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  1. How do you feel about being called "hot?"

    I thought you might be interested in the opinion of a girl who isn't WTM and has never had any intention of doing so. I still think beautiful is the absolute pinnacle. When my boyfriend calls me beautiful, thats what lets me know he actually loves me and who I am and isn't just physically attracted to me. Hot is okay, its playful, we call each other it and its fine. If anyone else calls me hot, its okay, I'll laugh and say thanks, but it doesn't really mean anything to me.
  2. Looking for Interviewees

    Hi all, Thank you very much for your patience! You should all have received private messages with the questions for the interview now. If I have missed anyone out please let me know, and again, if anyone else is willing to participate please just comment below. Thanks again everybody!
  3. Looking for Interviewees

    Excellent! Thank you! It can of course be anonymous if you wish, though I would need basic information like gender, age and location if that is okay? Once I have cleared my questions with my supervisor for the project, I will send you all a private message. Thank you again! And anyone else who would be interested can still leave a comment below, the more people I can speak to the better.
  4. Looking for Interviewees

    Hello, I am third year journalism student doing my final major project on societies attitudes towards sex. As part of this I am writing an article on why some people choose abstinence. I'd like a range of interviewees with differing reasons about why they are choosing to wait, and the difficulties they may be facing. If you are willing to help, please leave a reply. Apologies if anybody feels I am misusing the site.