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  1. How is this Site STILL standing?

    ^ Ditto Dave, Ditto
  2. Is your pupil not completely circular?

  3. Hope you and yours got through the earthquake safely :(

    1. Waitingforyou


      Im from the north island, so other than a tsunami warning, and the alerts to stay out of the water, I'm Good, and so are my friends who were down south, closer to the quake. They just didn't get much sleep. Thanks :)

  4. Hope is all we have.. 

  5. Butt Glitter

    Bumping this up (haha see what i did there) Hopeful, this was seriously good times, we need to have another strange DMC (deep meaningful conversation) so we can discuss other things besides.....erm butts..
  6. hahaha was not expecting that, bravo.
  7. Hopeful, Optimistic & Waiting for Ms. Right

    Welcome to the site, www.moralrevolution.com is a great website, Ive heard Kris Vallotton speak at a couple conferences, he is amazing!
  8. Early 20's here, i grew up around a ton of christian women, and most of my friends early 20's would happily marry and be with a christian guy in his late 20's. I know a couple that prefer the guy to be anywhere from 3-7 years older. Im not saying they are set on that, they just quite like older guys. I imagine you are at a very good age range, in that you have an option to date younger. And everyone wants to be with someone who they are attracted to. Nothing wrong with that
  9. Hello All!

  10. Butt Glitter

    Its not Matt, promise.. its just for fun..
  11. Butt Glitter

    Thank you for your participation in the quiz.. the bravest of them
  12. Butt Glitter

    This mmm hmm (Waitingforyou nods head in agreement) <3
  13. Travel: New Zealand

    from what i can tell, as long as you aren't on private property, people are rather chill about it here
  14. Travel: New Zealand

    Recommend Bay of Islands and Queenstown, seriously beautiful parts of NZ.