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  1. Not so much a 'hello' as a...

    I'm leaving the site, and I'm also, well, not completely absolishing the idea of waiting till marriage, I'm just being a little bit looser with it so that I'm not spending my whole life living up to this huge standard which I don't think is healthy for me with my particular personality
  2. Not so much a 'hello' as a...

    Thank you! <3
  3. Goodbye. I am leaving WTM.org because I feel as though I have made this commitment at too young of an age when I was too inexperienced. The decision to WTM isn't making me happy, and I've done a lot of thinking, and, although I will still save sex only for loving, committed relationships, I don't want to live until my wedding night with the pressure of waiting until my wedding night. I mean, who knows, I could still end up remaining a virgin until marriage. I just can't plan these things. This website has been so very helpful to me over the last few months, and I've learnt a lot about myself, so I thank you all. You're all wonderful strong people and I admire your strength to WTM and your kindness of helping other like minded people. Much love, White Rose
  4. What is your #1 hobby?

    SINGING!! ♥
  5. Me and my boyfriend met at a party! We were both friends with the girl who had the party but he doesn't live in my town so I'd never met him before... I'm so so so glad I met him!! He's not a waiter though,so, I don't have any waiter-specific advice :')
  6. One Desired Talent

    Mine would be drawing or playing piano!
  7. White wedding dresses on non-virgins

    I thought of this too! I absolutely love this show, especially little Karen! :') xxx
  8. Peer pressure

    My aunty gave birth to a beautiful baby boy when she was perhaps 41 or 42. Statistics may be daunting, but it isn't impossible. You can do it if you have the faith, darling <3
  9. Peer pressure

    Does anyone else think that there is a lot of peer pressure put on young people to have sexual relationships? I was just thinking about this today. I'm only 16, but I definitely feel like there is a lot of pressure put on young people to include sex in their relationships. It probably doesn't help that we're surrounded by media that promotes sex, from a very young age. I was thinking to myself... well, I'm in a relationship, but I'm not having sex in it. We'll make out, but we won't have sex. At age 16, I would much prefer to have a cheesy, teenagey relationship, based on cute love letters and infinite friendship, being cheesily romantic, going out on cute dates, or just curled up on the sofa watching the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. box set... without having to be dealing with having sex at a young age. Most people I know who have lost their virginity, lost it at around 15. FIFTEEN. From now on, sex will be a massive influence in their future relationships (and thus lives). I think that's sorta sad. There's other ways you can be having relationships while you're in high school. Even if I wasn't going to wait all the way to marriage, I can wait until I'm in my twenties at least to even start thinking about sexual relationships. I take that as a good thing. Basically the point of my ramblings is that I think there is so much pressure on young people to have sex, not only by their peers, but by the media and etc.
  10. there's a topic about that somewhere I think
  11. Infidelity

    "But sex is no more a moral issue than eating a good meal." What?! What?! Just, I just, I can't. Just, ugh. That sentence. That article. Wow, I just, what?!
  12. Wow, guys, I think maybe you gotta think practically here. You wouldn't be able to forgive someone if they had had even one sexual partner in the past? Do none of you guys think you'd be able to look past that?
  13. Wow, thank you everyone! You've given me such wonderful advice! I appreciate all of your thoughts and replies. ) Just a couple of things I want to say... First of all, no, I'm not religious. I do sometimes pray, but it's usually more like inner prayer/self reflection rather than a prayer to God. Second of all, although, I agree, it is usually me putting the brakes on things, my boyfriend does play his part too. He will always ask me before we do something if I am comfortable with doing it. And if I'm not comfortable with something, he won't push it. He actually said to me the other day, "I don't care whether you want to do that or not. I still love you." Idk, I thought that was a little cute :3 He's never pressured me into doing anything I don't want to do. Like, if I say no to something, he won't say "Please" or kick up a fuss. Time will tell whether things get harder or easier for us. Probably harder. Who knows. Thanks for being there for me guys!! ) EDIT: I don't know if this makes any difference to anything, but our relationship is... well, in the grand scheme of things, it's not a very long distance at all (it'd seem like nothing to you people in the US I'm sure!) but when you factor in that we're both at different colleges, both only 16, live 12 miles apart from each other, and both have to rely on parents giving lifts or public transport, then it is kind of like a long distance relationship. So, I see him maybe only once a week at the most, or once every ten days. Doesn't really change anything but just though you should know.
  14. Okay guys, I'm going to have to open up here and get a little personal, because I know that you guys are the best people I know for advice on waiting till marriage. In case you guys don't know me too well, I'm 16 years old, and for the last 2 and a half months I've been in a relationship with the most amazing guy I've ever met. He's also 16 (well, he's nearly 17 actually). He's known since before we were in a relationship about my decision to wait till marriage. Prior to knowing him, I'd never even kissed a boy before, never mind anything further than that. However, fast forward 2 and a half months and... well, things have gone rather fast. I've always said that I'd go no further than second base until marriage (as in, I'd do second base but not third) but... well, I've already reached second base, and I know that my boyfriend is eager for things to move further. (He respects my decision to wait till marriage, but he isn't a virgin, has a higher sex drive than me, and I know he finds it very difficult when I am always telling him 'no'.) It's not that I wouldn't like to move further, it's just that I know that if things progress much further, both of us will reach a point where we can't say no, and it will lead to sex. The thing I'm finding hard to get my head around is... how absolutely beyond difficult it is to say no to your body's urges. Like, seriously. In the past 3 months I've learned that the hardest part about WTM is not what society thinks about your decision, it's not about being pressured by a partner (at least not in my case...), it's about having to abstain on your own personal urges. SO I'm just asking... HOW do the other people on this website manage it?! I mean, I'm sure that me and my boyfriend would be better if we spent less time, y'know, alone in the house, mostly making out or cuddling, but... we both just find it hard to say no because we both, y'know, we're attracted to each other. I've never physically been more attracted to anyone but him. I'm even starting to regret my decision of waiting till marriage... except there is still a lovely sensible voice in my head saying, "No, Bethany, don't do it. Wait till marriage or at least till you've found your marriage partner." I'm so confused.
  15. I can see myself having children... but I wouldn't want to have them too young. Although I plan on marrying young, I would like to live out my life as a married woman without children before I do decide to have children. The thought of childbirth actually terrifies me somewhat. But that's a different story.