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  2. Youtube Channel: MrBlazeJ: Original video titled: RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine. CEO of Apiject says Trump administration will use their company for PREFILLED SYRINGES and C.o.r.o.n.a.virus VACCINES. He says they will have RFID microchip tracking on the backside of the SYRINGES to show the location and who has been vaccinated, if the U.S g.o.v decides to use it. He says they will have 100 million doses ready by the end of 2020 and in 2021 330 million doses per month ready for the American population. Interesting how they use the Christian Broadcast Network to promote the vaccines. Don't take the c.o.v.i.d vaccinations it has nanotechnology in it. The Rfid microchip implant in the hand is the mark of the beast. Don't receive that either or Judgment of the lake of fire will come to you Revelation 14:9-12..#Repent to King Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and save you from your sins# Link to orginal video is below: Link to Apiject website
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  4. Youtube Channel: MrBlazeJ : Original video titled: RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine. CEO of Apiject says Trump administration will use their company for PREFILLED SYRINGES and C.o.r.o.n.a.virus VACCINES. He says they will have RFID microchip tracking on the backside of the SYRINGES to show the location and who has been vaccinated, if the U.S g.o.v decides to use it. He says they will have 100 million doses ready by the end of 2020 and in 2021 330 million doses per month ready for the American population. Interesting how they use the Christian Broadcast Network to promote the vaccines. Don't take the c.o.v.i.d vaccinations it has nanotechnology in it. The Rfid microchip implant in the hand is the mark of the beast. Don't receive that either or Judgment of the lake of fire will come to you Revelation 14:9-12..#Repent to King Jesus and ask Him to forgive you and save you from your sins# Link to orginal video is below: Link to Apiject website
  5. Original article written by Celestial Revivalle on the blog The Master's voice And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. – (Revelation 13:16-17) This morning I received information from the Lord which, again, has to be posted before I continue with the dreams I’ve had in the last few weeks. He woke me up at 6 a.m., speaking clearly about certain things, and I’ve written them down as He revealed. These are not easy times ahead, wisdom is required, especially for people who have families and children. It is not easy to protect little children, and it is equally not easy to advise grown children and family members. You may have a big family with many different opinions about what’s true or not, what’s dangerous or not, so it really takes wisdom to share with your loved ones and advise all the different types you may have. May God help you. A lot of people have adult children and family members who refuse to believe the times. Perhaps show them this blog. I won’t argue about content- “Did God really tell her all this stuff?”, but I know if someone is really seeking truth they’ll find it here. You could help stubborn family by showing them the explicit detail, precise future descriptions, and clear narratives of this blog. It’s not flattery- God told me to write for Him and I’ve done that. I can’t make anyone believe me but I pray regularly for this blog to touch someone’s heart, especially if they don’t know Jesus. The Bible says: “Because you have seen me you have believed, but blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”- (John 20:29). Blessed are the ones who do not wait for giants to explode out of ice mountains, or beings to descend from the sky. Blessed are they who pray now, strengthening their bodies with fasting as we do 3 days a week at my church. Blessed are they who make the Bible their FIRST priority, who hide scripture in their minds now as a defense against the tough times ahead. I always say: Learn Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 by heart, in their original versions. Oh how you’ll need them when you’re hungry, or when spirits attack for a pound of flesh. How you will NEED these psalms, and many others! AMEN. Now to the download from the Lord. A Credit and Debit System The Lord said our days of handling money are nearly at an end. With this new life of online captivity we will be transitioned to a system of CREDITS AND DEBITS, or virtual money applied to online “life accounts” (like how money moves in a bank account now). It will get harder and harder to see real money and some transactions will actually refuse cash as a way to speed up the process and compel people to move to the ‘cashless society’ way of life. The Beast system will be ruthless– anyone found not complying with the rules will be subject to steep fines (one of many future punishments to force people to obey the system). All other systems will be disintegrated, canceled and torn down in favour of this one and the Beast will rise physically as a new way of life and also as a person, and come to power. The Lord said a lot of physical money will be lost in the system during this transition; mass looting will happen from the powers-that-be and much money will be moved illegally during this time. No one will really be aware of it but He the Lord sees everything and knows what they are doing during the ‘COVID-19’ period and also afterward. He said “I see all things, and I know all things, and I will repay each one according to his works.” Beast money will be credits and debits: God kept highlighting this by showing me a vision of me tracking money on my arm. I could track my bank account to see when money came in or went out. I saw small black numbers on my inner right arm running up or down according to receiving deposits in my bank account, or payments being made and going out to different vendors like food places and rent. All I had to do was raise my arm to see the numbers running there continuously like a binary code; they were always visible on the skin and not one person in society thought anything of it. Whatever time period this was, having a long binary code of about 15 numbers evenly spaced out on your arm was nothing to get upset or weirded out about. It was a way of life. Credits will be applied for work done and debits will be subtracted automatically when you have a mandatory or “preferred payment” due, like your rent or a clothing account like JC Penny that you once paid by card. The numbers on your arm change according to the movement of money in your account- all you need to do is look to see what you’ve received or spent and what you have left as a balance. Debits and credits are the new way of life the Lord told me. Worse is coming after that. A False Sense of Freedom and The “NEW YOU” The debit and credit system will work with mind control in the future; people will be greatly affected in their thinking by the use of the new money system and other “inertial technology” inserted beneath their skin. Inertia means: ‘the feeling of being slow, of feeling lazy and unable to move or work; to be slowed down to a state of motionlessness.’ This means despite all the progress and improvements the technology gives you it will still slow down the most important part of you- your humanity. God said the human body will become the canvas for a whole new wave of technology that will change any person who takes it- they will become a shadow of themselves according to the term “human”, even as they develop and display fancy new capabilities that normal humans don’t have. To God these people will simply be —> LOST. Technology companies will debut a whole new family of apps, upgrades and add-ons for human beings to attach, wear, insert and implant into themselves, in order to take life to its most convenient heights- (it will seem like the world at your fingertips). But God says those who do this will corrupt the inner hard drive of the soul so much, there will be no going back for them. The so called ‘upgrades’ will make people feel invincible and free- but its a false sense of freedom. The truth is the inner man will be dying inside when all this tech is introduced into the body, humanity will be systematically destroyed in favour of convenience and change. Readers, please hear this warning and beware. Technology will be offered as a way to speed up life, a way to speed up mankind and make him superior to the old man. ‘Old man’ will refer to your original state, ‘you’ as you were made by the hands and heart of God. Please hear me today- Even with your defects you are loved. Even with the mishaps of your skin, acne, eczema, freckles you may have hated all your life, Jesus loves you. Baldness, blindness, sickness, whatever disability, whatever, YOU ARE LOVED. You are more precious to God than all the minerals below the soil that people kill one another for. But in the Beast system the natural version of you will be belittled, demeaned and attacked- if you stay as you are you’ll be disdained and looked down on as ‘behind the times’. Your natural state will be equated to software; it’ll be called ‘slow’, ‘obsolete’, ‘defective’ and ‘full of Mother Nature’s mistakes.’ The original human will be hated; it’ll be spoken of in demeaning terms that sound like insults and swear words. The Push To UPGRADE Sickness especially will be used as a “key”- it will be constantly thrown in people’s faces as the primary reason why this technology is so desirable. Sickness will become a GATEWAY for this tech to be used. It will be said non-stop that a world without disease is just a click away, so the rest of us should stop being wicked and preventing laws from being passed to make the tech that will help everyone mainstream and easily available. There will be pushback and resistance to the widespread use of these things but, it will ultimately fail. The technologies that make changes to humanity [i.e. ‘the improvements’] will start off as designer enhancements that cost a lot of money, but eventually the majority of them will become ‘basic’- soon everyone [or virtually everyone] will have them. Various forms of technology will be offered to speed up and “greatly improve” your old self, and many will flock to it without thought- just like flies flock to the bug zapper hung on the porch in summer to kill insects. They will flock to technology that appears so harmless, helpful, cool and beautiful but will end up dead for it. They will constantly see slick adverts promising any number of ENHANCEMENTS that seem too good to be true: longer life, better skin, lighter skin, bluer eyes, no more glasses, longer hair, quicker mind, unending libido, greater strength- You name it they’ll have it, but packaged with it is Death. Men will be unaware that this technology that promises improvement and longevity will cumulatively have the OPPOSITE effect of affecting, altering and ultimately DESTROYING the most important part of them, which is their spirit being. What is your spirit being? That’s the part of you that’s really you– the part that receives Jesus, the part God talks to, the place where God lives when a man becomes born again. When your spirit is destroyed you are nothing but a hollow tree waiting for demons to come and live in you. Fix your attention on this verse says the Lord: “What does it profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?” Here is the whole verse: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? – (Mark 8:36- 37) Yes. All your life you thought that verse was a warning not to chase money too much or get caught up in worldly pleasures at the expense of spiritual righteousness and sobriety before God, and guess what? It was. But it also means this– Stay away from the “genetic supermarkets” of the end times. Stay away from the bright and shiny attachments being offered for the body and mind, because the unspoken, unseen but very deadly exchange is the destructive effect they will have on your human spirit. Following the world will make you shop yourself into a COMA, buying enhancements for your physical body left, right and centre like sexual prowess and strength and speed and stamina and better eyes and longer legs and and and… but underneath it all you will dismantle your human spirit via intrusive tech to the point that God will NOT recognize you as the person that He made, as the Jenny or Harold that He formed. Tech shopping is where you’ll mortgage your soul and satan will make sure you don’t get it back. The Abomination That Causes Desolation The Spirit that connects us all to Jesus will be CUT OFF FROM YOU FOREVER if you become transhuman. God’s Holy Spirit will NEVER ENTER ANY TEMPLE that is defiled to this level, so if you really want to know what is the abomination that causes desolation, this is it. In the old days after Alexander the Great conquered the known world he took sick and was dying. Wisely, he decide to divide his kingdom between four of his greatest generals. He hoped the division before death would satisfy each one with property and keep them from fighting but- human beings are corrupted animals at their core, never satisfied. Soon as he died they began tussling among themselves for greater territory and more power. The ancient land of Israel found herself locked in this power struggle as one of the many kingdoms under Greek rule at the time (that’s why the whole new testament was written in Greek, not Hebrew- the original language was fading because so many Israelites were born and educated under Greek rule and language that it was necessary to provide a copy of the new scriptures in a language more native to them than their ancient mother tongue.) One of the generals came to Israel to wage war and terrify them, and what he did is the first time this phrase “abomination that causes desolation” was ever used among the Hebrews. He came to the temple as an unclean Gentile who was not a priest and took all the golden artifacts of Solomon as spoils. He entered the holy place with his foreign feet and he stole from Jesus. He went up to the brazen altar where bulls were burned to atone for sin before God and made sacrifices to his own idol gods. He even had them bring a pig in, ON PURPOSE, the most hated, forbidden and unclean animal to the Jews, and had its throat slit and the blood poured everywhere. To us this merely sounds messy but to the Jews who had been obeying God’s laws since the days of Moses- this was equal to switching the sun off and killing them all with instant radiation poisoning. It destroyed the minds of the people to see this done, it caused terrible grief and weeping because they knew God was gonna come down like bricks on them for allowing such a thing to happen. Whenever foreigners came in and did these kinds of things to Israel they knew it was because they’d sinned against God so much that He removed the barriers of protection from them and allow pagan nations to come in, beat them in war, and desecrate their traditions to the point of traumatising their minds. God punished them by letting invaders break their hearts as they’d broken God’s heart with their constant disobedience, sin and disrespect. Brothers and sisters, the abomination that causes desolation (which prophet Daniel told us to have ‘understanding’ of), is this future process of systematically dismantling every last scrap of original humanity inside oneself in favour of a new, better, digitised, superhuman “you”- a “you” that’s connected to the cloud with your mind and linked to Google via your eyeballs or whatever the case may be. The desolation is throwing the pig’s blood of digital money into your right arm like you’re an ATM, or enhancing your human body to the point that a global computer system recognises you by your thumbprint and iris scan when you log on. But Jesus Christ the Messiah who said “HOLD ON UNTIL I COME AND SEE THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU”, He won’t recognise you at all. Once joined to the Beast system there is NO coming back, you will not get off-grid even if you hack yourself and try to escape it later on once you realise it’s the work of Satan. It will be Hashtag #TooLate in that case. When you’ve taken it, you’ve taken it; the mark’s been laid on you and you will no longer belong to God or have any chance to be joined to Him, ever. Now THAT is the abomination, to go to hell and never see Heaven. THAT is what makes desolate, to never see God’s face all because you wanted to do banking from your arm. Beware the Mark of the Beast. It is a person. It is a system. May God grace His holy remnant to escape, because it is written that whosoever receives the mark of the beast will incur the wrath of God forevermore and will be thrown into the lake of fire. This what the spirit of the sovereign God has revealed to me since 6am today, I’ve tried to capture it as best I can. May God prepare everyone who reads this and enable them to make sound choices in the future no matter how bad the pressure may be. Pray for yourselves to be counted worthy to escape even as Y pray for you and myself too. In Jesus name, amen. Everything on this blog is consistent, and has witnesses. For similar visions please visit: A Look Ahead; The Beast System – Pt 2; Computerised Mayhem; And a third angel followed them, calling out in a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives its mark on his forehead or on his hand, he too will drink the wine of God’s anger, poured undiluted into the cup of His wrath. And he will be tormented in fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises forever and ever. Day and night there is no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.” Here is a call for the endurance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. – (Revelation 14:1-12) For all my highlighting here’s what’s important. The last sentence… here is a call for the saints to ENDURE and continue keeping God’s commands and having faith in Jesus. That’s what we need most- to not quit, to not accept these things no matter what happens. Amen. Thanks for stopping by The Master’s Voice. Like, Comment, Subscribe. Move your screen up and down until the Follow+ button pops up on the lower right, click and you’ll get email updates when new posts go up. God bless you, see you again soon.

    That's a good question. She didn't specify... But I assume she talks about all those who believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as their personal Savior and Lord

    I am curious though as to who she says in South Africa are God's people?
  8. This video is more like a podcast to have playing in the background. This is a psychology professor that has some interesting things to say on YouTube about life and relationships.
  9. The empty basket

    Original post written by Celestial Revivalle on the blog "The Master's voice" Before I continue with the new topic of end times dreams, those dreams and revelations of a ‘different dimension’ as shown to me by the Lord, I want to briefly share another dream I had this morning. As I share this one I also share some simple but pivotal advice that I practice in my own life. What I advise us as believers to do is this- Learn how to occupy and excel at the various dimensions of life. I can’t stress this enough. This is a very important skill and will serve anyone well who masters it. What do I mean by dimensions? A dimension is a realm, area or portion of something. Take a woman for instance- she has as her first dimension the categorisation of being female, which puts her with half the humanity on this earth. That means she cannot be male, she can only be what God made her. Any effort to be a pony, a man or anything else is pointless and will only end in harm or mental and physical futility. As a woman who embraces what she is she carries further dimensions of being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother ALL WITHIN HER, to say nothing of whatever particular gifts, abilities, learned skills and anointings she may carry at the benevolence of the Lord. A woman could be so many dimensions at the same time but a GOOD WOMAN is one who learns all of her dimensions and inhabits them well at the same time. That means she is a good daughter to her parents, a good wife to her husband, a good mom to her kids, a good sister to her siblings. She’s a good worker for her boss AND a good friend to her friends. She’s a good colleague to her co-workers, at the same time she makes dinners, helps others, and strives always to be a good daughter to her Lord and Saviour Jesus. This last bit is what I want to focus on for a moment. Dealing with Jesus is not like dealing with anybody else. He is not finite, He is infinite. He is not human and therefore has no limitations on Himself whatsoever. This means night or day Jesus is willing and available to talk, spend time and reveal things to us if we’re available. Any limitations that exist on our relationship with God is not from His end, it’s from ours. Therefore we have to balance the dimensions of human life (all I listed above and much more)- with the dimensions of spiritual life. THIS IS A CRUCIAL STATEMENT. Some people are dealing with sickness while others aren’t. Some are fighting off tentacles of spiritual attack while others aren’t; some remain trapped in poverty while others have never seen hardship. The differences we face in life means you can’t spend all the time in a day seeing after your natural life- food, showers, work or even family. You need to make sure to set time aside to build up and strengthen your spiritual life, otherwise as the time period we’re in shifts more and more to where the spiritual world is more powerful and the natural world begins to fall away- those who invested in natural things will find themselves at a horrible disadvantage while those who invested in spiritual things will find themselves in a growth spurt where they truly come into their own. Can anyone guess what else this means? This means that both RIGHTEOUS spirituality- those who invest with Christ, and wicked spirituality- those who invest with satan, will find themselves entering a mighty growth spurt in the end times. Yes please hear me- as the end times workers and warriors of the Lord arise in these last days SO TOO will satan’s workers, witches and warlocks. His false prophets and diviners, occultic lying pastors who are working with the queen of the sea to perform miracles [no, don’t blink, it’s true. The sea is the TOP SHOPPING CENTRE where many pastors and other five fold ministry cut covenant with the gods and sirens of the waters, then come back to earth to build churches where the miracles flow like wine, where they perform stunning signs and healings that captivate the blind who think miracles is the sole proof that God is in the building. Beware Jesus said, let no man deceive you.] Matthew 24 people: Let your eye never cease from this chapter and let no one rob you of your salvation as the hour grows late and the Son of Man prepares to return. INVEST IN SPIRITUAL STRENGTH, SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH NOW WHILE YOU CAN, because when battles erupt it’s not the time to start learning what you should’ve become skilled at long ago. Learn to balance the need to change nappies, to excel at work, to work on your marriage or maintain good health, with the absolute requirement to read the Bible, pray and exercise your spiritual muscles in these end times. I mentioned before, if you have one of those foolish Bibles put it away and get a real Bible- when the spirit of hardship and lack begins knocking at all doors like it did during the plagues of Egypt, satan is NOT going to back off if you’re saying “The Lord is my BFF, He’s the guy with my stuff!” That is childish and very irresponsible to be doing right now, especially when we can see how fast society is falling. Yes I said it, so if you’re doing this please stop it. The Bible is not a toy, it is a WEAPON. It is the sword sharper than any double edged sword, so learn it properly and it will save you when the time comes. Learn and memorise it properly. The real verse says, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” In that single statement you have: (1) God’s promise to be a guide who carries a stick that will whack a wolf’s brains open if it tries to hurt you, one of your lambs, or the ram of your husband, father or brothers. (2) It promises that like a shepherd takes the responsibility to find the next place for his sheep to graze, God will go ahead of you and look for pasture so your family will not starve. (3) A shepherd takes responsibility to lead, feed, oil his sheep’s heads from the flies and ticks that try to bite out their ears and eyes. (4) He watches over them at night and will break a wolf’s face with His staff that comforts His flock. However if you chant the ‘Lord is my bestie, He’s the man with the plan’, satan will show you all his teeth in the most disarming smile before ripping the fabric of your life to shreds so… You decide what to learn in these deadly times. But as for me and all who are with me, it’s the Bible AS IT IS WRITTEN. If you change God’s designation from ‘shepherd’ to ‘best friend’, you will get what a best friend can give instead of what the Shepherd of Heaven can give you. You decide. Now the dream. This is a ‘natural dimension’ dream, meaning it deals with the realm of man not spirits. I dreamt that America became really, really poor. I mean.. POOR. People were struggling to put food on the table and many of the luxuries and delicacies that we’re used to were absolutely GONE from real life. In fact throughout this short dream I kept seeing these letters “WIC” appear in the air in thick black letters- WIC, WIC. [WIC stands for Women, Infants and Children – it’s a low income feeding program for families below the poverty line. WIC is government assistance for female-headed households to buy food, pay for healthcare and a few basic bills. WIC is a thin blue line between starving with kids and being able to buy cheap cereal with the minimum nutrition barcode levels to keep them alive.] I saw America in a great economic slump. Everywhere people were hungry and this made them very, very hard to talk to or comfort. Unlike many places where hardship causes people to soften and turn to Christ, Americans went the opposite way. They grew very despondent and very anti-God; they didn’t want to hear anything about salvation, Jesus or turning to God for help. I saw my hands reach out to so many but people turned their face away from me- nobody wanted to hear about Jesus, and many blamed Him or had resentment. People pushed my hands away and walked away from what I was saying, and overhead the letters WIC* kept appearing in thicker, blacker print as the grip of poverty dug into American bellies and brought the whole nation down to its lowest ebb in history. *I believe God showed me this government assistance program because women and children are traditionally the weakest and most vulnerable in society; the number of them who aren’t self sufficient is an accurate measure of the dependency level of any country. However if even middle class women and families who never had to use welfare before, end up applying for food and housing assistance, or health and financial assistance? This tells me that America will fall into a depth of poverty she never thought she’d ever see in all her days as a nation. I’ll get back to posting the other dreams as we go. Thank you for visiting TMV blog. Shalom.
  10. UFO Warning

    Please understand that inside these ufo spaceships are dangerous demonic aliens. Even if they make themselves look human or like some kind of nice creature, they are satanic. Do not be mesmerized by them or their ships! They are evil! Rebuke them in Jesus’s Name. Do not believe anything they say if you speak to one of them. Satan is deceptive and only comes to kill, steal, and destroy. These demonic beings agenda is to kill all mankind or make you take the mark of the beast. Taking this chip will make you ineligible to go to Heaven!! You will no longer be human but demonic in physical and spiritual form. You will not be Jesus’s creation anymore.The Government already knows whats ahead. Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior if you have not already while you still have time. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
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  12. Despite the trials and difficult times, God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is about to visit His people, those who put their trust in Him to bless them.
  13. Fallen angels

    Extract of the article on the blog The Master's voice, written by Celestial Revivalle. To read full article : The reason earth degenerated to that level is because of the fallen angels. Brothers and sisters, be wise concerning angels. They are not a toy. Nor are they trying to talk to you through numerology. Beware if people say your ‘angel’ will speak to you and tell you things and be a buddy and best friend to you- that’s not what they’re there for. Angels walk with humans to protect them, keeping them safe from the other type of angel as well as demons and satanic attacks, etc. Angels never talk to people unless they’ve been specifically instructed by God to convey a message. They obey the voice of GOD, not you. Do not try to “talk to your angel” as so many cults, corrupted churches and weird online fellowships suggest. Do not rely on Google to set the tone for life, instead learn what the Bible says. The angels in your life take their instructions from Psalm 91:11-12: their job is protection, safety, and whatever else God tells them to do for you. They don’t work for you or me, they work —> for Christ —> unto men. Learn the difference, don’t be deceived. Fallen angels came to earth and slept with women who gave birth to children who grew into huge giants on this planet. These were known as the famous men, the mighty men, the X-Men we might call them today. The Nephilim. The evidence of these beings are all over the narratives of human history- tall as trees, very aggressive, very intelligent, very fast, long lives due to their angelic DNA, etc. These are human-angel hybrids with different shapes and powers and no, none of them are capable of salvation, repentance or bowing to Jesus, which means they are all EXCEPTIONALLY WICKED and HATE HUMAN BEINGS. I know even if I write about these creatures in all caps forever it will never take away the curiosity many have about them, the questions people have: are they real (yes), are they dangerous (undeniably), are they strong (exceptionally so), and what do they have to do with us (everything). Without much ado I announce once again on this blog that the fallen angels [the actual angels who fell from heaven at the beginning with satan and are still alive today, because immortals never die], and some of their ancient children who never died [because they were preserved], as well as new formations of nephilim which satan has cultivated through the years [with the help of men], will all make a reappearance on this very earth in the end of days. This is not a lie or suggestion, it is going to happen for real. I’ve had many dreams/ visions of this from the Lord so let me post one. 5:34 p.m./ April 13, 2020/ Vision I saw the night sky above me turning very fast until the stars were loosed from their places and poured out on the earth. I saw the brightness of stars spinning in the darkness above me in a dizzying circle until they blurred to thin streaks of light, it looked like a DJ’s turntable- somebody mixing the sky into yellow, white and red circular streaks. The sky tilted suddenly and those lights poured down to earth in an arc. It was like a cascade except with stars instead of water. When the stars hit earth each one became a glowing staff, like a bolt of lightning stuck in the ground. They solidified into javelins or ‘spears’ of lightning, each with a leather handle in the middle, glowing fighting weapons of white light with a leather grip that the fighter holds. Many stars fell but the view was focused on four or five that struck the ground right where I was looking. Each leather handle was like a belt with an insignia on it, the owner’s initials or mark of ownership. Looking at them I knew the owners of these spears would soon show up to pull them out of the ground and use them. The Lord spoke to me about this: “In the last days mighty warrior angels will come down from the sky. Heretics, sinners, evil and demonic beings loyal to Lucifer the light bringer. That’s why they are shaped like lightning, so there can be no doubt who they serve and belong to. The sky will pour out occupants of all sorts and shapes but chief among them will be “light-bringers”: shining ones, false bearers of light who also carry another “truth”. Their ‘light’ is nothing but darkness and deception that leads to the destruction of men.” Here is this event in the Bible: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. – (Matthew 24:29) ‘The stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven will be shaken loose.’ – (Mark 13:25) That word ‘powers’ is not electrical currents, it means physical beings. They’re mentioned here- “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) I’ve seen visions of blockages these beings set up in the heavens, a horizontal ‘wall’ to block prayers and cast down men’s requests, to frustrate those who pray weakly or without much faith in what they’re saying. The powers sit above that wall which is like a heavy steel floor BUT TO US it is a demonic ceiling- almost impossible to break unless you pray with stamina, conviction and using the name of Jesus. God shows me these things to mature my faith, and I’m speaking them now so we can wake up and know what really goes on where our physical eyes can’t see. Right now the entire demonic council sits up there having meetings about how to destroy humanity, but in the end times they will be kicked out of the sky with nowhere to fall but here. I’ve said many times on this blog (at the direct instruction of the Lord): Demonic beings will come to earth in another skin. They will pretend to be brothers, helpers, “wise ones of creation” who only want to help us out of our primitive ways. They will claim they want to help us to rise to the level of ‘living in love’ or whatever, but I tell you now stay away from these creatures because they eat flesh and blood. Brothers and sisters, these beings will eat you. They consume flesh. If anyone is a non believer here and takes nothing seriously in all the 170+ prophecies on this blog, that’s ok. Ignore the rest but don’t forget what you read here today. In the end times the mythical creatures who are not mythical at all, but are real beings who once walked openly in front of our ancestors before God struck them to death or stuck them in holes under the earth for punishment, will be LOOSED. Loosed means free, under no restraint, broken out of bondage. Here is an example: And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. – (Revelation 9:1- 3) The location of the bottomless pit and many other locations where these beings are kept is HERE ON THE EARTH. Ladies and gents, the creatures of legend are in the far flung hills were no people live, they’re being punished in holes in the ground or under volcanoes as I’ve shared. I saw and wrote here about a huge chained angel beating its chains on the rocks under a volcano to get free. That creature had no problem with the heat under that volcano, it had a problem with its chains. I hope someone is hearing me clearly. These beings will be loosed for a time as part of the end times punishment of the earth, hear this word and believe. The days of Noah had all manner of creatures walking around and it grieved God to see His creation corrupted- that’s why the flood happened. The world was full, not only with what God created but also what satan through the fallen angels created! Jesus said our earth will be like Noah’s day again but many churches don’t teach this. Knowledge has been lost to the church for centuries and is only making a comeback now. Let us thank God that truth cannot be suppressed. It may disappear for a while when evil men try to hide superior knowledge for themselves but, God always finds a way to bring it out. Seeing as we are in the end times we can trust that Truth will find its way back to the light and we who hear it will seek God for the measure of courage required to face such times. P.S. No. We are not escaping into the Rapture before these things come to pass. We’ll get to that even though I’ve already addressed it multiple times on this blog already. This is longer than usual, thank you for reading to the end. May the grace of the God of Mercy keep and preserve you through these difficult times and all the ones to come. In Jesus name I pray for us all, amen. Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe to The Master’s Voice. Click the Follow+ button on the lower right, move your screen up and down til the icon pops up. You’ll get updates of new posts as they go up. God bless you all and take care.
  14. Satanic symbolism Throughout the bible when the Saints of God would purge the land of satanic possessions they would BURN everything associated with the satanic object (even clothes). When JESUS comes the world will be so immersed with things associated with satanism that HE will do the same thing. HE WILL BURN ANYTHING TO DO WITH SORCERY (MAGIC), TRANSHUMANISM, ETC... THAT INCLUDES DISNEY, STAR WARS, TRANSFORMERS, ROBOCOP, MARVEL COMICS ETC... God has NEVER changed His ways. NEVER did He say it's okay to enjoy these things. Don't be deceived❗️❗️❗️ If you are entertained by Satan's toys, you are the type of Saint God is talking about when you read EndTime scriptures where God is talking to HIS PEOPLE, CALLED BY HIS NAME, that are idol worshiping. COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM SAYS THE LORD AND BE YE HOLY. CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE SHALL SERVE❗️❗️❗️ If you choose God rid yourself of this vile possessions. NOTE: Some of the images listed as Angel Wings are Winged Disks.
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  16. Demonic dolls

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