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  1. I'm just pushing the paint around.

  2. MUSIC!

  3. Suggest Celebrities
  4. Today I find it personally appropriate to bring attention to the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. On New Year’s Day, 2014, an intruder made his way into my home. I exercised my right to self-defense and confronted him with my legally owned firearm. He refused to leave after I presented him the opportunity to do so. He would not leave when I told him I would be calling the police. He did not leave when I told him I would shoot him – literally encouraging me to do so. Using natural instinct and implementing my military training and discipline, I was able to remove the trespasser from my home without firing any shots. Shortly thereafter, the police arrived and apprehended the suspect. Due to his behavior, the police thought that he may have been on drugs – not just some dazed and confused reveler. That day, the only thing coming between him and my future wife, life, and property was the weapon I purchased for protection. While I have always been a supporter of the right to bear arms, I have only recently owned one myself. I am a member of the NRA and a responsible, law abiding citizen – not some trigger happy, backwoods yokel that some pundits make many of us gun owners out to be. I would truly hope that my own personal actions would attest to that. For proponents of our right to protect ourselves with whatever means necessary, I hope my story will reinforce your convictions. For opponents to our rights to protect ourselves with whatever means necessary, I respect your opinion. However, while you may not choose to option the right to own firearms, it does not give you the right to dictate what kind of weapons we can own, how many bullets we can have in our possession, or how many rounds we can store in our magazines. Our rights are not subject to selective interpretation or punitive regulation – our rights are our rights. My testimonial is mainly intended for uninformed antagonists to the idea of personal firearm ownership. For those with that sentiment – just know that my story will never make any news segment. You will not read about it in the newspaper. You will not hear it on the radio during your drive to work. You will not watch it on the late night news. Despite that – I hope you at least hear it from me. With all that said, I want to wish everyone here a safe and prosperous New Year.
  5. A question for shy lads?

    So was there social lubricant (booze) involved at this party? I'm pretty social with people I know, but shy at first around people I don't know well. A little alcohol can take the edge off; at least it does for me. Anyway, at your next meeting I would find out the types of things that he likes. If things go well and you want to meet up again, maybe see if he will join you on an event that would fit both of your likings. I doubt that would scare him off - and if he's not interested, no harm. If he doesn't want to do that but offers an alternative, then bingo. Doesn't hurt to try.
  6. Suggest Celebrities Just an extra link.
  7. Suggest Celebrities
  8. I think I've used some of the below jargon in conversation with other... -Relics -Antiques -Fossils -Threatened Species -Endangered Species -Pink Unicorns (finding a white unicorn is tough enough: try finding a virgin in the 21st century) Also, terms like Sasquatch (in keeping with the Non-Yeti theme) or chupacabra can also be used. You know, the creatures that people talk about but have never seen.
  9. Yes, yes, and yes. It's the way we're wired. One girl goes away, another one comes into the picture. Or, one girl doesn't go away, but another one still comes into the picture. For mystic sage wisdom on the topic; feel free to PM me.
  10. MUSIC!

    Sea Ghost - The Unicorns
  11. MUSIC!

    Sad Peter Pan by the late Vic Chesnutt
  12. MUSIC!

    No need to release the hounds...or butterflies. As Long As I'm SingiN' - as performed by the Brian Setzer Orchestra
  13. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    'Rediscover Catholicism' by Matthew Kelly has been distributed by my parish and I was wondering if anyone has read it and if it's worth a read.
  14. MUSIC!

    Well I've been around; I just was figuring about doing one a day and was waiting my turn. However, the more the merrier! Disco KinG (Alt. Version of The Everlasting Gaze) - The Smashing Pumpkins
  15. MUSIC!

    Well, since no one reads this thread anymore, I figure I can put anything I want in here. I was thinking some 'Brooklyn Zoo' by the ODB. However, I think I might settle on a cover of a terrible song. Richard Cheese has the uncanny ability to make forgettable songs entertaining. Besides, I want to see a song beginning with 'Y' next. Crazy Town's 'Butterfly' to the tune of Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine