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    Nature trails; reading books_ personal development and inspirational books;
    Favorite Quote: "You will never know that God is All you need till God is All you have"
  1. Hello there! I'm new here

    Hi there. Welcome to the site. I've found it useful as I learn and associate. Hope you do too
  2. Hello I'm Amber :)

    "Love can never be lost. If not reciprocated, it flows back and pacifies the heart". As you act upon what you believe.. A reward will be sure... Sooner or later. So many words just to say: Welcome on board ;-).
  3. #Hello there#

    Hello, ladies n gentlemen. Newbie from Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa; a virgin that has decided to WTM for the person - who I long to be with _my Better half (among benefits inumerable of WTM). Glad to be here ;-).