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  2. last monday I was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me while she was walking over to throw something in the trash can. Then later I was staring at the wall & when i look over she was Leaning her Head Against her Hand While looking at me & smiling. Then on Wednesday i heard her saying ” i don’t know why he looks at me.
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  4. Damn that's a cynical view of the world you've got there. Most people aren't willing to share too much of their private life with others. You'll hear a lot more stories about people not being willing to wait simply because one person can date many people but typically only marries one. I'm sure there are people who were waiting but broke up for other reasons as well. Anyways. I think non-waiters can be with waiters. It may take some compromising but it's not like it's an impossible thing. You're going to be waiting a loooong time if you exclude all non-waiters.
  5. I'm 30 I asked my momma and she was like well you aren't getting any younger lol but I haven't done anything sexually with anyone. And have always been praying for the one but I believe God might let me make the decision because she is saved and changed her life for the better. Her youngest is only 2! Her others are 6 and 8. But other than that she seems almost perfect.
  6. It's not weird to like men outside your race..... You are super weird and a little confused if you don't like black guys!! You're missing out. There are good looking people in every race and no one is same. Plus dark chocolate is the best!!
  7. They were engaged and fully in love... He had an accident and was paralysed and disfigured because of it... Nonetheless, she married him because it was Agape Love...REALLY INSPIRING TRUE LOVE STORY
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  9. Biblical manhood

    I was wondering what are your opinions guys, about what he says in the video ?
  10. You waiting for marriage? It's sometimes a struggle for waiting but I can do this it's no big deal. I can't wait to meet my future hubby I never met him yet.
  11. How to approach or find guys willing to wait?

    How to find guys? In my opinion I would say the best location to find guys with that belief system is through church. If you are of such a faith yourself than I'd say find a decent sized church that preaches scripture and get involved in their college aged youth ministries. Sure, not everyone there will be waiters but your chances are much, much higher than the general, non-spiritual world who has never been introduced to the concept of sex being only between spouses rather than being taught to just wait until it "feels right"....whenever that is. How to approach guys? Just be friendly and outgoing. Instead of being shy and pretending to never notice anyone and always looking straight ahead with a serious face practice being friendly. Make eye contact and don't look away, smile at people. Say hi whenever you pass them. You'd be surprised how much it can open doors when you give off the most simple vibes of being friendly and open to meeting people. If it is your natural inclination to pucker up and be quiet, to always glance away if anyone looks your way (as if you are scared they'll notice you looking their way) and if you just stare strait ahead when walking by people than you can challenge yourself and practice being friendly. Don't ever walk by any guys you think are cute without looking them in the eye and smiling and giving a warm hi. If a guy is in class with you and glances your way, don't dart your eyes away in fear but rather look right back at him and smile. Don't be afraid he'll think you like him, that's kind of the point. This can increase the number of guys that feel comfortable approaching you and talking to you.
  12. Random Thoughts

    Maybe one of these days
  13. 'Woman' vs 'Girl'

    I've used both. I'll continue to do so. People actually taking the time to get "offended" about it? I couldn't care less. This world has a lot of real problems, it doesn't get any more "First World Problem" than stuff like this. That's today's culture though. We specialize in finding meaningless, trivial things to be "offended" about.
  14. In the Theater: Beauty and the Beast On the television: Ocean's Eleven
  15. Practical Masculinity

    hmmm to me some of this seemed to be getting into the realm of insecurity? My practical skills while decent are far less than my intellectual skills, or less natural put it that way. I don't think I'd have an issue employing someone to do something that I can't and they are qualified to do. Maybe that will change a little when I'm married and I want to be perceived as competent in as many areas as possible. I could see it as particularly a problem if I in general don't feel competent enough for my wife or she has an attitude of "Hey, it's nice you're really good at xzy but a real man should be able to do this too! Now we have to do yzx because you can't!". Also, if my practical inability was to an extent that say, I couldn't change a flat tyre, that would be a shot to my masculinity even if simply because it is a manifestation of my inability to lead/ensure things are running well/opens the family unit up to unnecessary vulnerability/dependency. Masculinity can focus on practical/mechanical tasks over relational/intellectual - you might feel less masculine if you can't fix your car as opposed to completing tax returns or filing a subpoena. Certainly, being able to fix my car and be physically competent in general makes me feel more masculine (plus I like the savings it brings...) but there's a point to were trying to do something when not qualified is just stupid and in a way a failure in the leadership role. The "can you do that?" could come across as doubting his competence but if she wants to show a desire to help I think she should express this [isn't the wife meant to be the helpmeet?]. But I think a rephrasing to "Let me know if you want my help" would be more appreciated. I can want her help [or not even her help but just her presence in doing something with me] and not need her help. This is in a way along the lines of the couple tip were the wife shouldn't say "Can you bring out the trash" but rather "Will you bring out the trash". A subtle difference that can mean a lot. Afterall, men don't ask "Can you marry me?" hahaha Urgh, cockiness. Just witnessing it makes me uncomfortable! This made me think of a sociopath....but I get your point. Sad indeed. Similarly, in my circle of acquaintance, at a shared meal (I think hosted by the couple even), the sister made a snide remark regarding her sister's cooking abilities. Objectively incorrect so I don't know where that came from maybe snobbishness or jealousy. Anyway, her loud choleric partner ripped into her (his partner's sister)....It was maybe a little too heavy handed; I probably would have taken a less confrontational approach especially considering she's capable of holding her own against her (younger) sister but it certainly got the message across haha.
  16. Practical Femininity

    *nods head* I find it so sad and nearly off putting when some women treat their pregnancy like some unwanted, blemishing burden. I realise that pregnancy brings its challenges and pains but overall it should be more cherished I think. The mother's psycho-emotional state has a significant impact already in utero on who this baby will become. I hope my wife will start loving our offspring even before we see him/her. And if she has a problem with me caressing her belly we are going to have issues!
  17. Random Thoughts

    Photo? No photo?
  18. Getting very broody

    Yes. And my sister is about to have her second cute procreation baby....
  19. What is your favorite fruit?

    Oh baby! Persimmon with thickened cream! Also, the persimmon variety that has to be soft to be ripe - you don't get these in the store... I love fruit in general so its hard to pick a favourite but a rare treat are mangosteen And now my mouth is watering...
  20. Beauty and the beast remake Really good
  21. Eh, too tired now. Might pass out from the 3+ hour drive
  22. Hi, I'm about to begin college. I have never been in a relationship due to my fear of rejection for my morals. What advice (if any) would you have for me in reguards to confidence and approaching guys?
  23. @samaye Sounds great! Meet me at the Marble Slab in the Houston Galleria. And if your knee is not too wobbly, then we can go ice skating
  24. @StarGate SG1 I just got through running, so ice cream sounds really good right now
  25. So about this chivalry thing...

    Of course, I do believe women should do certain things, if she sees the opportunity. Like holding a door if a guy has a lot in his hands, stuff like that, it's just nice to do. However, things like a guy opening your car door, or giving you a hand to help you out of the car, or to step over something...these are things that fall under chivalry, I think. There are many many things, yes, but that's an example. The way I see it is that there are many nice, kind, generous, acts you can do for people. Chivalrous acts are acts, of those types, that a man might do for a woman, but would unlikely do for a buddy. For instance, he might hold open a door for a buddy, but he probably would not pull out a chair and help his buddy sit down before heading to his own seat at the table. Or, to the extreme like they did in the old day, stand when a woman leaves the table. Of course, I think that's just sweet, for some reason...I can't explain it, and it's not expected, but....anyway... Is chivalry dead? I don't think it is. It just lies dormant, most of the time. It's sad, sure, but I think there are a couple of reasons...1. We, as women (overall, even though some of us don't feel this way), have gotten so hung up on the attitude that we can do everything ourselves that, somehow, a man acting like a gentleman has become taboo for guys. They feel like they're going to make us angry, or feel like we are less than them. 2. It's a yin/yang order for 'gentleman' to do what they do, 'Ladies' must exist, and vice versa. As a whole, both genders are failing at this, and in the future it may be nonexistent. A true gentleman will do some things that are kind of generally acceptable by everyone...holding doors, etc. Unfortunately, even the true gentlemen, in today's world, must observe individual situations and women to see how receptive his actions will be taken. Personally, I feel bad for men because they might really want to be a true gentleman but they never know when they're going to offend someone. They don't mean to make us feel inferior, yet a lot of women have come to see it this way. In reality, a man shows his true character and how much he adores women (or a specific woman) when he does certain things. I think a real man yearns to, and strives to, protect women. When he's not able to, or not allowed to, he becomes complacent in the world. Chivalrous acts do not demean us, they elevate us. Not that we are better than man, but the intention of these acts is to make us feel loved, cared for, and protected...and, contrary to what extreme feminism would have us believe, THAT IS OK. Now, I can see being offended if he does these things, but then proceeds to talk down to the woman, making her feel like she can't be intelligent because she's female, but I think that's rare. I feel like I may have gone a little off topic...maybe not. Anyway... sorry...just realized this was to the guys...
  26. Hmm I have 2.5 of these if you're stumbling around today, I'm sorry for giving you a weak knee. Let me know if you sustained any scrapes or cuts from falling and I'll send you some band-aids could let me make it up to you and I'll take you out for some ice cream ( haha I'm just kidding sorry I could not resit ) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ok so just the superficial stuff. Each trait by itself is very nice and any combination can be captivating...obviously, not deal-breakers or anything and not in any particular order: Chubby or curvy (not morbid obesity) Pale skin Nice hands with naturally grown out nails and/or cute feet Long hair Less makeup the better Really smart girls (Yes, some inward traits can also be superficial...this effect meets the definition the poster described ) Big butt, hips, or thighs
  27. Facial Hair

    Just adding a thought that came to me as I was reading a different thread. As I said, I do prefer clean cut, most of the time but, for some reason, I was thinking about this and remembered that 2 of my main love interests in the past had facial hair...and I really liked it. So, I guess it just depends on the guy. Not stubble, though. It's a nice look but scratches. All I can remember is when I was really little and my dad came to pick us up for a visit. He gave me a hug, and kiss on the cheek, as usual, and he hadn't shaved in a day or was too scratchy. After that, if he looks unshaven I would let him near me because it hurt. Ok, so, I was just a little girl, but to me it was not good. So, yeah, stubble is great to look at, but I don't care for it. Have a beard, or shave the parts that aren't beard.
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