus has rights over oneself, including being protected, as much as possible from damage), I'd rather learn to control myself and/or find some other way to avoid unnecessary/unwanted pregnancies (abortion wouldn't be an option, unless my wife's life were threatened or some other as-of-yet unforeseen circumstance arose that justified such a course of action). Just my two cents.
  8. Ask a Muslim/Questions About Islam

    That's something you typically find among the Shiites, tbh (nikah mutah). The closest thing among Sunnis is nikah misyar, though even this is heavily frowned upon by most scholars, as it leaves the woman involved more at the mercy of the man, which is something that Islam forbids. Nikah mutah is a 'marriage' that is set for a cerain period of time and with certain stipulations agreed upon by the participating individuals, signed by a judge. That's basically what it is (with various rights forfeited by the woman, which is why it's forbidden among Sunnis). Nikah misyar is considered more binding, but again gives less rights to the woman involved, which is why, again, it is generally forbidden. Ultimately though, any forfeiting of rights has to be done only with the wife-to-be's free consent. The only widely accept marriage is the usual one, in other words, one where the wife has full rights, as does the husband. This is, of course, according to a textual, by-the-book approach. Just my two cents. Hope that clears some things up.
  9. Have you ever experienced racism?

    Yup, tons of times. Though, in some cases it's been institutionalized (i.e. real racism) rather than mere prejudices/stupid c**p. I'm mixed (half Bengali, half Western/Northern European) so I've had my fair share, typically being the only mixed/not-totally-white/whatever everyone else was kid in the group/neighborhood. Throw in the fact that I'm Muslim (I once was part of a college ROTC unit ( it was a bad decision looking back...given the times and all), so I had to deal with plenty of "You're not a real American/you're probably a terrorist infiltrator, etc"., smh. I could probably write a book about that and other instances, but I'd rather not, lol.
  10. Dating Advice

    I would hesitate in saying that not drinking/not smoking is somehow foreign to America/the West in general, as at present there is the Straight Edge movement (and we've had teetotaler movements in the past as well). Saying that drinking/getting drunk or smoking make one American is problematic, as it puts anyone who wishes to establish roots here or even date someone from here in a tough spot, if they assume such things to be true. One can find girls from here (or guys if that's what you're looking for) who don't engage in such things. Meetup has been mentioned and might help in regards to finding someone close to you in morals, beliefs, interests and actual physical proximity. Don't go around thinking that you have to bend in ways that cause you emotional or moral suffering, just because someone says 'everybody's doing it/it's the 'acceptable thing to do'. As far as emotions are concerned, I'd have to agree with previous posters and say that coming off to strong early on tends to push people away. Other than having the effect of creeping some people out, it tends to ruin the experience of getting to know someone and building things up over time (whether you're just making friends or dating). Generic advice I know, but it does make sense, at least to me.
  11. Salams MissVirgin, Welcome to the site. While others are reacting to your post here, I have to say, I can understand, somewhat, why you might have thought of this as a dating site or at least hoped for it to be one, given the difficulty it to be found when looking for a spouse of good character and all. I'm 27 and have been waiting till marriage all my life and I'm Muslim, so I can see somewhat where you're coming from. Hopefully you'll stick around the site and make yourself at home...perhaps you might meet someone on here. However, I'd caution against some of the standards/approaches to marriage you're taking (perhaps I'm misreading something there in what you wrote). They seem a tad bit out of touch with reality and will only make things harder to get married (trust me, us American Muslims have a marriage crisis over here in the States for just such reasons). I can elaborate later, if you wish. Also, you said you love sex so, so much...but at the same time claim that you're a virgin waiting till marriage...could you elaborate? Anywho, that's all I got for now. Wa Salam, Cyon Corell
  12. Basically the stigma has to do with the (sometimes true, sometimes not true) assumption that if you're that age and haven't gotten any, you're either really weird/socially inept or are a crazed nutbag (for religious, philosophical, biological, or downright naïve reasons). Either that or they assume you're homosexual (and as 'progressive' as most people want to claim to be, being considered homo, especially if you really aren't, isn't the most enjoyable experience in the World). Just my two cents. See ya on the flipside, Altan
  13. Saving what's left of me...

    Welcome. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. I wish you luck and success with holding to your vows. We more than need good role models for the younger generation, so it's definitely great to hear about someone committing themselves to actually living by said values. Anywho... See ya on the flipside, Cyon Corell
  14. Alcohol/Drinking

    Honestly, having thought things over, I can't automatically rule out dating a girl who drank. I suppose it would have to do with how much 'into it' she was. If she was basically an addict, than I can see that causing things to end. However, if she were merely doing that on and off and had no problem with putting it aside, for herself and her own reasons, not to please me, than I'd see things as workable.
  15. Hello all ^_^

    Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here. See ya on the flipside, Cyon Corell