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  1. Scars...

    I have my favorite scar. I jokingly tell people it means I get to "flip them the bird" to show it off. Sounds like a bad joke, but the scar is on my middle finger of my left hand, and covering half of it. I got it when I was three years old, 26 years later it still is very obviously there. When I was three I got attacked by a horse. It bit my left hand (obviously), bit my right shoulder, stepped on the back of my neck, and drug me by my hair. I spent nine days in the hospital because of the terrible infections. This is my favorite scar because it has such a remarkable story behind it. Everyday I look at it and love it. I also still love horses, and never hold any grudge against the horse that did it to me. Someday it would be wonderful to own a ranch with half a dozen horses to just ride and love.
  2. White wedding dresses on non-virgins

    I could be wrong, but I believe blue used to be very traditional for Christian/Catholic weddings because the color was so associated with the Virgin Mary, mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Later white became the adopted color.
  3. Squueee!

    Thanksy, Jegsy! He's a great man with great values and an amazing family. I can't wait to start planning the big day. Yay!
  4. So... I've known my boyfriend for a couple of years, and we started dating over a year ago. Just today he proposed to me! I told him yes (he's just wonderful!), but I just have to tell the world now! I'm engaged to the most wonderful man ever! Well, at least I think he is just the most wonderful! I'll behave now, but I just had to announce how happy I am!
  5. Splitting the bill vs. guy pays

    The first date that my boyfriend and I went on I offered to split the bill with him, but he told that he'd get it next time, and then maybe we could split the bill for the second date. I thought that was a very nice trait for him to have. Even when the second date came around he actually wouldn't let me pay. Of course, over the time we've dated I've bought him gifts (and vice versa), but he still doesn't like me paying the bill. The offer is always there, but he actually feels that he owes me something when we do this. I just think it's kind of cute and old fashioned, but it works for us.
  6. How do you feel about being called "hot?"

    I think maybe if you're just joking with each other your boyfriend/husband that "hot" can be fun. Outside of being playful, I actually prefer a term like "lovely" though. I think it says beautiful, intelligent, and (forgive me for this term) desire all in one statement.
  7. Girls and Shopping

    I've got books scattered all over the house, and of course, I'm still not satisfied with it. In fact, this thread reminds me that there's a book I need to go buy. I love getting all giddy over these kind of things!
  8. Girls and Shopping

    I have to jump on the book shopping band wagon. Can never go wrong with some time spent in a quiet book store, and then looking forward to getting home and crack my new finds open. I recently started going crazy about shoes though. I have no idea why. My shoe collection went from about three pairs a year a half ago, to about 25 pairs. I still don't think I have enough...
  9. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    I know I'm kind of late here, but I had the same curiosity as DodgeDude did. I'd love to hear more about what you believe in, and the similarities to Pentecostalism. As for me, I was born and raised Baptist. I spent some time exploring other options, but none of them seemed right to me. I'm grateful I explored because all it has done is reassured me that I have choosen the right option for me.
  10. Girls and Shopping

    I'm crazy about Victoria's Secret. Even though no one but me is seeing what I buy, I just love it so much. I love feeling beautiful and confident about myself as a woman, and I suppose that includes everything I wear. I suffer the same problem as OHG, when I have to downsize my clothing it's so difficult. Probably doesn't help living in LA, so it's so easy to go shopping for new clothes and such every couple months. My bank account really doesn't like my shopping habits.
  11. "Girl friends"

    I completely agree. When I was younger it was really odd when my mom would refer to my female friends as "girl friends", but as time went on it become normal. My mom is also 64 years old, so very different connotations in her time. These days it's just habit to refer to people as "girl friends" and "guy friends".
  12. Swimsuit Models

    While this is a very interesting topic... Did somone say zombies?!?! Sorry, zombie movies really are my biggest weakness. I know it's bad to admit, but I just can't help it. As far as the swimsuit model portion goes... I don't want my future husband to go out searching for these images when he has me to look at, but they are still everywhere we look. I find it most important that he can disregard these artifical images, and see the woman that he loves rather than some photoshopped image of an impossible to achieve perfection. I will try not to be angry at him if he still looks, because they're so bombarded that I'm willing to believe it was just a temporary weakness.
  13. Are you dating anyone?

    I am, and I do think he may be the one. We've been dating for a bit over a year, and we've known each other for about two years. We've talked about marriage and giving ourselves to one another (he's a waiter as well), and it's starting to look like we may have a future together. Silly as it may be, I met him online, but I think that just goes to show that there is really possibility there.
  14. When you say I do, will you take his last name

    When it comes to me be willing to take my future husband's last name, it's not a matter of having a lack of interest in it, but something more personal. My dad gave me my initials for a very particular reason, and he passed away over a decade ago. I view keeping my initials as keeping part of him alive within me. So if my future husband's last name started with the same letter as mine, I'm definitely for taking it. If not, I'm more than willing to hyphenate.
  15. Girls and Shopping

    You're right, sorry about that, Sally. Sometimes my little fingers don't type what my mind wants them to.