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  1. So there is this guy I've know since Fall 2011 when we were going to the same university. I graduated last year but he still goes there. I believe at times God tells me things so I think I was informed that he was suppose to be my husband.. Here's the problem..this guy and I although we are friends on facebook and have chit chatted a couple of times..don't really have anything together..He invited me to play pool on campus with one of his friends twice impromptu which I decided to go. I ate with him and a friend once. Anyway Bottom line is other than that we don't talk on the phone. I emailed him a couple of time recently Four to be exact, two which he replied two he did not.I sent him a fifth sort of exasperated email concerning if he had something against me as he did not reply two I gave him my number and said he could call anytime the other I asked a simple question. Are you a Vegan. Anyway he replied basically that no he doesn't have anything against me..he did say ifI keep in touch with him..he'll try to keep in touch with me I may choose to copy and paste the email correspondence..I just don't want him to fnd it online :? anyway it hurts. He has never once ever...initiated contact with me. ever..I have always done it.. based on these actions I conclude he doesn't really think of me.. I feel I hold out for him.But could I be wrong..Could I be wasting my time? I was also informed it seems little by little I should talk to him and that we should be friends first it seem from God.. I even had a dream to giv him a yellow balloon...which randomly somehow the circumstances turned out where I was able to hand him one.. I haven't told him if he could see me as a more than friend and defintely I have not old him God said let me know you'd be my husband because that could mess up things.. What do you guys think of the situation,,especially any Christians on ehre
  2. Potential Mate..or ?

    Just noticed the many typos. So here's the thing..I could possibly try to look elsewhere for a met..but ive been purposefully waiting for him.. I don't want to be waiting in vain. Ok so yes the straightforward answer that id want to do is just to ask him straight.... But I heard something like God informed me to go little by little and just be friends first. ..(I don't hear him as clealry as id like but somehow u get bits and pieces) Could me asking "Do you think there is a possibility in the near futureyou could see me as more than an acquaintance or friend?" ? Mess up the whole dynamic of little by little and mess us up from being friends first? But maybe doing thus could help clarify and confirm To be honest it seemed I am supposed to know be aware of my value and worth theb I could be yeah that needs to be worked out but in the mean what do you guys suggest. . Id like to ask him that question something like if in the near future he could see me as more than friends.....btw im not sure I he's a Christian ...yet.. So yeah obviously I cant be unequal ly yoked..I suppose I assume he'll be one before anything get serious between us but of course I have to be careful. Thanks to all who replied previously
  3. Why do you need to wait that long to get married..? Five to six year?? Please pray to Daddy in Jesus' name You know Duck Dynasty on tv? Willie Robertson, the CEO of the company Duck Commander got married when he was 19 to his wife who was 18 and they both went to the same college and today are successful in business. if I were you, I would pray about it and ask trusting God to lead me, look for him to answer and direct... If you have to wait for sometime God can provide you the grace to wait. 1 Cor 10:13 John 16:13, John 14:26
  4. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    Well I'm not sure I could go up to a potential date and ask him if he's had you had oral sex before =I lol but all that aside I learned its possible to get HPV from french kissing so...if he wanted to get married I'd want him to get tested ..though I heard something like it takes sometime before it can be first of all I would pray to God about it