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    To my future wife:

    Miss Lady, How you doin'?

    Hope my wifey is doing well. Ya'know I thought about you alot today. Consider yourself special ;). We are gonna have so much fun.
    Temptation is getting harder by the day, but I wait out of love and respect for you.
    Can't wait to meet you, it's gonna be incredible!
    Still patient, my heart is yours.
    I'm yours– in mind, body, and soul.

    Much love,
    -Your man

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  1. I decided to wait because I knew it was the right thing to do (for me). I knew that adhering to social tradition for the sole point of adhering to social tradition was pointless and that I needed to think for myself. I decided that I wanted my wife to be pure, and to enjoy something special with me, for the first time. I knew that waiting until marriage would be tough, but it would give me the opportunity to enjoy something completely unique and special with a woman that I never had with anybody else.
  2. Brace yourselves for a bit of a cathartic moment: Yes, I believe I do judge non-waiters, but probably not how you think. I tend to feel "superior" to them, simply because of how difficult the road has been so far and how lonely it continues to be. If I don't lead myself to believe that I am "superior" and only "different" then I will lack the intrinsic motivation to continue waiting. If I tell myself that my wife won't mind if I've had sex, or God won't care, then why would I keep repressing my sexual desires? I wouldn't, to be quite honest. This is a bit of a coping mechanism for my own insecurities and internal struggles. I feel that if I do not tell myself that I will be eventually rewarded with something 'better' than what everyone else is getting through pre-marital sex, I will falter in my decision and break. If I don't tell myself that "good things come to those who wait", why would I deprive myself of such a basic human desire for so long? If I do not tell myself that what I am doing is morally "better" than the rest of the population, I would have given out 4 years ago! Why would I fight my natural male instinct for so long and decline so many opportunities to sexually gratify myself if I would be equally well-off in the long run? So yes, sadly... I do subconsciously judge non-waiters mostly due to my own insecurities and weaknesses. It's pathetic, I'll be the first to admit that. But I keep it real and genuine. So there you are. P.S. if you are religious, please pray for me. I feel so alone sometimes, it sucks. Cheers always, though. -JC
  3. Okay, now ladieessssssss! (Yeah?)

    Tyga is the business.. Even though he probably doesn't belong on this forum... hahaha I have the freshest kicks in the business, good to know someone would appreciate my sneaker swag
  4. Type of Husband

    Think... The Notebook, The Vow and a dash of 16 candles. Guys, I don't expect you to get those references. Cheers.
  5. 18 y/o and waiting....

    Cheers, Bro. Welcome. I'm also a member on bb, I lurk the misc with relationship advice and whatnot, sometimes the teen section. Haha I tried nofap 2012 and failed, figures. Welcome to the site remember to pepper your angus
  6. Dodge dude and Sally. Best of luck, cheers.
  7. If this is true...

    It's incredibly true. Normal men do have very high sex drives. Yes, we think of it alot. Yes, we crave, desire, lust, imagine, etc. Yes, it is one of the strongest desires we possess. It makes me cranky and irritable, and it does feel like every 6 months is 2 lifetimes (let alone 2 years). But that does not mean that you should listen to anything this article says. Go with your own moral standards and internal conscience.
  8. Okay, now ladieessssssss! (Yeah?)

    Very nice responses from everyone. Haha interesting to hear. Now that I think about it, I suppose it could be from Outkast (Hey Ya). I was actually quoting "Hey Ladies" By Travis Porter ft. Tyga http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4favri5NKY
  9. Okay, now ladieessssssss! (Yeah?)

    Absolutely brilliant and extensive response. Glad you see the "immature" and "childish" humor I try to portray haha sikeeeeee. As for guys acting like kids and telling dirty jokes... Let me warn you: We ALL do it. All of us. I guess most of us just keep the jokes to ourselves and our guy-friends. Sexual jokes are a form of flirting too. Albeit, a bit direct, and in your case, not the most appreciated. Just the "head's up" for ya!
  10. Okay, now ladieessssssss! (Yeah?)

    What's up females? Lemme start out with a compliment. You girls are all waiters, which means I have a certain level of respect for your intelligence and life-decisions thus far! I feel that waiters can often be alot less superficial when it comes to people, which is why I'd like to ask y'all somethin personally. You're a different demographic than most girls, so maybe your opinions will be different? Quick question from ya boy hereee: Being Brutally Honest, What is the absolute first thing you notice when you meet a guy? Maybe you don't know off the top of your head, but I definitely know what I notice in the opposite sex. 1.) First thing you notice physically 2.) First thing you notice about him in general (personality, etc) Muchas gracias chicas
  11. Guy's Dress?

    I think that most girls are just focusing on how well kept a man's appearance is. You don't have to wear anything too fancy but make sure it's new, clean, fresh and well-fitting. How I dress personally? Haha well I have an interest in haute coture so I may not be the 'average' per se. Loafers with khaki pants, hermes belt, dress shirt often with a sweater over it in the winter months.. In spring, substitute pants for camp shorts, rolled up sleeves on the shirt and my signature raybans haha. When casual, like for a party, usually a pretty form-fitting V-neck, slim fit jeans, clean sneakers and a nice belt/watch. I recommend getting one or two really 'nice' accent pieces to your wardrobe to enhance the total package. A nice hermes, louis V, gucci belt (etc.) can really make your whole outfit look alot better (more well put together) and a nice watch is always a plus. Of course, it doesn't have to be designer (Some items are wayyyyy overpriced but the quality of most items will be matched/surpassed by none. One belt/ wallet can easily last 10-15 years, a lifetime if well-maintained) They say girls initially judge a man based on his shoes, so some nice Ferragamo (lol, so expensive but sooooo well made and sexayy) slip ons or anything will really do the trick. As long as you look clean and fresh, a girl will love it! I recomend building your wardrobe with timeless pieces little by little. If you go for quality over quantity, eventually you will have several very nice combinations of outfits to wear out. Girls are easily impressed by a man with style, I can tell you from experience! But overall, make sure anything you buy is wellfitting and flatters your physique. I'm 6'2" and athletically built so I typically try to play to my broad shoulders and narrow waist by tucking in shirts, wearing polos and generally more form-fitting/slim pieces (NEVER wear 'tight' clothes, its gaudy)
  12. Where did you guys get the idea that your sex drive plummets after your early 20's? Just because it peaks from 18-22 doesn't mean it disappears at 23. hahaha It's just not as high. Hormone levels change, that's irrefutable. After 25 a man's hpta and hormone levels are completely established and finished developing (and nearing the start of a decline) By 30, testosterone levels drop by 1% per year. By 40 I think the rate of decline increases. It's science, it sucks, but it's fact.
  13. "Losing" your virginity

    The hymen does not connote virginity. Men don't have a hymen, but we still have virginity! Additionally it could be broken by myriad non-sexual daily activities! Horesback riding, sports... etc. I've actually read that most women have their hymen broken through means other than their "first time". (tampons, aforementioned activities) I know it's semantical...Just sayin...
  14. http://www.askmen.com/daily/austin_150/155_fashion_style.html
  15. Hey Ian, your wisdom is showing Great post, I appreciate it. I think the biggest thing I should focus on right now is controlling my huberis and becoming a better individual internally. Your post was very insightful, if I pursue an active life following my interests and passions, it is only logical to assume that it will bring me closer to like-minded people! I suppose you guys are right, I should pretty much do what I do, and hopefully, luckilly, serrendipitously, I will find someone eventually! I guess I'm just a tad bit eager and anxious.. scientifically, a man hits his sexual and physical peak from age 18-22! Damn this cruel world! But I appreciate the responses and excellent advice thus far. Cheers!