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  1. Faith History

    I can relate to your feelings. I am a christian and I personally believe that Catholicism is a religion on their own. They should be in their own sect of religion. Simply because they do so much things that are way different than what is taught in the bible. Also, if you look at the history of Catholism, it is a mixture between pagan belief and christianity.
  2. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    I am a christian of non denomination. For me, to have denomination is like dividing up the body of Christ. I was raised in baptist, methodist, and any church looking for a piano player. My mom is a piano player, she's been so since she was 11 years old. I also had to sing in chrous since I was 5 until I graduated from high school. I went off to college, went to different type of church and found out that non denomination church is the best thing for me. My family eventually got on the bandwagon despite the fact that my mother cannot play for a church anymore, since, the slots are all full for our church.
  3. funny. at first I thought to wear a purity ring but i can see right now everyone is going to be asking me if i'm engaged.
  4. Ugly Guys

    Personality + money = yes, must have both not one or the other.
  5. Hi

    Hi my name is Vanessa and I'm 21 years old womand and I never had a boyfriend. I always wanted one but I was always approched by a guy far from my type. The only guys that approached me that was cute and near my type only wanted to have another number in his phone ( never called). In fact, that fool gave my number to a friend of his. As far as purity goes, it wasn't that I wanted to wait for moral reasons, I just never experienced dating before. I start to feel weird, like "what's wrong with me." Or why is "only old men approaching me". I finally decided to wait because, I'm already at this point and never even kissed a guy before or even held a guy's hand. Although, I still want to have the experience of being in a relationship like; holding hands, flirting, and so forth, I decided to wait because why give it up now that I've come so far. I mean I made it out of high school and part of college. This site is very encouraging and it's build me to become a more confident individual and not a bitter old virgin. However, I will like to get married before my biological clock starts to tick out of time. I don't want to be like Susan Boyle still waiting for prince charming way past my biological clock. I use to suffer with low self esteem and wake up everyday hating the reflection that looks back at me. However, all of that will change little by little now that I am surrounding my self with people like me. A little personal but who has never had a boyfriend past 21. Even my little sister age 14 had a boyfriend before. The best part about this site is that it's freaking anonymous.