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  1. What are you majoring in?

    Majoring in Public Administration.
  2. Olá!

    I'm Deb, I currently live in Portugal, I'm a Christian and I've been in this website for some months. Why I'm only introducing myself at the moment? Not a clue. I love this community and reading about your experiences in life and views about waiting until marriage. There's not a lot of people with whom I could share things like these. Oh, yeah, I'm a waiter too .
  3. Ladies, need some advice here! (long story)

    I think that she might be interested but maybe she doesn't want to give too much hope because she's going away. Maybe when's she's with you she loses her... judgment, and gets into things. Something is up with her. Nothing serious but maybe she has her reasons. You're doing everything you could do and I salute you for that. You're not being pushy and that's cool. I just wished that she could tell you what she wants. You deserve that. We girls can be so confusing!
  4. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    Sadly you guys are a bit screwed because of this. Nowadays most girls immediately assume that a guy is experienced and that just makes the unexperienced ones seem... strange. My college classmates actually made fun of one guy that never had a girlfriend. That wasn't cool at all. Fortunately, I don't think like that. I always assume that they are unexperienced, lol, I don't know why. And then they surprise me...
  5. I not really worried about never getting married. But lately, my church friends are making me feel weird because we are on our early 20's and last year one got married, and there's a bunch of them in a relationship and some of them engaged. I'm single and I don't have a problem with that. I'm only 20. But they kind of make me feel that I should have a boyfriend and start thinking about marriage. My priorities are so different. I just want to finish University and finally have my own house to get a dog (Ok,I'm too immature too!)
  6. ok question, "GRAPHIC"

    I can't control people's past so that wouldn't be a issue for me. It wouldn't bother me at all.