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  1. I think hormones is actually exactly it. Back when WTM was the norm couples were married between 18 and 21. If you're not married by 25 you're a spinster destined to die alone. 18-21 is typically the age where you mature and are ready to have sex, so trying to deny that urge to wait to be married when you're closer to 25-30 is extremely difficult. And in the 50's it may have been majorly frowned upon to have premarital sex but it still happened all the time! People were just very secretive about it because it wasn't what was expected. Anyway, that's just what I've noticed.
  2. One thing my boyfriend and I were talking about recently is that the idea of waiting for marriage was really important in a time where you were married by 18. Being 25 and not married practically made you a spinster; so, when this was the most prevalent people didn't have to wait all that long. Today, when being married at 18 is out of the social norm, couples are having to wait far longer, all the while their sexual desires are developing and heightening. In some ways waiting for marriage becomes some what impractical when you've been with somebody for several years and you're well into your 20's. Not that there's anything wrong with that, those that are older and are virgins have my total respect. The other question is how many of the people that are WTM have already had intercourse in the past but have made a life change? There are a lot of people that take that approach. Remaining a virgin until your wedding day is probably extremely rare, I'd guess. I'm 20 and a virgin, I never took a pledge, but I always wanted to wait as long as possible, but as I get older I'm finding it harder and harder to wait. I'd guess by about 21 if they're not married, they're going to just do it. But that's just my rambling opinion.
  3. See, we've talked about it, believe me, but we're both college students, he's studying physics and math, I'm studying biochemistry and math, and he works at Target I'm a tutor/instructor for a high school program. With our school schedules and everything we couldn't realistically afford to live on our own. Plus, health care. I've had some major health problems in the past that could potentially resurface, so we need a good healthcare plan in case that happens again, which, part time Target checkers and tutors don't have. We'd really like to get married once he has a career established, which should be after he gets his bachelors. (I'm pursuing graduate school which will be another 4 years after we get our bachelors, so it's his career that's going to determine when we get married). So, yes.
  4. Hi All, I just joined the site because I've recently found it nearly impossible to wait for marriage any longer. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and have yet to have sex (we're both virgins also). We decided together when we first started going out (his initial idea, actually) that we should wait until we were married. It's always been a struggle for him, but one he's willing to make, but for me it hasn't been too difficult; until the last 6 months or so. Just before I turned 20 I started to find it harder and harder to wait, and the other night while having a make-out session I felt like I just couldn't wait any longer. I feel ready, emotionally and physically, but spiritually I know I really should wait. I don't have a purity ring and never took a pledge, for this very reason, but I really want to wait as long as I can (preferably until we're married). The thing is we won't be married for another year and a half at the very earliest (he hasn't yet proposed, but we've discussed it). Any advice on how to curb the desire? I'm so conflicted and just need to support on suggestions on how to wait as long as possible. Thanks so much!
  5. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello everybody! I'm NicolaLea93, I live in California. I'm a third year at the university studying Biochemistry and mathematics. I'm a dancer, ballet predominately. I decided to join this forum site because I decided to wait for marriage a while ago, but now my boyfriend of 4 years and I are having a very hard time waiting, so I figured I seek support. Excited to be here and get to know some people with the same goal!