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  1. I do think it makes things awkward but only if its a full blown crush rather than a passing "oh he/she is attractive". I was friends with a guy who admitted to mutual friends that he loved me. I didn't feel the same although I valued him as a person... I didnt lead him on or give him the Impression that We would ever be more than friends but Eventually when I started dating someone else he ended up hating me and didn't speak to me after that.
  2. Dressing up and makeeeeuppp!!!

    I love dressing up....I dont even own a pair of sweatpants! I like figure-flattering clothes (but not revealing or skin tight). Classy, femine clothes is what I'm into. And I love make up. I dont wear a pile of it, just neutral tones to emphasise my features.
  3. I feel the same...would love 2 or 3 years with my hubby so that we can travel, stay in bed on a lazy sunday, do stuff that my friends are currently doing with their live-in boyfriends...I want that alone time and will cherish it!
  4. "You're like an alien-robot....I can't deal with it" ....(in reference to the lack of action between the sheets after only a few weeks!!) -Jane, 24
  5. There's a whole book on dating rules for girls!
  6. Is it normal to worry about pleasing your future spouse?

    Guys, its so sweet you worry about this. But if you marry a woman who really loves you, this shouldnt be a problem. Sex is just as much about feeling close and secure with a person as it is about pleasure. We all know that a woman may take a while to figure out what works for her in the bedroom. that's okay. It doesnt mean that until she/you both figure that out that she wont enjoy sex. I'd say it will be pretty amazing, even that first time. just being close to you and pleasing you will be enough for her.... the rest will happen in time.
  7. No. 1 goal Well, only in context of a loving and happy relationship.....dont wanna get married just for the sake of it
  8. At first I was waiting solely for religious reasons and because that was how my parents raised me. However, I think I had an epiphany when I was around 20 years old as I began to see the negative consequences that casual sex was having on my friends. I saw how they lost self esteem, dated guys who were only using them for one thing and who treated them very badly. It reaffirmed my choice in WTM, or rather, I think that this was the moment where I truly "owned" the decision to WTM and it became more than what I felt was expected of me by family etc. I realised that I wanted to find a man who respected and cherished me, and WTM was the ultimate means of weeding the men from the boys. I also wanted to show my love and respect for that special man by reserving the most intimate part of me for him on our wedding night. -Jane, 24
  9. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    But possibly more hygenic!!
  10. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    Well I live at home so I would have no problem with a guy who lives at home. In fact I think it makes a lot of sense. 1. It takes a lot of pressure off with regard to the whole no sex before marriage thing as we would have nowhere private to go for alone time. 2. If we are saving for marriage it is much easier to save when you are living at home. You would generally have less expenses such as rent/cable/property tax/utilities when you live at home. Now I'm not saying that you should take your parents for a free ride. Obviously you should make a financial contribution (if you are in a position to do so) to the running of the household. But it would still make more financial sense than moving out (unless you're career dictates that you need to leave). 3. I love my family and I would take it as a good sign if a man was also close to his family. Obviously these are general points. My own bf lives away from home (his folks are from the country and he works in the city) and that doesnt mean that he isn't close to his family or anything. Nor does it mean that im always over in his house in the city for alone time....I avoid the place like the plague!
  11. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    Heehee saw this pic a while back and thought it was funny! I think its mainly to have a chat while freshing up the makeup
  12. Yes! This is so true! It made me avoid "pretty boys" like the plague when I was single because (generally) I found them to be very arrogant and less likely to treat me with respect as they were used to girls throwing themselves at them. Girls can be quite disposable and 10 a penny to such men. To me the most attractive thing in a man is a friendly face. Someone who excudes warmth and's hard to describe it but you know it when you see it!
  13. Baby names?

    Pronounciation of these names for Mark's benefit!! Although the girl whos waiting would probably have broader sounding pronounciations of these names as she would have a different dialect to me. Girls names Peig (peg) Siobhán (shiv-awn) Saoirse (seer-sha) Aoife (like eva but with an "f" sound instead of "v") Rosin (row-sheen) this means little rose Eileen ( in "I lean on a counter top") Bláithín (Blaw-heen) this means little flower....a cute name Caoimhe (qu-e-va) Boys Oisin (ush-een) Ronan (this one does exaclty what it says on the tin - long "o" short "a" ) Rory Eoghan (this is pronounced like owen or eoin) Sean (this is pronounced like Shaun) Conor Paidraig (Pawd-rig) Seamus (Shame-us) Lorcan (does what it says on the tin) Caoimhin (qu-e-veen) Personally I love strong names for Boys: Adam Mark Paul Girls names: I have trouble deciding on girls names I like