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  1. Why do girls act so shy?

    1) We are shy 2) if i am interested in the guy which makes me nervous 3)i am not familiar with the person but once we skip that stage i just cant shut my mouth ...
  2. Compliments....

    most of the above comploments i wouldnt mind at all esp the shoes one can be a good conversation starter but when it comes to compliments there has to be a balance .A good pal can tell me"hey your ass looks nice in that jeans and ilaugh abt it but a stranger tells me that probably assume i didnt hear.I feel sometimes people should recognize me as an individual and not me through my physical 'assets'.I mean theres more to me than what you see.
  3. the pics dont concern me that much....as long as its not my photo what the hell #none of my biz what you do when free#
  4. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    i thought theres a difference between big and fat.....big women tend to be endowed more and now fat where they r overweight..
  5. Looking for Support

    welcome to the site ..we encourage each other here and also have a nice time interacting with different people.....:-)
  6. if its not mutual il be honest about it but i wouldnt stop talking to him bt mst guys get so persistent thatu have to stop communicating.....bt i wouldnt actualy think of dating my guy friends all at the moment are in the friendzone
  7. i will definitely hyphenate my hubbys name since i cant drop my dads name which will be stressfull as all my papers have our family name my middle name cant drop it since am guessing i wont be from the same community ad my hubby and in our tradition my middle name identifies me with my tribe so the only option is to add bt am nt droping any of my names....it will feel like am loosing my identity and roots
  8. Surrogate Parenting

    I would never agree to get a child through surrogacy but i dont have a problem with those who would consider it an option..... its none of my business and ofcourse they have their reasons for what they are doing
  9. Happy Christmas

    merry xmas to everyone hope u have a nice time and have a blast
  10. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    congrats!! wishing you guys the best and God's blessings
  11. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    congrats!! wishing you guys the best and Gods blessings
  12. however much the story is confusing maybe its time you just let things be .I understand making excuses since u are interested but there has to be a point where you just say enough just let him be .You will eventualy run out of excuses for him and that will be wasted time and besides that guy sounds confusing .Its either he doesnt understand himself or he is just playing mind games with you.
  13. Thats just terrible.I mean u got patience keeping up with all that but the worst is when she said you need therapy ua one lucky guy u did not waste your time with her and realised early enough u had different goals in your relationship I wouldnt have a big issue with someone past as long as u dont keep on rubbing it in my face and telling me how everything went .As long as am not being pressured to bed with someone am gud .But also the guy shouldnt have slept around with nearly all the female population
  14. i dont think i would share it i mean this is the one place no one knows me and i dont know people thats a plus i dont have to keep up with people im just me ,no judgment and critism from people from how i am perceived so i would be caught dead sharing it besides if they really needed such a site they would have found it on their own just like how i discovered it (i know i sound selfish but hey u have to be allitle selfish at times)
  15. One Flesh

    i get your point i actualy hadnt thought of it from that point of view