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  1. I have one...its just a plain ring. I doesn't have true love waits, purity, or beloved written on it. No one would know it was a purity ring unless I told them. I wear it to remind me of the promise I made and of how I want to live my life in general.
  2. If you're a Christian...what denomination?

    1) I'm catholic because my family baptised me as a baby and went to Catholic school and everything, I couldn't change my denomination and wouldn't want to because most of the people at my church have known me since birth. It wouldn't feel right leaving them. 2) I was raised as a Catholic, I have been to other churches but they just didn't feel right for me.
  3. Women and Appearance

    I personally do not think women are solely judged by what they look like but rather how they carry themselves, which is the same as men really. I know I wouldn't employ someone who didn't take care of themselves male or female. There are many women in positions of authority or high ranking jobs who are not what today's society would say are "beautiful". I personally think if she didn't want people to pass comment on her body and kept it to the point of skin cancer...she should have kept her clothes on, then no one would have passed comment on what she looked like. But if she was flaunting it, she should have expected someone to pass comment. I mean do you really believe anyone would have paid attention about the message on skin cancer, even if it were a stick thin model with her clothes off doing the talking....I DON'T THINK SO.
  4. Girls and Shopping

    I don't particularly enjoy shopping, only do it if I really have to and I tend to buy the first thing I like, just to get out as quickly as possible. I have the feeling none of my mates like shopping either as it is a pain to find someone to go with. I don't know how it is in other places but girls where I live girls aren't too fussed about shopping
  5. Stay At Home Mom VS Working Mom

    1. Which type of mom would you like to be? 2. Why are stay-at-home moms seen as a negative thing now? 3. Would you agree that it is viewed as much more empowering to be a working mom? 4. How do you feel about the Stay At Home Mome VS the Working Mom debate? 1/2) I would like to be a stay at home mum and look after children rather than sending them to daycare while I worked...I wouldn't admit that to anyone I knew though because as Sophie said there is a stigma attached to it. As if you have no goals and people do look down at you for it. 3) Which I personally have never understood because as a feminist shouldn't you support any decision a woman has made for herself? 4) I think that women should be allowed to make there own decision about whether to work or stay at home without feeling she needs to prove herself.
  6. I think would date someone my age to about 8 years older, give or take a year or two. Older than that I think is a bit disturbing. But that's just me
  7. Hiya! I'm new :)

    great...what have you been reading recently? Can you tell me who the other member from London is?
  8. Hiya! I'm new :)

    Hi! My name is Adele, I'm 18 years and live in London. I have joined this site to meet other like minded people (since there are none where I live) I have decided to wait until marriage because I feel I should honour God with my body. I feel nowadays people treat their bodies as if it is at there disposal and it's not. I enjoy hiking, playing bass guitar, reading, dancing and listening to music.