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    Hello everyone! I'm a happily mid-20s, born and raised southern gal! The most important things in my life right now are self-growth, traveling, educating myself about the qualities of a good marriage and doing my best to make this world a little better in my own way. I'm excited to have learned about this site and to meet other's who have joined the WTM bandwagon! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one around my age who prefers to save themselves for that future spouse!

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  1. 70 year old virgin

    I read that article as well on Yahoo. I'm waiting, but 70 is waaaaaaay too long for me! Plus it kinda bothered me when she stated that she was waiting for some rich guy to come along and not necessarily the type of person she would like to spend and commit the rest of her life with. Maybe it's just me...
  2. I couldn't agree with you more! There has been two movies I can think of that came out over the year about "friends with benefits", but I wouldn't even know where to find a movie where someone was actually happily married with a fulfilling sex life. I believe that many people would think that a plot about a happily married couple would be considered unrealistic in today's society, which is just plain sad because that's what every married couple should be striving for! To me its weird how so many people have a very negative and cynical view of commitment and marriage, yet so many people still want to be in a relationship. I would love to see more positive role models in the media for marriage and waiters! I'm tired of being stereotyped as the no libido. religious extremist and naive about the world virgin. Its REALLY old now, so can we stop it! PLEASE!!! I have made it a point to look for resources that cherish and still believe in the idea of fulfilling marriages. I've recently started listening to the podcasts: Sexy Marriage Radio and ONE Extraordinary Marriage. I love how both podcasts cover all of the various issues that come up in marriage when it comes to sex and intimacy, but most importantly, they discuss the ways for you and your spouse to overcome them together through communication. When I start to hear someone complain about marriage, its good to have sources of encouragement like WTM and those podcasts to remind me that marriage is what you make of it and I plan to make something beautiful
  3. Would you date/marry a shorter man?

    So I guess I'm the giant in the group because I'm 5'11 and with heels on, I can easily be 6'2 or 6'3. My only boyfriend, back in high school, was a short guy who was about 5'6 or so. He was sweet, but I'll never date another short guy again! He once carried me up a flight of stairs bridal style and my feet were still close to the actual steps. It was a sweet gesture, but I might as well have walked. Smh! I want my husband to be much taller to me, because for once in my life I would like to feel small and dainty! Lol! I bend down to hug my friends, I would LOOOOVE to have to tip up to hug or kiss my husband
  4. Sexual Revolution

    So what would you tell a woman whose husband doesn't want to use a condom? I have heard from several guys that one of the pluses in their eyes for marriage is that they no longer have to worry about condoms. I get the point that birth control is definitely a factor that has led to the "hook-up" culture, but when women wanted access to birth control when it first came out, a lot of it did deal with family planning. Birth control came out in the 1920's, way before the 60's and 70's sexual revolution. It was a way for women to gain control of their bodies and reproduction! Condoms break and if your husband doesn't want to use one anyway, then guess who's pregnant now. I remember hearing stories about my great-grandmother trying to keep track of her menstrual cycle only to still give birth to 13 children, not even including the miscarriages. Not everyone wants to be the Duggars and birth control has helped a lot of women with that!!! There may have been drawbacks both physically and socially due to birth control, but I don't think it should be seen as the devil either.
  5. I think the symbolism behind it is really sweet, but I've never even thought about getting one and probably never will. Like several others, I'm not the type of person to "advertise" my status, but I'll freely talk about it if asked.
  6. This has been my view on sex education for quite some time now. I worked for two years with an at-risk youth program, where many of our students had not one, but two and three children by age 16 or 17. I brought in Planned Parenthood to speak both years, because so many of the students were having unprotected sex with several partners. We actually had a student who had contracted HIV from a boyfriend at age 15. In an environment like that, we as a staff had to be realistic about the resources we provided. Unless you are going to be a nun, priest or monk, then you should have some form of sex education in my opinion. But sex education should be more than just discussions about condoms and stds. By teaching that kind of message, to me it over simplifies sex. People have sex for far more different reasons than just physical release. Think about how many people seek emotional connection through sex or believe that participating in the act makes them a "woman" or a "man" now or think how it improves their self-image. For myself, I see it has a bonding experience that I want to have only with my husband. That alone means to me that sex education is more than wear a condom while inserting A into B to prevent C or D. Trust, communication, self-love, openness and the end of mixed messages are what I think should be addressed and taught as part of a sex education curriculum. Sex shouldn't be seen as "bad", but people should be informed that there's more to it. Rather you are a waiter or not, I feel that it's important to be aware of that. Sex and money are the top two issues that people will face in relationships and marriage and they are the top reasons that lead to divorce. Wouldn't it be seen as way to improve the divorce rate by providing people with the tools and knowledge that they will need so that they can be better prepared to face these issues as a couple? Like you said Sophie, people should be taught this vital information so that they can make a decision that's best for them. This is actually how I became not just a waiter, but an informed one. I make it a point to educate myself so that I may be better prepared for marriage, because marriage is too important to me to just go into it with a blindfold on. This may come off as a bit strange, but I'm use to being the odd person in the all the groups I'm in. Lol! So to actually answer the question, do I think WTM should be taught in schools? Yes, but only if all the options are equally promoted and taught so that you as an individual can make an informed decision on what is best for yourself.