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  2. Newbie here :)

    i feal welcomed and happy
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  4. what are you feelings on...

    Divorce- I really only believe in it for infidelity. Abortion- I am pro-life. I am a bastard, and my mother could of had an abortion. I am against abortion in all cases. When a woman's life is on the line, you treat the woman, regardless of what happens to the child. Children- since I was young I wanted a little tribe. I come from a family of 4, but 3 were only ever in the same house at the same time. But now I am not as sure as I used to be. Trump's election makes it seem more reasonable. If HRC had one, I think that it might just of been best to hold off on kids.
  5. Hi beautiful princess :) just wanted to say hi to you because I'm impressed by your love for God and it's refreshing to see that I'm not alone on this path.

    May God bless you in abundance,


    PS: What is your real name please ? How did you become a christian ? Is your family christian ?

    Lots of blessings for you 

    1. ChildOfTheOneTrueKing


      Hello Miss Géraldine,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! :D I am deeply humbled by your compliment. All I want in life is for people to see Christ through me. May God bless you, too! 

      My real name is Rena :) I was born into the Roman Catholic faith and my whole family is Catholic, and I am still and will be, until the day I meet Him. So I have always been a Christian, but in the past 8 years, my love for Christ has only gotten stronger, particularly to my being immersed in the whole genre of music that is dedicated to our great God. I have been a musician since childhood, so music has always been a part of my life. Music is a beautiful God-given creation that acts as a form of expression and storytelling, that unites us all, beyond "one language." So when I learned that there were Christian radio stations that actually played awesome music glorifying our God, my whole love for music changed. (When most think of "radio," they think "mainstream" music and not so much "Christian music."). But in the realm of "Christian music," the genre is composed of so many "types" of genres, that sound "mainstream." You have artists who create pop music, others more R&B, still others with rock, alternative, rap, etc., still all glorifying God. Mainstream radio's typical content consists of money, sex, drugs, revenge, etc., the more negative entities. So being a lover of music and Christ, how could I not be engaged and fall deeper in love? 

      Contrary to what others may think, I feel that even if I wasn't introduced to Christ early, I would still find my way back to Him. After knowing Him and what He's done and what He continues to do, how could I turn away? I can't. That is not an option. His great sacrificial love is grander than anything on this earth. I look forward to being with Him. But until then, I strive to live like Him everyday. I live for Him because He died for me.

      Sending Blessings,


  6. Wow Daisetsuu !! I send all my sincere and deep encouragements for you in your walk for Christ ! Yes, I agree with you, there is somewhere a woman who is waiting a guy living his life to please Jesus as you do. Stay strong Blessings
  7. Wooow ! Amazing!!! I totally share your opinion Child of the One true King ! My prayer is to marry the exact same type of man you described. Yes, a man in love with Jesus and loving the Word of God. My oxyden of everyday, my source of life is the Bible. And I deeply want to be with a man in love with Jesus. I also want to date a man with the mindset to marry. It seems we are twin sisters ? (joking ) And to you DHZ, the answer concerning me is yes. I want to marry this type of man. But as Child of the One true King said, it would be a shame that a man began to become spiritual just to please me, not because he has been fully convinced by God to do so. I pray that God can lead you in His presence and that you experiment the deep joy that comes from Him alone Blessings for all
  8. I have come to the conclusion that if I ever marry, she probably will be someone who didn't wait.
  9. Random Thoughts

    reading jayce rans debate in this video comments was far more interesting than the video itself
  10. Random Thoughts

    I've always wanted to change my name but I can't decide on a name. I can take my would be wife's last name when I get married and then change my first name.
  11. Think that "Atreyu" is a Great name for a dog. I always thought that that name was a great name.

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    2. LMNolan


      Thank you for liking the name xD

      I feel everyone deserves love and to have the chance to learn about God. No matter what someone does, they are still my brothe/sister. I shouldn't judge and it's not my job to avenge. I am just here to love so I do. I enjoyed the fact that I go where most wouldn't. People might not understand, but inmates need love so much. They are surrounded by darkness and I like to shine the light on them. Make them feel human and loved again. 

    3. Jeremy


      Yeah, being institutionalized kind of depersonalizes a person, I know from my experience from the Army. In prison they're kind of a case and a number. Not being able to go outside can really mess with you.

      Do you guys just show up with a service only, or do you bring along things to eat and drink, like nachos, or something that they can't get on the inside?

    4. LMNolan


      It is a whole weekend. We have an outside and inside team. Since I work at a men's unit, I have to be part of the outside, but I'm able to go in to run food in and be part of the closing ceremony. The inside team is there for almost 12 hours to speak to and just love on the 42 inmates and about 12 stewards who help out. We feed them with snacks in the morning, lunch, and dinner. They also have snacks and cookies. We bring cookies to hand out to every inmate in the entire unit. During the weekend, it's a way to almost take them outside of the walls, while they are still there. We don't try to convert anyone, just love. The meals are usually burgers, brisket, pizza, fried chicken, and other home cooked meals they would enjoy. We try to bring stuff they don't get or haven't seen in a while. There is also a prayer chain that wraps around the whole chapel with names of all the people praying for them,  place mats drawn by kids, posters around the room, and hand written letters for each guy. I've been involved with this ministry for 3 or 4 years now and I love it! It's called Kairos btw. They are all around in many different areas.

  12. I sincerely suggest you watch Amadeus, if you haven't already. It will give you some perspective.
  13. I was raised jewish then i was a new ager then a christian and now i'm an animist
  14. Is "sex only within marriage" an idol?

    Allow any Christian theologian (or Christian, for that matter, as I'm not one) to correct me, but I believe the Bible defines idolatry as the use of physical representations for the purpose of worship. The most numerous mentions are in the book of Genesis, which specifically refers to physical objects. Within the commandments, Exodus 20 forbids creation of idols, seemingly referring to physical creation. Exodus 34 specifically refers to molding or casting idols/gods (depending on the translation). Additionally, Leviticus 26:1 states: “You shall make for yourselves no idols and erect no carved images or pillars, and you shall not place figured stones in your land, to worship at them; for I am the Lord your God.” In his first letter to the Romans (22-25), Paul comments on these images to be anthropomorphic or theriomorphic deifications: “Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man or birds or animals or reptiles. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever! Amen.” The controversy over religious iconography in the 8th and 9th centuries is a direct representation of this definition, as it is the images themselves that are posited as possibly idolatrous, even within a Christian context, not any intangible conceptualization of idolatry. The user in question clearly misunderstands the biblical definition of idolatry and is relying on a specific modern definition of the term “idolize,” meaning to “admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively” (OED definition), which is not the same as the alternate definition, which specifically means to create a physical idol. But like I said, I'm not Christian, so feel free to correct me.
  15. Didn't know that there was such a site

    Welcome to the forum
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  17. Dating Non Christians?

    I might ask a woman out on a who was a non-Christian, but only to find out whether she was a born-again Christian. My goal for marriage is to marry a Born-Again Christian woman. Not only would I only seriously date a Christian, she would have to be a Born-Again Christian. Some things in the New Testament are just ingrained in my brain. Were I to sin, and seriously date and then marry a non Born-Again Christian, I would probably repent later, and than divorce that woman, and be in the clear salvationally speaking - but WHAT A MESS that would be.
  18. contraception

    I believe in only condoms and being snipped. However, should I ever chose to be snipped, I will have some of my guys cryogenically frozen. Probably at a couple of different facilities, because I'm kind of a prepper anyway so I definitely would be with potential future generations. Actually, there is some research that the older the man is who produces the sperm, the greater chance for the offspring to be susceptible to certain ailments, thinking specifically of schizophrenia.
  19. Principles for christian dating

    Really like seeing what the principles were, then BAM it's Mark Driscoll! Lot of controversy regarding this man ~ charges of being abusive (not sexually) to members of his church. His way or the highway, you either agree down the line or are booted out his church (sometimes without an reason given). He is a Calvinist also, fyi.
  20. He must really have his mind on immediate gratification. I find it kind of odd that he would cut ties with you so abruptly without leaving a door open. Sounds like he burned a bridge. Generally, I think women would receive a much better reaction when they tell a man that they are waiting till marriage.
  21. Random Thoughts

    I'm an aunt to a 19 year old today
  22. Tattoos& Piercings

    No no no. I think tattoos can be fun to look at images of people with them like any other artform but since i am looking for my equal i never got it done so she shouldn't either. If she had her ears pierced as a child then i guess she would have to let them close up because i don't like ear rings i also don't like makeup I don't want that poisonous stuff coming off on my face when we're kissing. I also don't like any other fake stuff like fake eyelashes, hair dye, fake nails. Glasses or contacts both are ok. Fingernail polish is ok i guess.
  23. Is "sex only within marriage" an idol?

    Well said i was coming to the same conclusion that sexual purity has become an idol and i needed to rethink why i am waiting mostly im not waiting for sex but im waiting for the right person who is my equal and the discussion revolving ariund sex made sex an idol it's not really a relationship who's most cherished goods is sex because i am not looking for having children and i can satisfy myself sexually so what i am looking for is intimacy and affection and commitment but not marriage because I don't see the point in tying assets together or proving my love in front of others because my ideal relationship is one of adventure not settling down. So i'm here because i never had sex but don't want it to be about sex but about how my equal is my equal in all aspects of life and not ever having sex not even kissing passionately on the lips yet are just two of many traits
  24. I've done a lot more thinking after reading a lot here and for me, the right person is the right person: while a ceremony is nice idea as long as it's not overly expensive or stressful it's not necessary for me to trap my partner under vows in front of other people. i think the most romantic thing would be traveling and camping together and cuddling not having sex and that's why it would be more important for me to find my equal. So why don't i just wait to marriage because it doesn't mean much for me as i am not religious i am trying to rid myself of cultural conditioning and think for myself and that means that once you"re married you aren't in the clear especially as a man anyways with divorce courts by the way so the idea of just spending as much time as possible with her is more important to me than thinking about growing old and having a family doesn't appeal to me. Although I don't want to find out one day that she's had enough with me i do believe i am safer not being married if that should happen. I am not waiting for the right person to satisfy myself and I don't care if they waited to satisfy themselves but i am waiting for the right person to be where i am and not expect more from me than i can give and right now I don't want coitus but I wouldn't mind mutual stimulation. But that would be what i waited to do but if i wait for this then i feel like i make sex the pinnacle or idol or put it on a pedestal i just really want someone who never kissed or had sex because i never did. Because i am not putting intercourse as the pinnacle of a relationship or defining feature because i can get stimulation by myself i am putting intimacy and affection as the pinnacle i think for me i am transcending my cultural expectations. I am waiting for my equal to come to me and say yes i am here because i never had sex for my reasons. And i want to move to a place where I don't lose anything because they (the nonwaiters) have monopolized the terminology. Basically i want freedom to love deeply without expectation based on what's going on downstairs. So i am glad i am still welcomed here despite my far out ideas. Thanks.
  25. Tattoos& Piercings

    1: No 2: No 3: No On two, maybe three occasions guys have offered to pay for me to get a tattoo if I would get one. Tattoo and piercing free here. The worst are the "in memorium" tattoos. I don't want to be intimate with a tombstone.
  26. "I was There When It Happened." Favorite Born-Again Christian song. I was there when I was saved, I remember it precisely, and no one told me I was saved, God gave me a true born again experience. First time I had ever heard the gospel. Age ~6. Took about three minutes for the guy to lay out the gospel in the invocation to a service. No invitation, I just believed it. YouTube of it:
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