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  1. Why is everyone so worried about being a X-year virgin? Most people can get married by their 30s if they're serious about it. Don't worry.
  2. What if I never get married? It's very unlikely that you'll never get married. You don't have to think about that risk. Or if I DO get married, what if I am in my thirties/fourties...or God forbid, fifty or older. I really want to be married and start having children before I am 30. I don't see how having sex before marriage will help unless you want to be a single mom. How many amazing guys will I lose because of my decision to WTM? If they love you then they'd be willing to wait too. A lot of people in relationships can't have sex because of logistical reasons but they're still in love. Soldiers who get deployed to Iraq aren't able to see their partners for months. Does it mean that they love them less? What if I just can't find a guy who will respect my decision to wait? They clearly he's not a good guy. How would you feel if he doesn't respect your decision for other things? What if I never fall in love? Well, obviously you shouldn't have sex with someone your not in love with so you don't need to worry about sex. I do have insecurities over being a virgin, which is dumb because I only have two friends who have had sex and one of them is still with the guy who she lost her virginity to, and they've been together for 2 years now. The other girl is...a tad promiscuous, but in a committed relationship now. For now. They aren't even married. You have no idea if they guy's gonna break up with them in another year or two. If me and this guy - let's call him Robert - fall madly in love, abstain until marriage, but break up after two years, will I have missed out on a wonderful experience by not having sex with someone I loved and who loved me? Then you've probably loved the wrong person if you just "break up" after two years. True love lasts way more than just two years. I hate to be judged. People judge sluts too. I believe that sex is an incredibly deep bond - physical and emotional - that should only be shared in True-Love Relationships. I may have one or two True-Love Relationships before getting married, and I don't want to miss out on having this amazing experience with someone I truly love just because we weren't married. I don't think you can have a good marriage if you've already had a list of previous lovers. I feel like I'd have to compete with them for your love. A lot of people cheat with their high school or college exes. I don't want my wife to do that to me. It's just one of those neccessary compromises that you have to make if you want a good marriage. How would you feel if when you're in your 40s, your husband cheats on his 20-something assistant because he doesn't want to "miss out" on having sex with a really hot girl? Monogamous marriage is powerful because both parties are making compromises for each other. If everyone's afraid of "missing out" then there'd be chaos.
  3. What exactly is the process of marriage? I thought "engaged" = "married except we're waiting for our wedding". Since it takes a while to plan and arrange the wedding. I know that marriage requires both parties to sign a marriage agreement. When do people do that? Right after the wedding? People usually get engaged by asking" Do you want to marry me"... so why not sign the marriage contract right away? Why would someone agree to marrying me but don't want to sign it until a few months later?
  4. I have some female friends. I've heard a lot about people meeting their spouse or partners from mutual friends. How do you feel about introducing your male friends to your female friends? What kind of guys do you pick? I'm wondering if I should ask my female friends to introduce me to their single friends... It seems a lot easier than online dating or meeting girls randomly.
  5. Only if at least one of the following conditions are met: 1) Both are not single 2) One of them is not heterosexual 3) Female is significantly older than the guy (mentor / student relationship) 4) Bilateral lack of attraction* * Needs to be absolutely confirmed... even a mild amount of attraction is not OK.
  6. How long should I know a girl before asking her out? I think I'd blew my chance with a girl after asking her out before she was interested in me... Should I wait until she becomes interested in me before asking her out? I'm afraid that asking her out too soon before she's made her mind would create too much pressure and prevent her from liking me at all... Should I wait at least 3 months from first knowing her to asking her out?
  7. I was talking to a girl who had rejected me about why she rejected me. I asked because we were friends and I was just curious why she didn't have any feelings for me. He told me that she thinks I'm conceited and "full of myself"... I was really, really surprised. I don't really view myself with those qualities but can some of you share your experiences with dealing with someone who's conceited and/or full of himself? What are some examples of some behaviours that could be viewed as conceited and/or full of himself? I can understand "conceited" because I may have been too confident when being with her... but I'm naturally really sure of my opinions and perhaps can seem too confident. I can't at all understand why she'd say I'm too full of myself. I don't brag about myself in front of her. I may talk about myself but only to make her know me better. Thanks. If this is true then I may have to really change myself.
  8. Of course I don't mind being sexually inexperienced (kind of the whole point of WTM)... but what about being inexperienced emotionally? I'm 21 and I've never had a girlfriend before. I really busy with school, work, and getting parts of my life together so I'm not going to date unless I meet a girl I really, really like. Would it matter how much relationship experience I have once I do starting dating in the next couple of years? How would you feel if you date someone who's never had a girlfriend?
  9. I voted "never had a girlfriend". I did have a "girlfriend" but the length of our relationship was less than a month... so I don't know if that counts as having a girlfriend. We didn't even kiss. Sigh. Forever Alone.
  10. Okay. I have some theories about this topic. I think a certain fraction of men (percentage probably vary among social class and culture) prefer casual sex over relationships because they can get the thrill of sex while keeping their indepence. Other men may want a relationship but wouldn't mind having some sex on the side--they're the "cheaters". So a lot of men will have casual sex... I think most women don't prefer casual sex over relationships but they seem to be "tricked" into having casual sex by deceptive men. At least that's the conclusion from my observations during high school and college. Some men are totally shameless is what they'll lie about in order to get women to sleep with them. Also, a lot of young people of both genders have casual sex because they can't find people to be in a relationship so they have to find an outlet for their sexual urges.* *Jennifer's post give good reasons why people can't or won't go into relationships.
  11. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    Unfortunately, I wouldn't... But, everyone has their own type and I'm sure someone's attracted to big girls. I don't get a lot of attention from girls because I'm shy but I'm confident that I'll find someone who'll like me.
  12. Well, right now we're just being friends. I agree with you guys. I want to be friends with her because I really like hanging out with her (we have a lot in common) and because I want to show her exactly who I am. However, how can I avoid being "friendzoned" if we're hanging out as friends? It seems to be a Catch-22 because if I don't hang out with her then she'll just think I'm being flaky but if I do then I risk getting friendzoned.
  13. You should watch "500 Days of Summer" and you'll understand. You have to move on. Stop thinking about her... it'll make you miss your true love.
  14. I've know a girl for about three months. We quickly became friends but I wanted more. I asked her out a few days ago, she rejected me but then she said wanted to know me better... I didn't understand how she could be unsure of me when I had already become very enamoured with her. I stopped contacting her because I was hurt by the rejection and wanted to move on. However, now I regret my decisions because she might've liked me if we hanged out more. But I was certain that I was placed in the "friendzone" and would never get out. Usually when I meet girls, we starting dating rather quickly (less than a month). Therefore, I didn't find her argument credible. However, she had just got out a bad relationship so she could be somewhat guarded. But, that's really not my fault is it? I feel like I'm a great guy and there's no reason why she can't see that nor still feel the need to be cautious. I really wish I'd consulted you guys before making that critical decision.
  15. Even though I'm not a Republican (I disagree with their stance on foreign policy), I really enjoy Santorum's views on morality. I think government should dictate the morality of the nation otherwise we'll be living in a dystopia. Civilization is all about having rules and standards. I think the Democrats are wrong in believing that letting people do whatever they want will create a happy society.