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  3. Hi! I haven't been around the forums as much, but more so because I started investing myself more fully into different things. I actually was involved in a nasty auto accident back in September 2015 and the brain injuries from that have become something I'm still working on. (Thats another reason for my absence.) So, just a lot of medical stuff both from that and which have come up since. That's vague, but nonetheless my life right now is pretty revolved around fighting through it all. Still successfully wtm, also! I'm 24 now but I still have people think I look like a teenager at times, while people who know me say I carry myself/act a few years older than I actually am. Haha I don't mind hearing either. It's neat hearing from you!
  4. Birth control/condoms as a married man or woman

    Ladies, it all actually depends on your body type. Every women reacts differently to the same birth control pills. I have been using Yasmin pills for over a year as birth control pills, and I should admit it works perfectly. You can find info on these pills on Canada Drugs . It describes all the possible side effects.
  5. Today (April 21st), Lovelyish is getting married! Congratulations for having the struggle of waiting till marriage finally pay off! We all wish you and your husband a happy lifetime together (and that you'll stick around and be an inspiration for us other waiters!)
  6. Yeah, I am still a virgin because he doesn't get how to do that with me. When I said orthodox i meant his own made up religion. He also tried twisting the meaning of virginity. Was their history similar to mine? I'll request for the transfer. Thanks for the recommendations. That fully describes our problem. We had lots of talks about intimacy over the years. Actually, he was the one who started the talk about special night some weeks before our marriage. I was completely prepared. He poured water over it by saying that he wanted to first "practice" with me and do the actual deed after we get our own place. But as we know, I didn't marry him to enjoy what he did with other women. Otherwise, i would have married some polygamous person. He seems to be suffering from the same thing seen in other nonvirgins. Every time I want to talk about the "concept of special" he switches to, "everything between us is special". I can't then continue. I am now basically giving him hints. Do you have any tips on that? I did tell him to do what you suggested above. Apparently, he doesn't know how to do it. He tried extending the foreplay, but it only left me feeling guilty instead of aroused. It seemed like I was forcing him and the sex was just all about me. It is me making love to myself and functional sex between him and me. That's an addon to the problem. But I would say I am not ready to accept his baggage. Thank you for the link. I'll check it. It seems he has problem with the term if I use it for us, but recently, he concluded that the act before the marriage is the "ultimate sin". He has never been religious and often showed disinterest in religions. This is the first time in years I am hearing words like purity and sin from his mouth. Rushing is the biggest culprit in this situation.
  7. my hair. it took awhile to get it to grow out but it was worth it when it did. i ended up dying it black recently and i love it
  8. Engagement Ring Stone

    Opal anyone? Though I suppose they may need too large a piece to really shine...
  9. Engagement Ring Stone

    Oh you get chains. They're just intangible
  10. What I find noticeably tough at times is the lack of physical affection, just non-sexual affectionate physical touch. Apart from hello/goodbye hugs I pretty much don't get any voluntarily affectionate touch. The most affectionate touch I currently get is from my godchildren - their passionate hugs, when they just want to climb all over you, when they get jealous of each other because one of them is sitting on you, when they want to be held, when they snuggle into you....ahhhh I soak it up like a sponge in the Atacama desert. Last year a friend gave me a short shoulder massage for my birthday. I nearly teared up. *sigh*
  11. Account.

    please leave your content when you go!
  12. Just in case people might not want to make an account here or want to chat. I want to boost the community here and have a place where people can talk and receive support and ask questions etc. Link never expires.
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  14. following the yellow brick road

    haha thanks! im not aware of a road with that name but you never know
  15. Haha thank you sir! I change it up most of the time. Sometimes it's shorter sometimes it's longer. Gotta stay proper.
  16. Do you abstain from other things besides sex too?

    @meandmyfaith when you say eaten, do you mean chewing or ingesting? Just curious...
  17. I finally decided to go to this extent...

    Welcome Axel You know, it is probably the need to grow it longer
  18. following the yellow brick road

    Welcome when I first saw your title I asked myself if there really was a road called that haha
  19. New here :) Hello from Texas

    Welcome I do believe we have a few people from Texas here.
  20. Yeah man. No worries. Nice meeting you too =)
  21. Welcome to the forum dude, spend some time here, soak in the relaxing atmosphere. With regards to prince charming, anything worth having takes at least some work. Don't date a thousand people, that's not healthy. Be smarter; if you want to find prince charming, think about what makes a prince charming. Do you want someone who only dotes on you 24/7, or someone who challenges you? If you don't have a general idea of what you're looking for, you won't know when you've found it. At the same time, having a Santa wish list of things you want is probably unrealistic. Prioritise like 5 main things that will filter out the "nope" guys and you will be on your way to finding the one. Now when it comes to waiting, yes, it's objectively scientifically better to wait. When it comes to sex before marriage people are destroying their ability to have future relationships, they're affecting their children, they're feeding their own impulsiveness and short-term gratification over long-term happiness, just to get a dopamine hit. Outside of marriage and commitment, the benefits of sex are not much more than eating a bar of chocolate(some women even compare sex to eating chocolate), and the side effects are much, much worse. I'm not gonna go into the science of that here, though. Just remember, getting into the habit of defering short-term gratification for long-term happiness is a great tool in most aspects of life. As for having the urge to scratch the old itch, you're in the right place here. Some of us are double your age(not me lol). And the male sex drive is(according to studies on the sex lives of gays and lesbians) about 9 times more powerful than the female sex drive. So if you compare yourself to some of these men who have waited maybe 15 years since they were legal, you've only just left the starting post. And female virginity is much, much more attractive than male virginity so you probably won't have trouble finding someone later on if you change your mind. If you finished that, sorry for the ramble but I hope it helped in some way to make your decision. For better or worse, don't judge this site by my responses alone because I'm not your average waiter lol. But I do hope you enjoy your time here =]
  22. Welcome to the site! This is awesome, mind if I use this as a template for my About section? I was literally just about to write something like this, with the attributes at the top as well. Nice to meet you dude =]
  23. I'm 26, this is basically my plan too. Whether you're planning to marry sooner, later, or perhaps not at all, it's important to save. Maybe invest too, I'm trying to learn more about that and they say start as young as possible. If your parents are cool with it, then living with them is a good way to save money. I help pay bills and debt, rarely buy anything I don't need. Here in London, no one buys houses because the prices are sky high, most people under 35 live with parents. Immigrants usually save by having 2 families in one house. What girls think of you doesn't matter. A girl who would prefer you rent an apartment and live paycheck to paycheck is not the type who will save money, put kids first, and stick with you through hard times. The superficial idea of independence means more to that kind of girl than building a future together.
  24. In this day and age buying a house or even finding a place to rent is very difficult more and more people are staying with parents into their 30s. If it's for practical reasons as apposed to a lack of ability or indipendence I would see it as a positive that a man is planning and thinking practically about his future. Shot answer yes I would marry a man still living at home. If it had been practical for me to stay at home I would still be there as it stands I'm turning 26 in a few weeks and trying to figure out how I can make it possible to move back home.
  25. So just to start this off I'm going to simply copy & paste my about me section with additional detail. Male 25 6ft 2 European Blond Blue Eyes Okay this is it. This is me. I’ve been doing all that I can to get things right and now I don’t know what is right or wrong anymore. I’m educated, cultured, well-spoken, speak several languages, down to earth, athletic, have a great job, have my own place, well-traveled, and in great shape but none of that really matters when trying to find the right one as I’ve had to painfully learn over the years. While I am all of these great things I am another: Disappointed I have been disappointed so many times by potential fits for me that having this feeling is simply tiresome. I want to find a girl that not only cherishes all of the beautiful things in life but above all – herself. I feel like I’ve missed the boat but I am optimistic that I will find the right girl who’s waited as I have one day. AND YES. I MEAN WAITING UNTIL MARRIAGE FOR HER. So if any of this connects with you, If you feel like as you’re reading this that you’ve said this all to yourself before, Then please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me, as all we have left to lose is time and the opportunities we don’t take in this fleeting life. I am in South Florida and if you are too and want to meet up (whether it’s for lunch, at the beach, or over dinner) don’t hesitate to message me and we can just get to know each other =) If you have any questions as well don't hesitate to ask. I'm a very amicable kind of guy. Thank you for reading this.
  26. Welcome to the forums, Jojo. First off, it absolutely is worth it to wait and it is very possible to find the good kind of man you are looking for. You should never lose hope of that. Whatever negative experiences your friends and family had probably says more about themselves than anything else. They purposefully chose to settle in bad relationships and to hook up frivolously. Just because it's the popular thing to do doesn't mean everyone in the world is doing it. There are lots of people out there like us who value waiting and meaningful relationships. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Stay true to your values, don't give into peer pressure and you will attract the right guy.
  27. I've always dreamed about my prince charming coming in to my life. I've always dreamed of the things talked about in this forum. Finding my soul mate, staying abstinent until marriage and having an incredible together as an unbreakable team. Lately I've been contemplating if waiting is really worth it because most girls my age have done it or are planning on doing it in university and with the horrible marriages (especially my parents), failed relationships and "men are trash" testimonials I don't want to be naive and unrealistic in hoping that I will find the one who is meant for me. And I'm really ashamed of this but I fantasize about sex with who I'd like to think is my future husband a lot and then I get frustrated because I feel like it will never happen. I REALLY WANT TO MEET MY SOUL MATE AND KNOW THAT HE LOVES ME FOR ME BUT I'M LOSING HOPE THAT HE EVEN EXISTS
  28. Social Bias Against Men

    I don't believe society thinks males are typically victims of abuse or that a "few slaps" are no big deal. it sucks too. used to have a friend that stayed with a woman that abused him. i saw this first hand. but she would play the victim and claim he abused her. keep in mind i lived with them and i never once saw him raise a hand to her. not when she threw his stuff across the room. not when she would hit him, slap him or threaten him. not when she took his keys and then took his car. not when he caught her cheating. abuse is a problem on both ends of the spectrum; it is not a problem with just one. though a large part of society only seems to notice it when it is against a woman
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