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About Me

Hello everyoooooooone!

I'm on a quest for knowledge and understanding. I'm right about a few things and ignorant about almost everything else. If I'm wrong, don't just tell me, convince me. If you teach, I'll learn. 

I apologise if at times I take a while to respond to posts and messages as I tend to only log on during my downtimes.

I'd also like to take the opportunity of this space to express my gratitude to this community for your insightful contributions that are at times nurturing and comforting and at other times, polemical and delightfully adversarial. I've met such genuine and honourable people on here that have become a virtual family to me, and despite our differing opinions and lively debates, our respect and consideration for one another is never lost. I feel 'at home' every time I log on and see all the familiar contributors and I hope this circle of virtual family members only continues to grow. I can honestly say that I am a more sensitive, aware, understanding and tolerant individual today due to the privilege of reading your opinions and experiences. Thank you, everyone <3

P.S. I frequently butcher the English language with my excessive use of commas,,,I'm working on it.