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  1. Hey everyone I never really encountered a whole lot of hate for my decisions. my friends are generally supportive of me. But there have been some people who haven't been so supportive and think this is just a phase or whatever. I've had one family member tell me that she waited, but the marriage ended in divorce and she thinks it was because they never had sex before. SO she keeps advising me, essentially, to "test the car before you buy it." As everyone here knows, we all basically view that as the worst reason to ever have premarital sex. However, it really bothers me that this person who has supported me my whole life is telling me to not wait and that my decision will cause me to not have as many relationships in life and will decrease my chances of finding someone. It's just really got me down right now. so has anyone else ever had someone in their life who wasn't supportive of their decision or would make fun of them for it? I dunno if i'm alone on this or not.
  2. Have you had the chance?

    I have had the opportunity, but only recently. Within the last year was the first time I ever had the opportunity to have sex. Honestly, it really brings the whole waiting idea into a sort of test. Because you can say you're waiting as long as you want and I had no problems waiting. Then the opportunity came up with someone I love, and it was suddenly so REAL to me. That this is what it feels like to want to be intimate with someone. It definitely makes you really understand what it is you're waiting for. That being said, I'm also glad I had the opportunity because I was able to put my will power to the test in a real situation and I came out on top and still waking, so it was almost like a moment of pride for myself because I saw how really committed to this I am!
  3. I want to keep mine on as long as I can. I love rings, however in some situations where it might get damaged ot I can't have it on I think I would string it onto a necklace.
  4. Did you feel "called" to wait?

    I wouldn't say "called", but it definitely felt like the right decision for me when I first heard about it. It just sort of clicked that this is what I wanted to do. I have heard numerous arguments againsnt it, but they jut don't click for me the way that waiting does. waiting feels right, doing it does not
  5. What do you have in your big a** purses?

    At school I have my backpack which has my folders and books and notebooks, tissues, some pads, a case full of pens pencils highlighters a pair of scissors efc, then I have a chap stick and a lip gloss, my cell phone, my keys, and my iPod. If I don't have my backpack and I'm just carrying a purse, I usually have money, keys, chap stick, lip gloss, pads, cell phone and iPod, and tissues. I carry a little purse that goes across my body because I hate big purses. If I haven't cleaned it in a while I'll have some old receipts and food wrappers as well
  6. What we face as WTMs

    That woman is a horrible example of a wtm. She was being dumped by guys before she had sex and after she had it she still was getting dumped, so what has really changed here? She didn't solve any of her problems at alll! It makes me sonsad to see people give up because they feel like a weirdo because their beliefs don't match up with other peoples. That's not a good reason and we are stronger than that!
  7. Hey.

    Welcome! Nice to meet you
  8. Celebrity Crush?

    with that jaw bone? oh yes haha
  9. I decided to wait because the idea of sex, for me, involved love. I want to be completly in love with the person I ultimately decide to do it with, and only them. For me, sex is entirely an emotional experience and It physically sickens me to think that people can do it without that emotional attachment. I wait because it is the right thing for me, and it makes me proud that I can give this gift to my husband and not have it be any less because it was given to him and only him. Sabrina, 20
  10. Dating an Older Guy

    The only person I have ever dated/kissed is my current boyfriend and he is 5 1/2 years older than me. When I was younger I never thought I'd date anyone more than 2 or 3 years older than me, but now I honestly couldn't see myself with someone my age. I definitely like older men, but I don't think i'd go more than 6 years older than me. They are just more mature and attractive I think
  11. I agree completely! Just because it didn't work out right for you, doesn't mean that it hasn't worked for hundreds of other people!
  12. Hello everyone

    hello and welcome! and might I say how inspiring it is that you are still going strong on WTM. SO many adults I have met have given up on it. Enjoy the site
  13. Hello Everyone! Newbie over here.

    hello and welcome! I hope you have found this site to be very helpful to you
  14. Hello ! :)

    hello and welcome! I found this place my accident as well and I am so glad. I hope it is as great for you here as it has been for me
  15. Hello, all!

  16. Celebrity Crush?

    oh man here we go haha Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Benedict Cumberbatch David Tennant Matt Smith John Barrowman Tom Felton Kevin Jonas Robery Downey Jr. Chris Evans Rupert Grint Matthew Lewis Tom Hiddleston Ramin Karimloo Colm WIlkinson yea...I could go on and on and I probably missed a few still haha
  17. Teen Novels that have WTM in them

    I absolutely loved The Dark Divine Series! Honestly, I get a bit upset with any book that has teenagers engaging in sexual acts or even implies it. I dunno, I hate it. But I definitely recommend the Dark Divine Series.
  18. I really like your attitude about this. I am incredibly proud of my decision and I honestly have no problem telling people i'm waiting because i'm not ashamed of it. having so many people know of course does lead to more people having opinions of me.
  19. Heroes and rolemodels

    This may sound shallow, but honestly Kevin Jonas. I originally made the decision to wait when I was 14 and saw that the Jonas Brothers were waiting and I wanted to be like them. Then it just sort of evolved into who I am and I definitely would've made the decision on my own anyway, even if it would not have been at that exact moment. SO yeah, kevin Jonas is a big inspiration to me because he waited until marriage and now he is starting a beautiful family with his wife. Other than him, Shane Dawson is a role model to me. Again, a famous, handsome guy who is weird and hilarious and is waiting and who I really really like.
  20. If I slipped I think my resolve would be even higher to never slip again because I would feel so massively guilty about it. I always thought that if I did slip I'd take on the attitude of "oh well it's gone now no reason to wait anymore" and just do it with everyone I date. But now, I know I wouldn't do that because my friend did that. She slipped and now she is out there having sex with every guy she meets because she doesn't view it as important anymore, and I am appaled by her behavior and stance on it now. SO...yes I would continue to wait. And I would probably feel so guilty having to tell my future husband that I wasn't a virgin because I was weak and slipped. I'd feel like I really lost something of myself. My virginity is a aprt of me at this point, I can't even imagine not having it anymore. I would continue to wait because It is the right thing to do for me at that point. I would just hope I could be forgiven for it.
  21. The Trap of Premarital Sex

    I really like this! marriage should be the beginning of an incredible life of new stuff. Not the end of it because you already did everything! Plus waiting until marriage should make the marriage sex life even better because you can now try everything together! you haven't exhausted everything yet, you have lots to explore
  22. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    I'm 20 and my purity rings keep breaking (I hope that isn't a bad sign ) but I do have one that I would wear continuously since I was about 14. I've gone through a few though. If you don't want to wear it on your finger, I know plenty of people who put it on a chain around their neck! I might actually end up doing that as my original purity ring doesn't fit me but it makes a lovely necklace. ALso, don't think the purity ring has to say anything or have crosses or anything. My first one was silver and hearts all around, but my last two have been a moon and stars. Get a design that is important to you. That's all that matters!
  23. Is waiting even a choice?

    Honestly, I could do completely without it my whole life. It isn't something I care about or necessarily want, which makes waiting a lot easier. I would much rather read or go on a bike ride or play on the computer than have sex. Like, it wouldn't even be a choice between that and sex. I'd choose anything over the sex. Even when I think about the fact that when I'm married I can have sex, it's more of a feeling of "crap now I have to be shaved ALL THE TIME and I have to look good ALL THE TIME and I have to watch my period ALL THE TIME and blah blah blah" instead of thinking "yesss I can have sex i'm so excited." It's just a thing I can do I guess
  24. Alcohol/Drinking

    I'm only 20 so I'm not legal yet, but even then I don't think I will. Ive had sips of beer and wine from family members but I really didnt like it. I'm also never going to get drunk. I just would not like it As a follow up question to the people who dont drink of won't drink, has anyone ever gotten mad at you for it? I've had friends get really angry because now they can't "hang out with me and go out with me" because I won't drink and apparently that will ruin their night. Am I alone on this?
  25. Hello there! I'm new here

    Hello everyone. My name is Sabrina and I'm 20 years old. I found this site last night and decided to join after flipping through the forums and finding so many people like me I'm a virgin and plan on waiting until marriage. I've always been a bit behind on relationship stuff. I got my first kiss last year at 19 and I had never gone on so much as a date before that. Liking someone does of course make it difficult to stay celibate, but I like the challenge. It really tests your resolve and I think I'm doing pretty good. I'm a big Harry Potter fan, and I'm a junior in college studying biochemistry and dabbling in musical theater. Thanks for reading all this and if you'd like to know any more just ask. God bless