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  2. Hey Chris, Thanks! And all the best on finishing your uni degree, I know you can do it!
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  4. Hey all, Mark again doing a 2018 checking-in!

    Hey Mark, welcome back to the Forums. Congratulations on finishing university. I am happy for you. I have been doing well over here: I am still finishing uni but I hope to be finished with it soon. Nice to hear from you again, :). Chris
  5. How is this Site STILL standing?

    ^ Ditto Dave, Ditto
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  7. Hello all, Doing a 2019 check-in ! For those of you new, call me Mark. I was a member of this site years ago and admin from like 2011-2015 until leaving. I do pop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I usually have nothing new to report, but this time I do: I've FINALLY graduated from university so that's one achievement I've unlocked, lol. Everything else is the same: I'm still single and still a virgin. How's everyone? Anything interesting and new happen in the past year? How is our site founder, Mike?
  8. Yup, turns out that Justin Bieber successfully waited till marriage! Him and his wife cite their religious faith as their primary reason for doing so
  9. How is this Site STILL standing?

    @Syzygy People have been struggling to sign up for a while. Way back when I signed up, I could only use gmail...and now I dont even think that is an option. It would be nice if Vince or someone could fully take over the IT responsibilities.
  10. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Can new people not join the site anymore? It looks like the last people to sign up were back in April 2018.
  11. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Hello everybody, just wanted to say Hi, I guess. I wasn´t able to log into the site for quite some time. The site didn´t let me. Today, I tried again after a very long time and it worked miraculously. Why isn´t Mike doing anything to maintain and "foster" the site anymore? He always said is one of his "precious websites"...I hope nothing bad happened to him :-/ It´s good to see some old faces around here :-) Why do you think this would be a good idea? Just asking out of curiosity. Good to see you, by the way, Francois :-) I´m with Syzygy, though. Archiving the site so it´s only "read only content" is the last thing I would want for!
  12. I would think that most wtm guys wouldn't be going to late night parties in the first place, especially not if it was an unwholesome sort of party. As it is said, nothing good happens after midnight/1am/2am/etc. I'm assuming the original question wasn't referring to a late night party that was for a more benign occasion.
  13. How is this Site STILL standing?

    It's good to see you Francois, but I think that is an awful idea. It may not be very active on here right now, but there will probably still be a few who join in the future (or who are already members) who get something meaningful or insightful from being able to exchange ideas or messages here. Even if the site is very quiet, I'm still glad to know it's still here.
  14. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I think it is time Mike "archives" the site as read only content. No new users, no new posts, but anyone stumbling on the site via google to see a discussion on a topic can read it.
  15. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I was hoping that Mike would turn over the website to you. You've always been on the ball with the admin duties.
  16. Legalized Recreational Marijuana

    In my opinion legalisation of medical cannabis oil, and sale from government controlled outlets, removes people from the influence of heroin and crack dealers. It definitely has fewer side effects and does less harm than alcohol or tabacco.
  17. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Depends on what you mean by "management." As an admin, I can regulate access to forums for members and I can oversee what goes on in threads. But in terms of maintaining the servers and upgrading the software, only Mike can do that. He isn't exactly motivated to act upon these things even if he gets continuously gets pestered. So you're welcome to keep emailing him and hope he does something about it, but I'm not holding my breath.
  18. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I think those that are still active on the site have been using one of the discord accounts that was set up. I miss having the chat room on the website. Fortunately, the website is still working (minus a few things like the chat room). I think it was about a year or so ago when it started having all these glitches and it seemed that it was about to crash. Is there any chance that you could take over management here Vince?
  19. How is this Site STILL standing?

    i have no idea. i've been looking for alternatives to this site and haven't found any. kind of sucks
  20. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I guess Mike just gave up on maintaining the site. I think things started going downhill with the chatroom being gone. I miss the good old days when this place was busy. But people move on and so does life. That's just the way it is.
  21. How is this Site STILL standing?

    Don't know. I thought it was closed down and archived already. Seems like there is not much new posts. Back in the hey day there used to be several discussions on a daily basis. Good thing is I have made several good friends on here and some people found their soul mates when the site was at its peak.
  22. Is it possible to wait till marriage for a male?

    It has to be a choice he has already made. You can't take an average guy and expect him to wait, because he won't really have the incentives or understanding that you do. It would be better to find a guy who is already waiting and has experience of being around girls without being tempted.
  23. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    I don't really mind either way, as long as it's not worn all the time. It can be bad for your skin but it can look really cool when girls have coloured or candy lipstick, unusual stuff.
  24. Why do guys do this?...

    You're welcome. I've seen a lot of situations where a guy tries to overcompensate to reassure their girlfriend or vice versa, sometimes it's the guy who is insecure.
  25. How is this Site STILL standing?

    No idea... Haven't known what's been going on around here for ages...
  26. I'm not understanding why the site is still around. Is he going to fix it or is it going to stay this way!?
  27. Trouble uploading pics

    All you need to reduce file size, or to convert a pic to another format which supposes less size. I very like Filetypeadvisor as it not only recognizes necessary files and provides with detailed info, but suggests different tools for opening and converting, too.
  28. Why do guys do this?...

    Hmm you have imagination... this is quite a scenario, never thought it like that. Thanks for your feedback
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