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  2. This is soooooooooo short-sighted. I was also short-sighted at one time. Let me share a story: My pastor told me this same thing (stay married, do not get divorced) when I came to him crying asking him if I had any way to get a divorce from my husband who had conned me into marrying him and was abusing me.. in front of our toddler at that! He said I had to stay married and he quoted the bible. I know the pastor meant well, he didn't understand the extent of the abuse, but this was due to his own short-sightedness as well. The facts were there. So I went home again, hid in my daughter's closet as usual (seeking safety) and I read my bible, prayed, and read it some more. After my searching of the entire bible for myself, turns out the bible never said to stay married in this situation - it doesn't even mention it! Open your eyes. Marriage and divorce is not so simplistic - not even to God. Only to the naive and narrow-minded. If you have a marriage that does not involve affairs or abuse, wonderful. But be careful of your words. Abuse happens. Even in the church. I stayed married much too long all because I didn't want to sin against my Creator. But it was GOD who set me free. --- My brother married a single mom who had a 6 year old son. He became that boy's father - not by legalities but by presence and filling the role and he did so happily. That was one of the most beautiful examples of grace I've seen. Sure, it is easy to marry a virgin but really check your motives. What extraordinary love it is to marry a single parent and become a father to the fatherless (or mother to the motherless). THAT'S an unselfish kind of love. A true gift. To anyone reading this who has not found this kind of love and are a single parent. You're not alone. Sometimes we just learn to be strong instead.
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  4. First of all, if your ex-girlfriend's "consensual sex" was with a relative - that suggests sexual abuse which always involves manipulation. She was not even adult age, and I feel she needs some grace in that (and therapy!) The big concern I hear is that she is manipulative herself - a reason to run from that relationship. You are certainly not the only one who has lost their virginity in a relationship before they intended to. You are human. Celibacy may be a better goal than virgin purity (more of an idealism anyway). People tend to think they are better than others because they retain their virginity and require it of others. Two virgins marrying is special and all and a great goal, but it is a mistake to think one is "better" "superior" "more pure". Good luck. ^^ Love that
  5. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Worst pain possible? 1. Childbirth 2. Kidney stones Rest doesn't matter, cause always pain killers from Canadian Pharmacy Online
  7. Hey all, Mark again doing a 2018 checking-in!

    Hey all! It's been a while, thought I would drop in and see how things have been going here. It's a shame this forum is mostly abandoned now... It was great hanging out here and I met some great people, I hope you're all well. As for me, I'm still studying at university, currently at masters level, and still enjoying it. When it comes to waiting till marriage... well, I'm not exactly waiting anymore, but not because I found anyone and changed my mind. After a lot of soul-searching, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm asexual and aromantic This doesn't change much in practise, but it's been a relief to realise - and explains a lot about why I decided to wait, lol. Anyway, I wish you all the best, and good luck on your waiting journey for those of you still waiting!
  8. Probably my blue eyes! Also I cut my hair with a short style about a year ago, and I always get compliments on it. It's kind of my own personal trait as I didn't really acquire it through genes from my parents. It's just naturally really nice.
  9. Sally, thanks for the awesome update!
  10. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Hello everybody, Long time no see. I have been absent a couple years and just checked back in here to find out the site is so quiet...such sadness. I hope everyone is well. I've not been an admin on this site, but I'd be happy to help out with it or a Facebook page, if needed. I am not computer savvy, though. Long time no see, Vince -- glad to see you are still around. I hope Mike is okay. I don't know if anyone will ever read this post, but if you do, I'm glad you're here.
  11. Delete my account

    You could make a 'waiting success story' post. That may be encouraging for other site visitors.
  12. Delete my account

    Hi Admins Plz delete my account, I met my soulmate out of this site,next year we are going to marry thanks
  13. Delete my account

    Hi Admins Plz delete my account, I met my soulmate out of this site,next year we are going to marry thanks
  14. Delete my account

    Hi Admins Plz delete my account, I met my soulmate out of this site,next year we are going to marry thanks
  15. I too suffer clinical depression. Best option is not to self medicate and go find your local psychologist. S/he will refer you to a psychiatrist for medication if it seems advisable, all counselors have psychiatrists they refer to. More on depression and meds you can find on Canadian Pharmacy
  16. Hey everyone! Sally and Dodgedude here. Sad to see that the site hasn't been working to add new members in over a year now. We're doing well; we celebrated five years of marriage this June <3 Our daughter is now four years old.
  17. This group isn't affiliated with ours, but there are seminars it hosts that may be of interest to some of you. They hold a number of them across the country.
  18. Hello to all of those who would like to join the forum but have not been able to do so. Unfortunately, due to ongoing technical issues, the website has not been allowing new members to sign up since mid-April 2018. In the meantime, you are welcome to join the waiting till marriage discord groups that are available:
  19. Ah it's been a while but every so often I still end up here. Must be because I'm still alone.

  20. Travel: New Zealand

    New Zeland is so magnificent. We spent 18 nights and split between both islands.... we wanted to do things that were a little different so we went north to the Tutu kaka Coast which was awesome and I liken it to Kauai. On the South Island we kayaked and hike the Queen Charlotte Track which was brilliant. We spent 3 nights at a great eco lodge "near" Nelson. We went to the Tasman Sea and hiked and we boated in the National Park. We did not get to Queenstown or Milford Sound. Auckland reminded me of Seattle and Elliot Bay (on steroids) a boaters heaven. I thought Nelson was the cutest town. We spent too many days in Wellington - it's cute but small but the National Museum is worth a day. To get tips and hacks on travel planning, we use
  21. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I don't have facebook so I wouldn't mind if it just stayed here haha What about discord, didn't someone make a discord server ( or two?) for wtm?
  22. Road Trip

    I believe it's very important to find a nice spot in the mountains and set up. If you can find some water/stream/lake, even better. I prefer that to an actual campground. The wife however prefers something that has a porta potty or similar. The camping sites help a lot while planning a road camping
  23. What is your dream vacation?

    My dream vacation would probably be a week in Ireland followed by a week in England. The runner-up would be two weeks split between Cuzco, Peru (Machu Picchu) and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I spent a week in Dublin, Ireland in 2012 and absolutely loved it. I've wanted to return ever since. To plan my vacations , I use these Travel Cost & Plan resources
  24. Bitcoin owners here?

    I have bitcoin... Not a whole lot, but some... Personally silver is my favorite investment... Bitcoin is more of a "Hail Mary" play for me. I don't believe in any futures market. They are all taking your money to sell IOUs for stuff they don't have. And yes, the US dollar is almost kaput...
  25. Bitcoin owners here?

    Are you into bitcoin? How many coins do you own? And why would you sell at 100k, why not wait until the price hits 200k? Do you believe in bitcoin futures? I personally believe that the US dollar is almost kaput. Bitcoin is simply a test for what the government has already planned.
  26. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Hey everyone. The Facebook group hasn't been made yet. I'll get to it soon. I've just been super busy with a lot of things. Thanks for all your patience. When I create it, I'll announce it here.
  27. How is this Site STILL standing?

    What is the Facebook group if there is one now?
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