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    Hello my name is Keke. I am a new user on this site and I'm trying my best to remain a waiter. I am a strong believer in the Christian faith and want to honor God. I'm also a biology major in college studying to become a doctor. :-)

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  1. Hello newbie here!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Too Old For Purity Ring?

    Hey! So I lost my virginity when I was younger in high school. I was under too much pressure from my boyfriend at the time and I cracked. That has always been one of the things that I have regretted in life. However, I have not had sex since and I am a rising junior in college now. I really want a purity ring, but I'm not exactly pure. I want to live my life purely until I am married and I feel like maybe having a purity ring will help me to abstain from having sex before I'm ready again or before marriage. I am 21 now and I just want to know if I am too old for a purity ring. What is the age limit for a purity ring?
  3. Hello newbie here!

    Hey my name is Keke and I have decided to save myself for marriage. I'm a 21 year old college student and the temptation of sex could not get any worse. I'm glad I found this site because lately I have been insecure with guys not wanting to stick around because I want to honor God and be ready before I take that step in a relationship. I don't know any guys that are my age that have the same views as myself. Before I found this site I didn't think that any existed! I feel encouraged when reading everything on this site. It really helps to know that I am not alone for a change. Finally!