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  1. Not that you're wrong, however to call her the "Scum of the earth" is a bit harsh. She clearly had a bad experience losing her virginity to some A-hole college frat boy or something like that. While it is wrong of her to take out her bitterness on other people like that it does not make her the scum of the earth. Merely a poor disillusioned woman who needs a good man to take care of her and show her back to the right path.
  2. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    Depends on your definition of "Big Girl". If you're talking about a girl who's got love handles, some larger than normal thighs, etc... Sure. Personality, chemistry, and how we feel each other is much more important. However I am a decently active guy, I like going for walks, swimming, doing some recreational sports. If the girl can't get up and take walks with me because she's too big, then there's a problem. As Aussie said there are many factors that can lead to it. However almost no one is naturally 300 pounds heavier than the average human female of their height. I know a fairly attractive girl who's slightly overweight, she works out at the gym, does sports and everything but she just can't lose those pounds. However she does try, and she is active. Her I would consider dating. Then there's another girl, she doesn't try. She lazes around, she drinks a lot, she stays around the house instead of going out with people unless it's partying. Her I would not date, as I do not find her laziness and unwillingness to even try to lose the weight attractive. I think that's the big thing, lots of guys can get past moderately obese women's size. However the size usually says something about the person, either that they have problems (Depression, anxiety, medical issues, etc...) and that's why they're so big, or they're lazy, or they are genuinely that big. Of the three the only ones that most guys would really want to date would be the last one. However no one wants to date someone who's just too lazy to lose the weight if they gained it from overeating and being a couch potato, and it takes a strong man to be able to cope with a woman who's suffering from massive stress, depression or various sicknesses. Sorry if my post comes off as harsh but that's my opinion.
  3. Hey All

    Well I've been perusing these forums for a while and today I finally decided to join up. I'm an average (I think) guy from Canada. As you may have ascertained from my name I am not sure about the whole WTM thing. I want to be with the one I love, and only her. However at the same time I love the person I'm with now, but how am I to know if this love will be the one? Yet at the same time I want to give myself both body and soul to the one I love now. So that's me, just an average guy with a few dilemmas. I'm also a writer, and I do several sports. S'up!