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  1. If I had the choice to pick my native language, I would probably choose English (I'm not a native English speaker). It's partially the 'lingua franca' thing, but I also like the English language. If I had to pick a different language than English, I'd pick Spanish. Why? Well, I do have some Spanish blood in me.
  2. I found another!!

    I read an article on Lolo Jones today on the website of a Belgian newspaper (not in English, sorry). This particular newspaper allows comments to articles on its website... it's rather disheartening. There a few supportive comments and comments that state respect for her choice... but a lot of snide, rude comments as well. Medieval, old-fashioned, prude, she will be dissapointed, the 'test drive' respons. All there. It's pretty bad. I'm not super conservative or old-fashioned, but I do see WTM as a worthy and valuable choice. It's not medieval...
  3. A Girl's Smile

    A girl's smile is a delight to me. It's something I love to see. It's not just a girl/woman's smile, though. At least for me. The beauty of women in general for me is a fine pleasure. I don't mean this in any negative kind of way.
  4. Guy's Dress?

    Well, the underwear showing and the low-riding pants is quite common with 12-16 year old boys here in Belgium too. Sadly, I even sometimes see it with guys who are already in college. That is kind of sad. As for shorts: I think they just look somewhat childish, especially on shorter men. It may also be that I find my legs not too really be a pretty side. I'm oké with shorts in casual/private circumstances, but do not in general find them oké for the public sphere, let alone the workplace (unless, perhaps, you're a lifeguard at a beach or something).
  5. I definitely prefer "giving your virginity" to "losing your virginity". Too me, that does sound more accurate.
  6. I completely agree with you, DD. Well said. Besides the thing you mention about fornication and casual sex in the media, tv shows, movies et cetera are also often rather degrading towards sexuality between married couples. I've noticed, although it's probably not as pronounced as the promotion of casual sex and so forth, that sexuality in marriage is degraded... married couples are represented as sexually unsatisfied, having a bad sex life (or none at all), wives are portrayed as asexual or frigid, marriage is said to be sexless, and very often sex is not even represented as part of marriage... they just don't show any married sex. Not even to mention how popular adultery in any way, shape or form is... Just take a look at the 'popular media'... married sexuality is very rarely mentioned or shown. Sad, because I personally think it ought to be. This, I sincerely hope, is a misrepresentation of marriage and sexuality between married couples. My opinion is that an active sex life within a strong marriage is the best way to go. And I also believe it is possible. Waiting, if ever mentioned, is usually degraded and disparaged. I think we all know the myths... prudes, asexual/hate sex, ultra-religious, hopeless romantics,.. Of those, my take is that only the last one is generally true. It certainly is for me. This misrepresentation of WTM'ers is kind of sad. As DD suggested, it prevents people from realizing it may actually be a valid option. I also think any honest, open-minded debate is silenced or prevented. It is sad and I have no idea how to change it, but it should. Also, I think abstinence till marriage is something that should certainly be mentioned and possibly encouraged in education, even in secular education. I'm not an advocate of abstinence-only sex education, but sex education should contain a strong package of ethics, and WTM can and should be part of that, I believe.
  7. I would probably find neither ok. That also partially depends on whether you mean 8 sexual partners at the same time or not (as I am not completely against premarital sex). Having 8 sexual partners at one given time I would not find ok... 8 sexual partners in total, but all at different times... doesn't sound that good either. Neither does 8 marriages, however. If you've been married 8 times, it seems to me you don't think all too seriously about marriage, and get divorced rather frivolously. As for the reason why? I really don't know.
  8. I listened to the whole thing. I found them to be at times somewhat irritating, but at other times somewhat funny as well. They have a style of presenting that is not my favourite, I'm afraid. Well, this couple may be Mormon, and I'm not religious, but I find that the arguments they made for waiting were largely independent or only related to religion, and not religious in nature. And they made a lot of sense IMHO (like the whole pyramid thing). It wasn't a waste of time to listen to this.
  9. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the site, Jacob. I find it pleasant to read that you are open minded and an enquirer, and that you like to learn. I find that very good. I think your English is not so bad... I'm a non-native speaker myself as well, and it's often not easy. PS: take it easy on the beer!
  10. Interracial Dating

    I'm not against interracial dating or relationships. I'm however also not entirely in favor. I'd say, yes, tolerance and acceptance, but I wouldn't be okay with advocating or promoting it. This I think has more to do with cultural issues than with racial issues. People from a different ethnic background usually have a different cultural background as well. That probably makes it more or less difficult to maintain such a relationship. Also, I think some people get into dating or having a relationship with someone from a different background, sometimes (often?) do this for the wrong reasons and with stereotypes in mind. I'm not against interracial relationships and don't frown upon them, but I am not entirely positive. I, however, do think the cultural aspect may be more important than the ethnic/racial. I wouldn't be against dating someone from a different ethnic background. But I wouldn't want to date anyone with a widely different background when it comes to culture and values. That would exclude, for example, women from an islamic cultural background for me. Probably African and perhaps Asian women as well.
  11. I'm not super-conservative and I'm not a big traditionalist, but I still think asking your girlfriend's father is a great tradition. Yes, the reasons why it came to be in the past may not have been very good, but I think we could keep the tradition without adhering to these bad aspects, or that we could rethink the tradition. I find it a good and respectfull idea. Yes, I would do it. I would certainly talk to and ask her father. I, however, do think I would also speak to her mother. I don't see it as in any way paternalistic or against equality or whatever. Here's a good article on the matter. Comments are also interesting. http://artofmanlines...age-1/#comments
  12. How do you like women to dress?

    @ Noelle: that's not too bad... I kind of like that look as well. Some of these things may be able to brought into everyday dress, for some of the others there is certainly a time and place. I agree with you as well. I forgot about that... I don't like super-high heels. Modest heels may be ok, but only on 'shorter' women (well, I'm a pretty short guy at 5'7", so...). I too prefer simple and moderate... however, I might have a slightly different outlook on that than some. I don't like make-up much. I prefer natural. But, certainly, every once in a while fancy is completely oke. It also depends a lot on the context what is 'ok'. I too, while appreciating a lot of styles, generally like the 'stylish girl next door' most. The other things I mentioned are not necessarily conflicting with this. Well, you are probably right about perception... it has an influence (and quite a big one in our society, for good and for bad). I too prefer modest (however, as I said, I don't have extreme standards in that area), fairly simple (like shirt, skirt and boots), but also classy, stylish and maybe even with a sexy 'edge'. It's possible! That last dress in Noelle's post... I agree, very classy, quite pretty. I think it would look good with pants or jeans, or possibly tights. On its own it might be a little short, no? A few more things: I'm sort of oké with 'sexy'... I think sexy can be done and things can still be stylish and classy, and with a sense of modesty. I don't like low-cut tops and over-abundant cleavage, and I understand why some object to any cleavage or lower necklines. I, however, don't really mind a hint or a little bit of it. It is, however, not appropriate in all settings. Preferably, cleavage is kept down, I think. I really don't like animal prints (like leopard spots). It may be oké for around the home, but in public, it just looks tarty IMO. PS: Naturally posted an outfit I found pretty good in another topic. The skirt may, again, be somewhat short, but still, it looks great IMO. http://forums.waitingtillmarriage.org/topic/786-if-your-husband-disagress-wyour-dress/
  13. I have another question for the guys. We have a topic regarding the dress of guys already... so I'm going to ask the guys about girls' dress now. I'm mostly talking about dress in 'public' settings here. Private is wholy different matter. Guys, how do you like women/girls to dress? What kind of look(s) do you like? And what kinds do you dislike? I guess there will be differences for every guy out there. So, I'll open the floor by giving some kind of answer myself. I really don't have a set preference when it comes to either the look or dress of women. There's quite a few 'styles' (or whatever you may want to call it) that I like. In general, I like simple, feminine, classy, somewhat modest (I don't have extreme standards in that area). Pretty, yes, sure, sexy, perhaps, but I don't think that necessarily means what it is often said to mean. Here's a few things I like: - Knee-length dress or skirt and knee-high boots is a look that I like. These boots are a bit of a problem... they may look classy, but sometimes they look tarty. - 'Girl-next-door' kind of look. Simple clothes, nothing to delicate, flashy or extravagant, fit for the circumstances. Jeans, pants or skirt with sweater, tank top, t-shirt or button-up shirt. - Business-soot like things: pants or skirt with shirt and vest. - 'Librarian' look: pants with a shirt and glasses. - 'Vintage' style clothes can sometimes be rather lovely as well. - Women in a dress in general... it's a lovely thing, I find. - However weird it may be... I do find the 'gothic' style somewhat attractive. What do I dislike? That's even less clear cut. But, I would say, tarty and slutty styles (however hard it may be to define what those may be), extremely short or tight clothes, deep cleavage (I think a little bit may still be ok, though). I'm not super keen on (very high) heels. Skinny jeans... not always. I don't like overly chic or showy. On the other end of the spectrum... I don't like frumpy or dowdy garments either. I don't like what I call "potato sacks". And there are things like headscarves, niqabs and burkas, which I find more repulsive than overly revealing clothing.
  14. Hey All

    Welcome to the site, Uncertain. Hopefully we will be able to be of some use to you.
  15. I'm afraid I can't help you much. My family doesn't know, and if they did (and they might some day) I'm sure some people wouldn't care much, they'd pretty much see it as my own business. Some would probably have some derisory comments ready. My family is moderately conservative and for the most part non-religious.