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  1. You can let your friends candy coat with fancy rhetoric all you want. It's not a matter of using STD's as a cause for wait or not. I am simple stating a mathematical and well accepted statistic among the medical community that 20% of all Americans have genital herpes. 80% have oral. I will accept CDC facts as significant and credible source. Its not a matter of pounding this down a non waiters throat as fearmongering. Just scientific fact. I am at work right now and cant post a more credible source to the nature of condoms stopping herpes but there are plenty of sources that say the same "It is a known fact that condoms can help avert the spread of life-threatening conditions like HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), chlamydia, gonorrhoea as well as many other types of sexually transmitted diseases. However, if condoms can help effectively prevent HSV-2 virus is still not well-established, revealed Martin and her research team. But the researchers did add that condoms don’t offer 100 percent protection and can only guard partially. This is because the virus HSV-2 gets transmitted if the area of your skin not covered with condom comes in contact with the infected person. Furthermore, even if the symptoms of genital herpes are not exactly visible in people affected by it, they can still infect others with the virus. Nevertheless, Martin added, “30 percent is partial protection, but it is protection.â€" Waiting till marriage or not is irrelevant. 1 in 5 have genital herpes. 4 in 5 have oral. Condoms do not protect against hepes (70% chance of catching herpes is not what I call protection).
  2. Not true Nick. There are quite a few STDs that condoms do not protect against. Herpes being one. Herpes is easily transmitted by "Sluffing" off the pubic bone to pubic bone contact. 1 in 5 people have genital herpes.
  3. Clever title

    I had been broken up with my girlfriend for a few months. In between I went on a few dates. I had a really nice date with a 19 year old. I didn't know her age till after dinner. I am 31. It was a really enjoyable date. I used to have a rule only to date older women but she made me rethink my rules.
  4. What do you look like?

    *Slaps Sophie with a trout* STOP IT. Everyone on here with insecurities. . . STOP IT! First) Sophie if your insecure about your weight, do something about it. Its one of the few things about you you CAN change. Eat well (google power foods) and check this site out This site is amazing. I created a diet (and I use diet loosely as I actually increased my food intake and lost weight) and it gives you charts and graphs to help you create a totally balanced and nutritious diet. You will find if you follow it with power foods you will always be stuffed and never hungry but your eating healthy. Lift weights and do cardio. DO BOTH. Women run away from weightlifting for fear they will turn into a muscular dude. Its not possible without the use of steroids. Second) As a 31 year old man I say with 100% honesty. . . I find acne attractive. Acne happens to be a visual sign of good hormones. Studies have shown people (men and women) plagued by acne have very healthy sex drives. In the confines of marriage this is very good. I would personally chose breakouts before ingesting any oral medication that screws with my hormones. Third) Sophie if your eyes are anything like that in the picture. . . and you stared at me in the eyes with them you would melt me into butter.
  5. Are you a green person

    I can be jealous sometimes. I think it is natural and healthy. It's how we react to said jealousy that determines weather or not we are a clingy creeper. I would actually be worried if I wasn't a little jealous to situations with a loved one getting hit on or what not.
  6. Soy milk harmful for men?

    Truth is the hobo who ate the other hobos face was not because the bath salts. . . he had too much soy
  7. Soy milk harmful for men?

    My sister is working on her PHD in micro-biology. Her thesis is on/around soy and vegitarian protiens vs conventional methods of ingesting proper amounts of protiens. It takes a less serious path and looks into zombies as well. That if your protiens arent mixed with the proper amino acids found only in animal protien it can make you crazy. Something about pryons and how it creates a gelatonous lining on your digestion system that prevents the absorbtion of good nutrients. I have also read else were that soy should never exceed 2% of ones diet and should NEVER be consumed unless properly filtered to reduce the natural toxins. Soy farming started around 1100 BC in China, where it was used to build soil fertility and feed animals. Soy beans were not considered fit for humans until the Chinese learned to ferment them, which makes them digestible. Asian diets now include fermented soy beans in the form of natto, miso, tamari, and tempeh. Soy producers want you to eat more soy — more than the Asians eat, and more than is good for you. The Japanese and Chinese eat 10 grams of soy per day — about two teaspoons. Yet a soy manufacturer recommends Americans eat ten times what the Japanese eat — 100 grams of soy protein per day. In The Soy Zone, Barry Sears recommends a daily diet of a minimum of 50 grams of soy, and up to 75 grams for women and 100 grams for men. It’s like red wine: a glass or two a day may be good for you; a bottle or two every day rots your liver. Source :
  8. Flirting = cheating?

    It's not as discrete as one would think if you are married to a network/systems engineer who had a transperent squid proxie set up to monitory his kids. This site was the first I found in the logs when I discovered my ex's indiscressions. But back on the topic. Flirting and the emotional cheating hurts worse than phisical cheeting in a lot of cases. I was getting plenty of sex. . . but she was out dating and spending time with men that I wasnt getting. Cheating can be defined as giving someone esle something intimate be it emotionally or physically that should be given to your partner.
  9. Don't tempt me. My daughter already prefers a new computer game over a mani/pedi girls day out.
  10. Thoughts about Women Crying

    Depends on the context. If she is crying to manipulate me I am just going to be even more mean. If she is crying because I WAS being mean then I feel like a jerk. If she is just hurting and crying its hard not to be the knight in rusty armor.
  11. Anything. . . foriegn and domestic. Finances are usually the big one. But another is that married people often forget to keep courting one another. They get settled with the status quo and let themselves go (not just physically). They forgot to keep attracting their love. I appologize to the athiests on this board. . . but I also personally believe that Satan continues to assault marriages with temptations and tribulations. It is during these times that a couple that grabs each others hands and drives on as an unbreakable team will prevail. Ephesians 5:31 For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh. Ecclesiastes speaks more to friendship but your spouse should be your best friend 4:9-12 Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.
  12. You will have to excuse the poor typing im on my phone. Marriage is what you make of it. There is no happy ever after. The butterflies dissapear and comes the work. Love is a choice. True Agape love takes stubborn gumption. The butterflies come back when you look at the hard times and see your spouse holding your hand at the worst of it and see a woman/man who chose to love you when all others would walk away fir greener grass. But man i look back on my marriage (though broken and false) i remember what it was like to have a partber a team mate who was always on my side. She unfortunately chose greener grass...but i refuse to be jaded about it rather look at it as a very long 9 year class in how to be a bettwr husband. Wish i could tell you more but i dont think my marriage was the pinical of happiness. I will say to the believers on this board....marry equally yoked and you have 90% of it taken care of for you. A spouse that choses to love as christ loves is a marriage to aspire towards.
  13. I have a bit of a problem...

    Dude, What I am going to say is gonna come off mean but you need to hear it. You have a defeatist attitude (at least your post shows this) This is not attractive. Not to either sex. Women do not want to be with a guy who is rolling around in self pity. The moment you stop comparing yourself to other guys you will increase your attractiveness from that alone. You want to be stronger. . . work out. But work out for you not to become on par with some other dude. If there is some medical reason why you cant work out (I dont remember if it was you or someone else who had a medical condition) work your brain out. Lots of women find a smart guy attractive. Learn another language. Pick up an instrument. Find something that defines you and dump your heart in it and become amazing at it. Women view physical attractiveness different from men. Women will find a man who dresses well as attractive if not more than a meat head in jeans, tshirt and crocks. It doesnt mean you need a designer wardrobe. Just fill it with nice clothes. Get you some leather casual shoes. Slacks and button up shirt and always leave the house as if you were about to pick a lady up on a date. You never know when a quick run to the grocerie store results in some attention from a lady and you want to look your best. Who are you? What makes you amazing? I'm a nice guy with a good heart is nice and all but those are like side dishes. You gotta find your meat your main dish man. I am an Army veteran. I am a jazz and classical bass trombonist (who is also teaching myself how to play the bag pipes). I am a father. I am a God fearing man that knows his bible and strives every morning to know it more. I am a ninja at all things computer. I write terrible, horrible poetry with a nerdy twist; but when I recite it I do it if I was Shakespear himself. Over the course of 31 years I mapped out who I am today. It took time and failures and pain. But I know who I am. I didnt do it to attract women. I did it because this is the man I want to be. I hold dear the values I feel important. If a lady does not find that attractive she is not good enough to date me. Incidentaly the women that find all this attractive are the women I find attractive because they are like minded to me. One last thing. The way you say "I'm 27 years old and I have never even gone on a date before and that's not from a lack of trying..." makes you sound lonely and desperate. Even a lonely and desperate woman is going to not want to be with you. Rephrase it. I'm 27 years old because I have spent 27 years focusing on me. No one has met my standards. Suddenly you are a challenge. You are a prize to be won. So I ask you again WHO ARE YOU?
  14. The Fear

    Wow Anna that was a really powerfull dream. Keep the feelings you woke up with in mind. I failed to wait because of the same questions you had in mind. And I regret it. I would like to tell you things get easier with time. But they dont the pressure increases and the questions you ask sound more logical. During these moments you have to remain stuborn and resolved. Because it is really hard to go back to waiting after failing to wait.