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  1. What are you passionate about?

    I am passionate about my family first and foremost, values, my body, my good friend, and lastly medicine!
  2. I think i would want to be like Captain America i absoulutely loved that movie and loved his abilities.
  3. Hey Jacques, first of I like your introduction, second of all I appreciate the fact that your really atheletic is quite awesome. We are really similar I love to lift weights, I play soccer instead of football though from high school to the end of university and I do MMA training but i dont actually fight competitively only because I would have to devote all my time. I do look forward to getting to know you.
  4. Bikini, thong, or ...?

    Whatever makes her happy makes me happy
  5. Bikini, thong, or ...?

    I would say whatever makes her happy makes me happy.
  6. At least one year I think, but it so hard to put a time on it because theres so many variables that have to be accounted for ( like what she feels, what our families feel, How old am I, How old she is? ).
  7. Favourite Tv Show?

    Spartacus, House, I LOVED ER i watched every season religiously, Hawaii Five-0, The Walking Dead, Games of Thrones.
  8. hello

    Hi Petita
  9. Very Good Point....I think as long you can respect each others differences it will work out but my concern is there will eventually be a point where shes just like" ahhh i wish he was more artistic" i definitly think its bound to happend sometime like your spouse might not openly tell you to avoid hurting your feelings but inside i bet it happends.
  10. Do you guys feel your significant other needs to have a the same personality in order to have successful relationship or would you be okay to the personality differences? Like for example I am atheletic, straightforward, and not very spirtual and my significant other is artistic, spiritual, and not straighforward but our values are the same. For me personally I dont know if it would work because i would spend half of relationship trying to figure out what i did wrong if i dont get a straighforward answer. This maybe similar to the thread "similar interests".
  11. For me, I do plany to have bachelor party but the good part with me is that (a) I dont drink or smoke ( b ) I dont club at all ( C) it will have to be just hanging out and eating good food i guess.
  12. Hi Guys!

    The riots were crazy apparently I saw videos all over Youtube and I really wanted them to win last year but this year I am not a big fan of them hahah. They lost yesterday and it was there first game of the playoffs hope nothing too dramatic happends but it must be fantastic living in Vancouver.
  13. Hi Guys!

    Hi Sophie, are you a Canucks fan?
  14. Favourite Tv Show?

    Friends and Seinfield is always great although it never intrigued me like its a show i would watch if nothing else was on TV and i hardly watch TV lol. Smallville I enjoyed a lot i loved the music they select for the scenes its very appropriate:)....
  15. Favourite Tv Show?

    Hey Arnold was an awesome show I liked it a lot! i watched everyday when i was younger.