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  1. I just joined recently, so I can't offer a really interesting response but I'm really interested in the replies!! I can say that this site has made me feel like I wasn't the only one and it makes me feel like waiting is okay! Feeling like I was alone was the worst, while I still need to actually meet more waiters, I cannot express how nice to know there is a waiting community.
  2. Hey Everyone :)

    Thanks for the warm welcome and support I'm really glad i joined!!
  3. Hey Everyone :)

    I decided to join after creeping around on and off over the past few months. I decided to join now because I realized I really need the support of people who actually understand my decision. I'm 19, college student, I am catholic but that has little to do with my decision to wait. I really hope to meet people who get it. None of my friends are waiters and I often become the joke for being a virgin (so a lot of my peers don't know about it). Recently, a guy I was dating (and liked) told me he couldn't be in a relationship without sex- i was crushed (not so much for losing the guy, but because I never had a guy i really liked be accepting of my choice- it was just super disappointing). The guy before him told me I was going to end up alone if I didn't have sex :-/ I'm usually very positive, but all this has put me in a kind of funk. Any suggestions to move on? Anyone know where I can personally meet other waiters? I'm sorry this is such a negative introduction XD thank you for reading.