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  2. Kingdom of Darkness Sex With Humans Original article: The kingdom of darkness haves sex with humans – sex is a device in their hands 2 Cor 2:11 Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices Kingdom of Darkness Sex With Humans There are 3 kingdoms; Kingdom of God Kingdom of Satan or darkness, and Kingdoms of the world/men Kingdoms of the world are kingdoms of Satan reason Satan offered them to Jesus when tempting Him (Mt 4:8) There are 4 levels of sex; Between humans – human to human Between humans and the creation like animals – abomination Amongst the kingdom of darkness itself Between kingdom of darkness and humans The kingdom of God does not have sex with humans neither amongst itself – sex does not exist in heaven. Reason Jesus said, Mt 22:30 For In the resurrection, people will neither marry nor be given in marriage. Instead, they will be like the angels in heaven Angels do not have sex and so will we in heaven – be like the angels. In heaven there is no hunger, pain, thirst, crying, sorrow, fleshly urges and desires thus neither sex nor its desires (Rev 7:16, 21:4, Isaiah 49:10) Angels are ‘sons of God’ in the same manner there are ‘sons of men’ – the offsprings of men. Fallen angels, angels that were cast out of heaven are called ‘fallen sons of God’. Satan was an angel. When Satan rebelled, he was cast down and swept 1/3 of the angels with him – these are the fallen angels or fallen sons of God. When the fallen angels were cast from heaven, the glory of God departed from them and their nature changed. When they came to earth, they saw the daughters of men and lusted after them and the daughters of men likewise lusted after the fallen angels, and the fallen angels had sex with humans the product being giants. An Angel of God in Him cannot lust after a human but this is not so with fallen angels, demons – lust takes them over for lust is a spirit whose source is Satan. Jesus delivers humans in Him from the spirit of lust because that spirit sires sexual immorality and all forms of sexual abominations. The kingdom of darkness haves sex amongst itself – but it’s beyond sex. In his kingdom, Satan has a wife, she is ‘the harlot’ or ‘mother of harlots’ (Rev 17-18). Every kingdom that deals with harlotry and sexual immorality is under her e.g. the Jezebel kingdom, marine kingdom, etc. Apart from ‘the harlot’ Satan has wives on earth who are the daughters of men, whom he physically haves sex with. This are not ordinary women but women in high ranks in his worship (Satanists). On earth Satan haves weddings with daughters of men only attended by people in high ranks in his worship. In this weddings, he appears physically – like the handsome man a woman ever desired. It’s the same manner he appears in today-so-called-churches, see Satan appears physically in churches In like manner as their master, demons too take wives and husbands for themselves amongst the daughters and sons of men and this is what is referred to as spiritual husbands and wives. See spiritual husband and wife To many, the demons only comes in dreams and visions, marries them even gives some humans weddings rings, to even dreaming giving birth to children in the spirit, but to some humans the demons start to appear physically. These demons are one cause of sex in dreams and what the world calls ‘wet dreams’ A woman married to Satan himself cannot have sex with another human being but this is not so with the demons. A human married to a demon is led to sexual immorality but if s/he is married to a fellow human being, the demon destroys the marriage and if s/he is not married, the demon will not allow the human to be married to another human or have a happy peaceful marriage. I know a story of a woman who every time a man comes to marry her, that night a demon with a huge penis appears to the man in dreams and whips him seriously and tells him to stay away from that woman – this is the spiritual husband of the woman in action; deliverance is the solution Today, this spiritual husbands and wives are the large cause of no marriages, no peace joy and happiness in marriages, destruction of marriages/divorces and separations, sexual immorality, etc. The kingdom of darkness sex with humans is in 2 forms; Physical – Satan or a demon appears to you physically and haves sex with you Spiritually – this is through dreams and visions To the kingdom of darkness, sex is a tool, a device in their hands to steal kill and destroy humans. When they daughters of men had sex with the fallen angels, they gave birth to giants and later the giants turned and started feeding on human flesh and blood and the abomination was great and the cry went to the Throne of God and He destroyed the world with flood thus destroying the giants. Through sex; Demons are transmitted – from demonic world to humans and from one human to another Covenants are made and sealed Satan steals kills and destroys Everything of the kingdom of darkness to humans ends up with sexual immoralities in one way or another – be it world parties, celebrations, clubs and discotheques, alcohol, etc. A church not truly of Jesus Christ is a ground of sexual immorality and addictions – demons thrive in these grounds and are transmitted from one person to another. Reason you must first ask Jesus whether that gathering is His or not before joining, for where Jesus is not, demons are. Satan and demons take a form of light, even taking the image of Jesus in your head, and come to you and haves sex with you. It’s written, And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14) I have seen women who confess that Jesus is their husband and comes to them at night and haves sex with them – they lack understanding and wisdom. In other words they are confessing of being a wife to Satan or a demon. If a person tells you that they are wives of God or Jesus whom He haves sex with – do not open your mouth, flee from such a person When you hear a person telling you that Jesus had/has wives whom he haves sex with – do not answer or confront, flee from that person Satan and demons can take the image of a person you know like your husband or wife.When in dreams you see an image of your husband or wife having sex with you, that is a demon which has just taken the image of your husband or wife to deceive you – it’s not your husband or wife but a demon. There is nothing wrong with a man or woman having sex with his wife or husband, the kingdom of darkness hates this and fights it with all it has. But there is everything wrong with having sex with a human not your wife or husband and darkness pushes humans to this. Let those with wisdom understand – in God’s time and Will, I will reveal beyond this point. Jesus is Coming Repent Repent Repent Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand
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  4. Pestilence is coming

    Original artickle published on the blog the Master's Voice by Celestial Revivalle: Surely wickedness burns like a fire; it consumes briers and thorns, it sets the forest thickets ablaze, so that it rolls upward in a column of smoke. By the wrath of the Lord Almighty the land will be scorched and the people will be fuel for the fire; they will not spare one another. – (Isaiah 9:18-19) “The land will be exhausted. They will face crisis after crisis until they struggle to catch their breath. And yet there are more things to come.” – (To Celestial, April 1, 2020) I had various images this morning, can’t call them dreams, only one was a dream. I dreamt of the coronavirus disease, but throughout the dream it was referred to as “covid-15.” If it was written anywhere, on a patient’s tag or chart it read covid-15. My brain looking at these images kept trying to convert it to covid-19 to make sense of it but, the writing would shrug off my sleeping brain’s attempt to interfere and adjust itself to covid-15. Eventually I realised that the coronavirus disease was being shown from a previous year, previous occurrence- obviously a bad year- 2015. Once I realised this my consciousness stopped attacking the number and it appeared clearly on the bottom of the beds of sick people, on charts, and on sick people’s hospital wristbands- COVID-15. Eventually in the dream I saw new scenes of sick people and the tags given to them were COVID-19. Now it began appearing across my dream, on the news banners, wrist tags and other places as: COVID-19. COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease 2019. So you already know what COVID-15 stands for, and that means what I saw this morning is that this disease is not new, it has been here in the USA before but never talked about, publicised, or called its real name. I was curious so I did research and what I found is America had its deadliest ‘flu season’ in 10 years in 2015. You can read more on that here or do your own research on this. God spoke to me about the disease currently in the earth. In images I saw people dying of covid-19; they were choking on bodily fluids and then their lives expired. But I saw worse, I saw another disease descend upon earth, its appearance was like fire and it burned humanity to a crisp. I heard the Lord say “Another contagion is coming, one far worse than the one on earth now. It will burn and consume them, write: ‘FEVER.’ I send the fever, the ague, chills and temperature.” I saw people shivering terribly in hospital beds; they hugged themselves with legs pulled up and their teeth chattered. They felt cold and freezing yet their temperature reflected above their heads via a beeping, red hospital monitor: 105. 106. I thought what, how can someone can be alive at 106 fever? The Lord said: “Fever. Ague. Disease. Remind them of my word,” and I saw the photo of another prophecy I have on the blog titled “The Pale Horse“. Click the link and read that if you can. I did research when I woke up and found this on one medical website: Hyperpyrexia, or fever of 106°F or higher, is a medical emergency. If the fever is not lowered, organ damage and death can result. In fact, if you’re experiencing a fever of 103°F or higher with other significant symptoms, it’s important that you seek immediate medical care. The Lord said “A disease worse than covid-19 is coming. It will burn up the inhabitants of earth, it will make them like dry kindling wood and they will be burned.” I saw how people died. People DIED of this new disease in droves and it was just terrible. Again it affected western nations, that’s what I saw. When people finally died of this disease they were dried up from fever until their skin was wrinkly and dry, flaky, like old paper or parchment. People aged and died looking ten times older than they really were. When they died their skin was flushed and retained a dull red colour under the skin- you could see it in their cheeks and face especially. They looked like they were sleeping but they were surely dead and their bodies were HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. I saw hospital workers removing bodies in hazmat suits, white suits- as they zipped these dried-up people in black body bags they worked slowly and methodically. The bodies were so contagious that even if any of their hair snagged in the body bag zipper and somehow came in contact with a living person they could get this disease. If the dead one’s skin so much as pinched in the zipper or got pricked in some way and blood flowed out and touched somebody, that person would fall sick. I saw the blood of a dead person being drawn for testing, it was thick as drying glue and very black. I knew watching these images that there was no cure for this disease, doctors were wasting their time trying to make sense of it. This disease came like a dry wind from heaven and landed on people, and man began to die a horrible burning death. The fever dried out the body and killed people, and sadly there could be no normal burial process. I saw into a place that was very hot: Bodies were left in black body bags, put into a large oven and burned. I saw the oven opening regularly after the timer on it ran out, more bodies were shovelled into it and then the flat metal door was shut, the temperature gauge set and the door sealed. Then fire raged in that oven and that’s how people left this world. That’s how people ended their lives. There was no giving bodies back to families, the government wasn’t even trying to imagine what would happen if highly contagious bodies were handed back to families for them to handle burials themselves. People got cremated amid extreme grief, mental breakdown and struggle as their families realised the last time they’d see their mother, father, sister, spouse was when they got wheeled into ICU in the last stages of this disease. I tell you grief in the nations was profound and very, very HIGH. The scene changed and I saw a huge warehouse, I mean.. massive. Bigger than any Amazon warehouse, the place stretched out long as a football field and God put me at the roof to observe the sheer size of it. The place was filled with workers in white hazmat suits. Every inch of them was covered except their faces, which had eye goggles instead of sealed helmets. Their mouths were uncovered to talk to each other; they had blue shoe covers and blue gloves. I didn’t see what they were doing but they were like ants in that warehouse. The image blacked out into a black background with two medical shields on it. By medical shield I mean an insignia, a logo like a company logo. The logos were shaped like shields, black background, white logo. One shield was a medical dropper shaped like a cross- the top and sides of it stuck up and to both sides, and the bottom of the dropper had a drop of liquid squeezing out of it. But the second shield was twice as deadly- it has two thermometers side by side with the gauge right at the top. So I saw the first disease was one involving liquid, and the next disease would be a deadlier one involving heat. The two shields disappeared and God told me: Covid-19 is over. It is ended. It will soon taper down and die out. My people cried for mercy and I have heard their prayers. But judgement is against the land and this new disease shall come. It will burn among men and take its fair share until it too is commanded to cease. This is the word of the Lord. This is what I received this morning. As with all prophecy please take this to the Lord in prayer. The word at the top (about struggling in waves of crisis) was also given this morning; it mirrors a scripture I’ve shared many times on this blog: Yet for all that His anger is not turned away; His hand is stretched out still. (Isaiah 9) This phrase simply means- It’s not over, more is coming. Yes it’s terrible but even if you can’t believe it there’s more on the way. WOES. I have another prophecy, I’ll try and post it today. Let us stay in a mindset and posture of repentance– God wants to see people sorry for their sins and everybody else’s sins, asking for mercy in our collective time of need. Amen.
  5. Hey all, checking in for 2020! Not much is new other than I've finally gotten a job and have been working for almost a year now! Looks like everyone's moving off to a new site. Well this site was important to many of us and brings back many memories! If it's gone, at least it will always be in our hearts!
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  7. How important is height?

    I wouldn’t be bothered by it.
  8. How important is height?

    So if your gal wore heels which made her your height or taller, you would be okay with that?
  9. How important is height?

    Hmm..good question. I would say that I like who are my height or shorter but dating taller woman is not a deal breaker for me.
  10. Mental issues...

    Mental health is no joke. CBD by is my real helper. I vape CBD for my anxiety (currently tapering off of a low dosage of xanax) and for Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms. Works wonderfully for both.

    Hey guys, so here's an update: I regret to inform you all that the migration to the new platform isn't working out. It's a long and complicated story, but suffice to say that it doesn't look like this forum will be preserved long term. Sorry guys, I really tried but things just wasn't working out. But we still can rebuild. For all those still interested, please head on over to the new forum that Queen started below. It may not be the same as before but at least it's something.
  12. Traditional. I often question why I was born now instead of 100 years ago. The traditional lifestyle sounds like a dream.
  13. Childbirth and my daily arthritic pain. The most painful when I get it in my hip as its agonising laying down,standing,walking and getting on and off the loo:( I've been even taking best CBD gummies to deal with this annoying pain.
  14. What is your sexual orientation?

    Aromantic asexual and wouldn't have it any other way! Just pointing out that transsexual (or transgender) isn't a sexual orientation, it's a gender identity.
  15. What is your sexual orientation?

    I'm half-bisexual, as in the half that allows me to produce babies.
  16. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am as straight as an arrow and proud of it.
  17. Yeah, I have heard people's sex drive changes with age, stress and life in general. Me personally, I have never experience a significant drop of sex drive in my life so far, at least not for a significant amount of time. Essentially, I've always wanted sex real badly. lol. Not saying that won't change in the future, I'm just saying it's unlikely But in terms of a future marriage, I'm not sure if I could be with a woman with little to no sex drive. I would want to find a woman who wants it just as much as I do. Which is a lot. lol.
  18. I recently watched a show (Oprah on youtube) about married couples (with kids) and one spouse wanted a lot less sexual intimacy than the other. They had a couple where the woman didn't want to participate in those activities (due to stress, parenting, work) and they had 2 couples when it was the men who wanted less. So it can happen both ways. When I left my first response, I was assuming both people had an adequate sex drive and with just some changes in priorities, it could be worked out. After watching that show, now I realize that sex drives can change and be drastically different and can be a problem as Invinceble alluded to in the original post. You'd have to have both spouses on the same page in order to work that out.
  19. What is your sexual orientation?

    Asexual, but don't know what kind I actually am. It doesn't really matter though, cause I don't care about being in a relationship.
  20. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am super straight. lol
  21. It depends. I do not think it is an either or for me. I come from a deeply traditional home and would love to maintain it. However schools, houses, rent, food etc have become so expensive that it more often than not forces both to work in order to maintain a good or decent standard of living. As conservative traditionalist as I am I do most of the cooking at home. My wife is in medical and works later than I do. I have flexi hours so I stop working at 3 pm. So I deem it only considerate not to wait for her to come home late after facing long cues of traffic. I earn somewhat more than her so it puts my mind at ease being somewhat traditional. I cannot fathom the roles being in reverse where the wife has to look after the man financially.
  22. Modern all the way. I'd rather die than be in a traditional relationship.
  23. What is your sexual orientation?

    I am a straight male, a heterosexual man to be precise. I am attracted to women and hope and want my future wife to be attracted to my masculinity. I want to rock her world, :).
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